Restaurant Website Ordering in Bahrain

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Stop worrying about paying hefty commissions to third-party delivery services and get your own restaurant ordering website for your customers in Bahrain! Let your customers find you online to order their favorite food, directly from you!

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customer experience
customer experience

Offer Superior Customer Experience & Reduce Friction

With multiple delivery apps & online ordering portals out there, it is difficult for customers to receive a superior customer experience. Restaurants are often charged high commissions and are unable to control last-mile customer experience.

With your own website for your customers in Bahrain, you can control the entire supply-chain yourself, with just a few clicks. Reduce friction for your customers and allow them to browse, order, and receive orders from your branded ordering website. 

Save on multiple call-center agents costs and let customers order online, without them having to interact with anyone. 

Reach more customers in Bahrain

A branded restaurant website can help you gain an edge in the market by differentiating your restaurant from others who receive and cater to orders via third-party delivery services and portals. Get the best out of your restaurant in Bahrain by equipping it with an ordering website which allows customers to:
  • Find out about your working hours
  • Browse your menu
  • Create an ordering profile
  • Download your App
  • Find your contact information
  • Collect loyalty points
  • Choose between delivery and pickup


of search engine users only look at the first page of result.

A branded website also allows your restaurant to appear in the top search results. This way, people searching for a specific restaurant or cuisine will come across your restaurant instantly, leading to a higher conversion rate for you!

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