Restaurant Mobile Ordering App in the UAE


Get online with Blink’s mobile ordering app, tailored to your requirements. Available on iOS, Android & Huawei, Blink’s mobile app offers great convenience to your customers in the UAE to browse, order, and track their deliveries directly from your restaurant.


With your own restaurant mobile app powered by Blink, you can



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Blink’s online ordering mobile application allows you to enable M-Commerce for your restaurant without the hassle:
  • Manage your entire restaurant ordering
  • Integrate the Mobile App with your existing POS & ERP
  • Set the theme according to your brand

With almost 1.5 Million users on Blink powered mobile applications, the application is built for you to scale your restaurant and increase revenue via other channels. With a mobile application specifically designed for your restaurant and customers in the UAE, you can easily grow your business and offer:

Personalized Push Notifications

Use in-app notification features to update customers about new deals, location changes, item availability, and much more!

Location-based Deals

Send notifications and personalized deals to new & existing customers based on their physical location near your branch or outlet.

Loyalty Programs

Offer discounts and promotions specifically to customers who order via the app and share exclusive personalized communication, creating brand loyalty and awareness.

Online Payment Mechanism

Accept instant online payments from your customers and allow them to pay without the hassle of carrying cash.

Boost Revenue via Restaurant Ordering Mobile App

With your own branded mobile application, you can be in control of your and online! Take charge of your restaurant business in the UAE, say goodbye to high commissions, and boost your revenue with a complete mobile app ordering platform by Blink. 

Provide convenience and ease to your customer in the UAE with a super user-friendly mobile app powered by Blink! With a branded app, you can unlock the true potential of your business and:


of customers prefer to order directly from a restaurant’s mobile app

Reach More Customers

With your very own mobile app, you create another channel for existing and potential customers to find and try your services!


Accepting orders via the mobile app can increase your cart size & with the right recommendations, you can increase your average order value!

Offer Personalized Communication

With a plethora of data coming in from your customers, you can use this to offer personalized discounts, reminders, and updates via SMS & geo-location based notifications!

Restaurant Analytics Software in the UAE

Track your restaurant’s performance across all channels and get actionable insights from a single platform. Blink’s extremely user-friendly and super customizable analytics platform allows you to:
  • Visualize Important KPIs: Never miss out on important metrics integral to your business performance. Track & Manage Inventory
  • Track & Manage Inventory: Optimize inventory management with real-time data and stay up-to-date with the latest changes
  • Generate Reports: Customize and generate multiple reports with just a few clicks!

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