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What is Blink ?

Why Blink?

What you get with Blink

Digital Ordering Channels​

Retain and grow your loyal customers with your own website and mobile apps.​

Engagement Tools​​

Promotional codes, whatsapp integrations and several other tools to communicate with your customers directly. ​​

Analytics & Intelligence Dashboards

Get visibility of your business through basic and advance BI reporting.​

Fleet Management & Tracking​

Dispatch, track and optimize your delivery operations.​


Your data is secure with us and stored in encrypted form.​


Our services are available 24/7. We are always a phone call or a message away.

Don't experiment when you have Blink



hours of experienced developers



plus transactions processed




App Ratings​

star rating



1 Million+​


Meet our customers

Blink gives you actionable intelligence

Customer Data with Restaurant Delivery Analytics

Get complete access to and ownership of your customer data with Blink’s innovative restaurant analytics software

and much more...

There’s A Reason Why Blink Is The Best Online Ordering System

Blink’s online ordering system for supermarkets and restaurants enables all consumer retail businesses to multiply their business growth.

Here’s what we’ve found:

Increased User Retentention

50% of our end-users placed repeat orders.

Fast Order Speed

Order placement on our platform takes only 30 seconds.

Greater Signup Conversion

60% of end-customers who signed up placed an order.

Exponential Sales Growth

Orders scaled 2X in 3 months.

Blink’s Online Ordering System Has The Super Powers Your Brand Needs

A ‘new normal’ has emerged for the delivery speeds that customers expect when they order online. Blink’s Online Ordering System equips brands for this by providing them with:

Instant Deliveries

Blink’s Online Ordering System provides an end-to-end technology stack built for highly optimized transactional and fulfillment speed

Location-Based Ordering

With our Online Ordering System for restaurants and supermarkets, you can dispatch deliveries from your customers’ nearest outlets to minimize delivery times and costs

Multi-Location Fulfilment Model

Leverage location-specific product availability, delivery zones, pricing, promotions, and food delivery analytics is now possible with Blink

Time Optimized Processes

Efficient order fulfillment processes are backed by smart automation, geo-fencing and synchronized sub-systems

Blink is fully integrated with the best tools for a seamless Online Ordering platform

Some of our (but not limited to) payment, logistics and communication channels integration partners

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