Blink is the #1 GloriaFood Alternative

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Tired of complicated ordering and delivery apps? Grow your restaurant’s sales with Blink

The restaurant industry has long been in need of an alternative to GloriaFood and other overpriced, restrictive platforms. Meet Blink, a one-stop solution for your restaurant sales, marketing, and operations needs that’s simple and affordable.

Our quick commerce enablement platform for your restaurant helps you increase sales, reduce costs and deliver a better user experience. Let Blink supercharge your business.

Join hundreds of highly successful restaurants in the MENAP region

Now you can finally go online and start taking orders in just 7 days

With Blink, you will be able to establish your brand identity, target a wider audience and grow your income at an affordable price. We are the best value GloriaFood alternative in the market. No up-front fees, no hidden fees! We can get you up and running within 7 days.

Why Choose Blink over GloriaFood?

Blink’s feature-rich technology stack makes it the best quick commerce enablement platform to scale your restaurant business. See why Blink’s feature-rich technology stack makes it the #1 GloriaFood alternative.

Our Clients love Blink

Bring your restaurant online with Blink and see how we stack

We’re the easiest place for restaurants to find and delight customers — simple as that.

With the proven tools of online ordering, digital menu boards, 30-second order placement, special deals,  loyalty programs, and much more. We keep your customers coming back for more

Adaptive solutions for adaptive customers

Our next-gen quick commerce enablement platform provides quick adaptation to your customers’ needs. We provide the most engaging and intuitive features targeted at Gen-Z and Alpha customers, so you can focus on your business!

Don’t let your competitors outpace you – start fast, go big, and leave a mark on this generation’s digital-first world.

Blink's Order Reviews are much better than Taker Apps Order Reviews

Eliminate long lines, maximize to-go sales

Attract new customers and bring existing ones back to your location by having them order a meal from their phone without having to wait on-site.

Blink empowers the most complex business models with quick enablement and simplicity of setup. We enable you to generate more sales, increase order values and get better customer loyalty thereby offering a single touchpoint for multi-brand, multi-category, multi-warehouse management, advanced business logic, and rules

Gain a foothold in the MENA region’s quickly-growing Quick Commerce market

The MENA region’s Quick Commerce market is booming. Gain a foothold in this quickly-growing, high potential market with Blink – the Region’s first fully integrated Quick Commerce enablement platform.

Blink powers your business through a full-featured, mobile-optimized website or mobile app with a comprehensive back-of-house merchant portal and fleet management system. The platform increases restaurant sales through its marketing capabilities.

From order to delivery, and everything in between

Blink makes online ordering and delivery quick and convenient, with a better customer experience. Customers can have their orders delivered to their doorsteps with just a few clicks!

Blink’s back-of-house merchant portal is user-friendly and provides insights to help you manage your restaurant more effectively.
We offer customers 30-second order placement, discounts & promo codes, loyalty programs, special deals, online payment methods, an e-wallet, and much more.

Blink is your quick, foolproof ticket to profit. Launch your business today and be on your way to success!

Blink is the Best Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Here’s some good news. Blink is an online ordering system for just about any type of food business – take-out, delivery, in-venue, dining, catering, cloud kitchens, and more. With Blink, restaurants get branded websites and mobile apps to enable their customers to order their favorite meals from their smartphones within a few taps.

Blink does the heavy lifting for you by setting up your online menu, increasing your online visibility, firing orders to the kitchen, and assigning deliveries to riders.

Why delay and leave money on the table?

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