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Managing a company’s logistics is not an easy job – orders keep pouring in every hour, and timely deliveries are the end-customers’ biggest demand. Blink’s qCommerce fleet management platform allows you to make smarter and more timely delivery decisions. We equip businesses to plan and track deliveries with or without their own rider fleets.

A Full-Service Quick Commerce Fleet Management Platform Designed To Scale Your Business With Speed!

Blink Is The Best Quick Commerce Fleet Management Platform For Businesses!


Blink for Delivery is an enterprise-grade platform that enables advanced delivery operations. Blink, as a Quick Commerce Fleet Management Platform, is trusted by Restaurants, Supermarkets and other brick-and-mortar retail businesses that need quick commerce solutions to organize, control, and scale their last-mile logistics.

Some of the world’s leading brands are currently using our fleet management platform, enabling them to scale their operations quickly and efficiently.

QCommerce Fleet Management Platform Exclusively Designed For Modern Businesses!

Complete Data Ownership

Blink’s Quick Commerce Fleet Management Platform gives you complete ownership of your logistics database with user access controls.

Integrated Delivery Management

Our fleet management platform offers a seamless last mile experience with real-time insights through a system integrated with our merchant portal. Leverage our fully automated route planning and optimization capabilities.

Rider Location Tracking

Know your rider attendance, and detect your riders’ locations in real-time through our geo-fenced fleet management portal.

Improve Rider Performance, Fleet Productivity & Customer Service

Blink Is The QCommerce Fleet Management Platform Of Choice For Businesses

Blink For Delivery Is A Comprehensive Fleet Management And Tracking Solution. With Our Fleet Management Platform, Your Enterprise Can:

  • Manage deliveries through a geo-fenced rider portal
  • Plan routes through routes optimized within your defined delivery zones without any manual processes.
  • Assign deliveries to riders directly from the fleet management portal to your rider’s Blink Delivery App account.
  • Track all routes and riders. Our platform shows where your riders are at any given time, who is on time, and which of your riders are behind their targets.
  • Send status updates of picked orders to your customers.
  • Analytics are generated automatically on the rider portal’s dashboard on which you can track high performers with easy to compare results.

Our Rider App Is Built For Fleet Tracking And Quick Deliveries

  • Performance Dashboard
  • Rider Profile Management
  • Agent Roster and Scheduling
  • Compensation Module
  • Clients Reporting and Performance
  • Users, Roles and Permissions
  • Complete Location Trail of each Rider
  • Embedded Analytic

Blink is fully integrated with the best tools for a seamless quick commerce platform

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