Restaurant Website Ordering in Saudi Arabia


Get Your Branded Restaurant Website Ordering System for businesses in Saudi Arabia. Now you won’t have to worry about leaving money on the table!

Restaurant Website Ordering made easy for your Restaurant


Blink equips restaurants in Saudi Arabia with a branded website that lets more customers find them online and order their favorite food. Manage orders, menus, items, payments, promotions, and more quickly and easily in a unified ordering system that allows restaurant managers to focus on growing their businesses.

Engage and Retain Customers for your Restaurant Business with your own Branded Website

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With Blink’s Restaurant Ordering Platform, we equip restaurants in Saudi Arabia with their own branded websites with a user-friendly UI/UX, human-centered design, mobile optimization, modifiable themes, and location-based ordering.

Power your business with our restaurant online ordering system and branded website to stay ahead of your competition and increase your sales by many multiples.


Taha Anis

Executive Director

“The unified aspect of Blink just made our lives easier. To know that we this one channel where we can control our app and website”

Get more Customers to Buy from you

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Increase the number of interested customers on your website with Blinks Online Ordering Platform. 

The easier it is for potential customers to locate you online, the more customers you will get. 

Our online ordering platform for restaurants enables businesses in Saudi Arabia to present location-based online menus, showcase over 1000 items, and, best of all, have exclusive restaurant ordering websites.

Is your restaurant struggling to make enough profits? With Blink, you get a comprehensive Restaurant Website Ordering System


Do you have a bustling restaurant that doesn’t translate into online sales?

With Blink, you get a fully branded website that can go live within just 1 week! Our technology is plug-and-play – you get an online restaurant ordering system with zero hassle.

Businesses powered by our restaurant ordering websites have seen their online sales grow as much as 12X in less than a year! 

Go online within a week, and get an exponential boost in your profits

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Quickly multiply your restaurant profits with an online presence that brings you more customers and gets your existing ones to stay. Build your online ordering channel on Blink’s Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants trusted by hundreds of restaurant owners like you across the MENAP region.

Why wait and leave money on the table? 

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Bring your restaurant orders online with Blink

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Join Burger King, Nando’s, Baskin-Robbins, Applebee’s, and hundreds of restaurants across Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Pakistan, and beyond on a journey to accelerate restaurant commerce with Blink.

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