5 Mobile App Ordering System (s) That Restaurants Can Use to Process Food & Delivery Orders

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As a restaurant owner, what’s your preferred mode of fulfilling online food orders? The answer might be scattered over a bunch of different choices alluding to branded software, but it all comes down to having two main things in place:

  1. A unified ordering system to process incoming online food orders
  2. the restaurant’s need for a mobile app ordering system designed for smartphone users

In this post, we’ll focus on the latter, i.e. how you can benefit from a reliable mobile app ordering system, and some of the best software to consider using if you haven’t signed up for one already. 

Before we go any further, here are a bunch of helpful questions that will help you gauge your restaurant’s need for a mobile app ordering system

  1. If you don’t have a restaurant ordering app in place, how much time do your servers spend rushing back and forth between customers to take their orders?
  2. What modes of online order-taking do you use at your restaurant?
  3. Whenever an order is ready for delivery, how much time does your delivery agent take, on average, to flag down the order as complete?

Fortunately, the technology these days is so advanced that, whenever you’re using a reliable mobile app ordering system for your restaurant, memorable customer experiences through seamless food deliveries are almost always guaranteed. 

Here are a bunch of mobile-based food ordering systems that you need to check out.

5 All-Time Best Restaurant Mobile Apps in 2023

1. Blink Co. The No. 1 Restaurant Mobile App

mobile app ordering system 2021

Right off the bat, we’ve got Blink, an all-in-one direct restaurant mobile app designed to enable businesses for direct online ordering, quicker delivery, and customer engagement. 

The fact that Blink Co. not only caters to the restaurant industry but also brands in the consumer retail sector makes it a ’multi-purpose‘ software solution. Compared to ChowNow, Gloriafood, Foodpanda, and other companies, Blink boasts the most economical pricing packages out there.. 

This makes Blink Co. an ideal platform to sign up for not only thriving restaurants but also small-scale food startups. 

On the contrary, if you were to sign up with a third-party restaurant mobile app, they’ll handle logistics, deliveries, and marketing for you, but such companies consume up to 40% of restaurant sales in commissions. As a result, if you are running a startup, it will become relatively difficult to generate profit – let alone breach your break-even quota within any fiscal year.

Moving on, here are some additional key features that Blink Co. offers:

  1. Overall intuitive dashboard with a simple UI. The menu doesn’t require any tech savviness on restaurant owners’ end to get started. 
  2. Check MoM & other filter-wise performance trends through Microsoft Bi integration.
  3. Comes with a dedicated fleet management portal. Keep tabs on rider movement activity, average order delivery time, and much more.
  4. Simple, yet intuitive, back-end food menu creator to help you create customer-facing online food order menus in a matter of few minutes.
  5. 24/7 customer support available.
  6. The lowest commission rate, as opposed to other restaurant services vendors online.
  7. Run promo deals, discount offers, and other campaigns (*integrated SMS marketing packages)  through the admin back-end portal.

Signing up with Blink is easy. Head over to the Blink for Restaurants page to book a demo.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

2. ChowNow: A Top Mobile Ordering System Alternative

Chownow or ‘ChowNow’ is a popular entity in the web-based and mobile app ordering system realm these days. 

Preferably for mobile phone users, restaurants want to make the entire food order process easy and effortless. This means that these restaurants are not looking to funnel mobile users to a 3rd party website where the order needs to be placed and confirmed again. Everything needs to be done within the mobile app interface, and that’s what Chownow guarantees to restaurant business owners. 

With Chownow, each incoming order notification is sent to your iPad or a mobile device that sits next to your POS terminal. On-site employees can fulfill those orders, by further processing payment details through POS, and then sending out those orders for deliveries. 

That’s not all. 

Chownow also offers custom iPhone and Android mobile app ordering systems to restaurant owners who don’t have one already. The only downside to using Chownow is the high fee structure. They charge $99 per restaurant branch, and an additional $449 monthly fee, in case you have signed up for an account with your first branch.

3. Zuppler: Highly Rated Mobile App for Restaurant Ordering

moble app ordering system

Moving on, we have got Zuppler on our list of mobile apps for restaurant ordering.

Zuppler is an up-and-coming mobile app for restaurant ordering that allows restaurant owners to create custom online food order menus for front-facing app visitors. 

Besides intuitive menus and plenty of options to work with, this platform is also known for helping name-brand food operators to create promo deals, discount offers, and other seasonal specials to place besides food order menus. 

These customizations can be added to your restaurant’s website and the mobile food ordering platform as well. At the moment, Zuppler offers two payment plans to restaurant owners. The pay-as-you-go plan charges 9% per order, while there’s a flat $89 monthly payment plan, should you choose to go for it.


4. Square POS

gloriafood alternatives, blink co gloriafood alternative, best gloriafood alternatvies for startups

Also known as Square Order, this one’s another reliable mobile app ordering system for consumers who want to pre-order their food. 

For instance, office-going consumers place their order at the time of leaving for their workplace, so that they can self-collect the order on their way. In that sense, Square Order allows customers to pay for their purchases directly through their credit card so that they don’t have to pull out their wallets, or wait in queue at the time of order pick up. 

Square Order offers a free trial plan to merchants. You should definitely check it out if your business caters to an unusually large number of walk-in customers on a daily basis.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

5. Olo For Restaurants

Olo comes in as a direct contender to Chownow and Zuppler. 

If you are on the lookout for a reliable mobile app ordering system for your restaurant, Olo can equip you with multiple customer management solutions to help you track behavioral customer purchase patterns. 

The good thing is that these solutions work automatically to make intelligent suggestions to your repeat customers who have been placing orders before. This system creates prospects for upselling, where you can scale your business easily without going into specific menu engineering aspects of your business from time to time. 

The fact that Olo has a dedicated food order delivery component and competitive pricing in the industry, makes it a sound solution for restaurants with more than 10 branches, to begin with.

Concluding Remarks for Restaurant ordering system SoftwareConclusion

Having a restaurant ordering system software has become the need of the hour these days. The sooner you incorporate such a solution into your business, the better it is. 

If there’s one thing that we’d like to strongly recommend is that not only restaurant ordering system software  are the same. Some of them are designed in a specific manner to only fulfill large-scale operator requirements. 

To that effect, make sure that you have signed up for a trial account, or at least read pre-existing customer reviews before paying upfront for a direct food ordering service that doesn’t match your business growth scale or requirements for that matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile ordering system?

Mobile ordering is a growing trend that has revolutionized the way people order food. With mobile ordering, customers no longer have to stand in line or wait for their turn. 

They can easily place an order from their smartphone and pay with either credit or debit cards. Plus, mobile orders are typically faster than traditional orders because they are processed through the restaurant’s computer system rather than by human employees.

There are several advantages to using mobile ordering technology: 

  • Customers enjoy convenience and speed when placing an order.
  • Restaurants benefit from reduced costs associated with handling physical orders (such as labor). 
  • Mobile ordering platforms make it easier for restaurateurs to attract new customers by offering them convenient access to menus and payment options even when they’re not near the restaurant itself.

What is ordering management software?

A well-designed OMS can help speed up the process between a customer placing an order and the product going out for delivery. By tracking sales, stock, and fulfillment as well as ensuring all processes and people in-between are kept informed and up-to-date, an OMS can help increase efficiency throughout the entire system.

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