Meet our Customers

The Direct Quick Commerce Platform that transformed the F&B and Retail Landscape

Blink has created a platform to empower restaurants, supermarkets, and retail businesses – giving them direct access to the end consumer. Our direct online ordering system has provided our customers with 2x order growth, 30 sec faster order speed, 50% increased user retention, and 60% greater sign-up conversions, making their lives so much easier. Hear from our customers themselves what they have to say about their experience with Blink!

Customers in Focus

Burger King Logo

Taha Anis

Executive Director

” The unified aspect of Blink just made our lives easier. To know that we this one channel where we can control our app and website “


Faiza Musawwar

GM Marketing

” Having your own owned platform in the restaurant industry is vital as opposed to third-party aggregators “


M. Ahsan Ahmed


” We saw the technology stack and we fell in love with it “


Khizer Baig


” We were able to see an increase of 20% in our sales within the first few months “

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