Blink POS

1,000,000s of transactions processed

An Integrated, Cloud-based Point of Sale for modern restaurants.

The Most Powerful Restaurant POS in Town

Blink’s integrated, premium cloud-based POS system is geared for modern F&B brands looking to grow their sales, delight their customers and streamline their operations.

Trusted by Brands Across the Region

Everything you need to automate your restaurant operations under one platform


Inventory & Recipe Management

Consolidate inventory and standardize product recipes across all channels


Menu Management

Enhance your customer experience by boosting revenues and operational efficiency


Order Management

Centralize the process of order capturing, tracking, and fulfilment


Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Get real-time data on your food cost, profitability and other key metrics


Integration Partners Marketplace

No more running after your partners for integrations. Get Foodpanda, Bykea, PandaGo and multiple payment gateways pre-integrated with our POS

get more customers

Customer Engagement & Growth

Grow brand stickiness by offering cross-platform discounts and vouchers to your loyal customers

Integrated with all your ecosystem partners

Bringing it all together

Revenue Reconciliation

With more & more ordering channels coming into play, Blink’s automated process is needed to reduce times for reconciliations and avoid discrepencies, helping decrease potential fraud & lost revenue.


Integrated Orders

Blink provides centralized system for all ordering channels. By partnering with Foodpanda, we have built a reliable two-way integration that will allow restaurants to manage all orders from their POS with ease.

Advanced analytics

Blink provides you with complete access to and ownership of your customer data with analytics that are easy to assimilate and base decisions on. Now, get visibility of your business through basic and advanced BI reporting


Blink Rider Portal

Blink’s POS system is fully integrated with our Rider Portal, allowing you to make smarter and more timely delivery decisions. We equip restaurants to plan and track deliveries with or without their own rider fleets

Hardware Agnostics

Blink POS is compatible with Android, iOS & Web-based applications to ensure ease of use and seamless integration to existing technology


Achieve greater results with Blink’s advanced POS system

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