Delivery Management Software in Kuwait


With Blink, get access to the most efficient Delivery Management Software in Kuwait for all your restaurant logistical needs! Create ease and convenience for yourself and your customers by onboarding a robust delivery management software that allows you to track, optimize, and speed up your delivery service.

Blink’s complete Delivery Management Solution is a feature-packed software allowing you to
  • Plan each delivery routes in real time
  • Optimize routes by clubbing orders
  • Serve customers 24/7
  • Automate live-tracking and real-time updates

Make Deliveries More Efficient


With the best Delivery Management Software in Kuwait, your restaurant can achieve new heights of efficiency to serve customers better and offer superior customer experience. Onboard the fastest delivery management service and get multiple benefits!

Save on Delivery Riders Cost

Reduce your delivery workforce by optimizing your routes and serving multiple customers at once with insights generated from Blink’s delivery management software.

Reduce Time & Effort

Save on time and effort required to maintain manual tracking and logs of delivery personnel, delivery orders, late deliveries, and returns.

Deliver Faster

Calculate and manage delivery time and reduce it by eliminating variable factors.

Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate with your existing CRM or Blink’s complete restaurant management platform to track the entire customer journey, from ordering till delivery.


Save Big with Delivery Management Software

Not only does Blink’s software help reduce time and effort, but it also reduces costs and boosts revenue, increasing profit margins for your restaurant!

  • Focus energy and resources on beefing up other aspects of your restaurant while Blink’s software does the route optimization for you with just a few clicks!
  • Track your delivery riders and assess performance based on certain metrics to manage the workforce more effectively.
  • Provide your customers with complete transparency of their order and delivery status.
  • Send SMS and Push Notifications to customers about food and delivery status.
  • Provide customer feedback forms and complaint procedure in case of late deliveries.
  • Identify top performers in the operations department.

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