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Blink is the #1 website ordering platform in Kuwait


Blink’s restaurant website ordering platform is simple, effortless, and easy-to-use! You can now get your restaurant online in Kuwait with a branded mobile-optimized website & mobile ordering app.

Bring your business online with Blink’s all-in-one website ordering solution to cater to your clients all over Kuwait. Get your brand visible with a smart website platform where people can discover your menu & place orders instantly.

Enable website ordering with Blink

Transform your restaurant business & enable online orders directly from your website. With Blink’s online ordering solution, you can get access to a custom branded mobile-optimized website to display menus, take orders, and provide updates to your customers. 

Pay ZERO commission to third party aggregators and build your own business online, with Blink’s one-stop solution.


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As customers become more and more accustomed to the world of e-commerce, they are increasingly turning towards online food ordering. With a sharp rise in online food deliveries post pandemic, this trend is here to stay, with businesses moving towards cloud kitchens and online-only ordering models to capitalize on the digital revolution.

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Enable website ordering with Blink


consumers order delivery or takeout once a week.


Faster growth of digital ordering than dine-in since 2014.


Add, edit, or remove products/items from your menu and update in real-time.

With Blink, you can create an online store front for your restaurant, no matter what the scale is. Sell online directly to your customers, without the need to onboard aggregators or delivery services. Get full autonomy over your business and earnings with Blink’s all-in-one e-commerce enablement platform.

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