Fastest Online Food Delivery in Kuwait


Blink offers a fast and easy online ordering and food delivery solution for your customers in Kuwait. Allow your customers to order food, drinks, groceries, and much more in just a few clicks!

With Blink, you can enable the following for your customers:
  • Avail discounts and offers on your favorite restaurants
  • Choose from a wide range of cuisines, fast-food chains, and high-end restaurants
  • Get fastest delivery with live tracking of your order

Upgrade your restaurant or food chain with Blink’s comprehensive ordering solution. Tap the unserved market of Kuwait with the fastest online food delivery solution for your restaurant, empowering you with a branded website, delivery management, order tracking, and key performance indicators tracking.

Robust Delivery Management Software in Kuwait

Along with an online food delivery solution, Blink provides its customers with a complete suite of products to cater to all your needs. Get the most robust Delivery Management Software in Kuwait and save on big bucks by optimizing routes, calculating delivery costs, and making deliveries more efficient.
  • Track all inbound orders (Live Orders, Pre Orders, Call-in/Phone Orders)
  • Track delivery personnel performance using the Rider Portal
  • Optimize routes using our Rider Portal
  • Offer live tracking to your customers

Website Ordering Platform in Kuwait


Blink’s restaurant website ordering platform is simple, effortless, and easy-to-use! You can now get your restaurant online in Kuwait with a branded mobile-optimized website & mobile ordering app.

Bring your business online with Blink’s all-in-one website ordering solution to cater to your clients all over Kuwait. Get your brand visible with a smart website platform where people can discover your menu & place orders instantly.


Restaurant Mobile Ordering App in Kuwait


Blink provides your business with an app that is super fast, easy-to-use & packed with all the features so that your customers can order conveniently and with ease.

Blink's Mobile App is

Made by a team of app development experts

Personalized & branded according to your business needs

Made with customer centricity in mind

Super user-friendly & easy to integrate with your existing software

Made for restaurants, cafes, bars, stores & other retail businesses

Designed to grow your business & build a vast digital footprint

Advanced Restaurant Analytics in Kuwait

Get the most out of your restaurant by harnessing the power of data. Blink is Kuwait’s most advanced Restaurant Analytics Software, allowing users to benefit from a feature-packed platform that generates valuable insights.
  • Access data instantly from your web browser or mobile device
  • Visualize data and create dashboards
  • Automate data reporting and analytics
  • Categorize all types of data and combine different sources

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