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Where It All Started

In 2018, we set out on a journey to empower restaurants, to sell and scale online.
We scaled fast for our first two years, hitting 3000+ restaurants, 150,000 monthly transactions, and 500 daily active riders. Along the way, our team realized that there was a problem that no aggregator could solve – the aggregator business model itself. Here’s what we learned:


Customers Want Direct Engagement

Our customer feedback revealed a surprising fact – most of our customers preferred ordering meals directly from restaurants instead of relying on third-party online ordering platforms such as ours to fulfill orders for them. Equally surprising was the fact that our customers wanted to communicate directly with our merchants, be it for placing inquiries, lodging complaints, or submitting feedback.


Aggregators Are Too Expensive

Aggregators Are Too Expensive
The commissions we, like all other food aggregators, charged our merchants was far too costly for them to scale their businesses. On average, an alarming 30% of merchant revenue was consumed by commissions. Our merchants needed a profitable online ordering platform, one which we were not


Speed Drives Customer Satisfaction

We believe that the quicker orders are fulfilled, the happier customers are. Our merchants needed an online ordering system that would enable them to process and deliver orders to their customers much quicker than conventional eCommerce platforms could. We couldn’t fulfill a single order in thirty minutes because we were the ‘middleman’. Many of our customers were unhappy with the inertia of aggregators.

From A Small Business To Market Leaders

We were certain that we couldn’t be an aggregator anymore. Deeply concerned by our discoveries, we deep-dove. The idea of developing a quick commerce platform struck us, and not just any platform – plug-and-play technology that comes with a branded mobile app and web store built to solve the problems that our customers and merchants faced.

In mid-2020, we bid goodbye to Eat Mubarak, and welcomed Blink. Initially, Blink’s mission was to enable brick-and-mortar restaurants and supermarkets for direct online ordering and instant deliveries. All of that in just a blink of the eye.

What was initially a direct online ordering platform evolved into something much, much bigger and more versatile than our co-founders had ever imagined – an all-in-one quick commerce stack with built-in customer engagement and business intelligence tools that revolutionizes the way brick-and-mortar businesses interact with their customers.

We have conversations with our customers to drive innovation. In doing so, we realized that Blink would be good for businesses across industries – restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, fashion brands, and any other brick-and-mortar retailer that needs a direct online retail channel.

Multiple Devices Displaying Blink Interface

Say It How It Is

Transparency is a winner in our linkages. Our customers know what’s on offer for them. Our teammates know where what’s in store for them and our business. Our investors know the directions we take

Grow Bigger And Better

We foster growth in everything we do. We enable our customers to scale, invest in learning and development for our people, and strive to benefit our investors. For our teammates, if ‘growth’ means taking a day off, we’ll encourage them to do so.

Have Goodwill For All

We have the best intentions for everyone we are connected with and everything we do. We wish well and do good for our customers, people, investors, partners, end-users, and even the wider communities we impact.

Data Is Our Best Friend

You can only do what you can prove. Our decisions and actions, whether big or small, are informed by data. The advice we give our customers is informed by their business analytics. We conduct thorough research in new markets before entering them. We’ll even announce a work-from-home day when the weather gets too tough

It’s All About The Customer

We are what and where we are because of our customers. Blink is a product for our customers, and so, all our efforts are made to benefit them. We make customer-centered decisions, act on customer feedback, support customers who need a hand, and check in with customers often to see how they’re doing.

Where We Are Going

Speed and direct connectedness are inherent in Blink’s DNA. We aspire to transform the global ecosystem of online retail with fast, cost-effective and user-friendly technology that enables digital transformation and growth.

Our Vision

Blink sees itself as a global industry leader in the quick-commerce technology space, enabling restaurants, supermarkets and consumer retail brands around the world to scale through direct order fulfillment that is cost-effective and time-optimized.

Syed Sair Ali

CEO, Co-founder

Hyder Abbas

CTO, Co-founder

Hassan Mahmood

General Manager

Our Investors


William Bao Bean

General Partner, SOSV

Susheel Balakrishnan

Strategic HR Leader &

Harris Jamali

Chief Executive Officer, TPL Trakker

Idris Ayodeji Bello

Afroproneur & Founding
Partner, LoftyInc Capital

Jenne Wong

Partner at SOSV, Orbit Startups

Tito Costa

Partner, Global Founders Capital

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We envision a world empowered by digitization – a world where consumers can order
online directly from brands that will deliver to them instantly wherever they are, all of that in a blink.