Blink is the #1 OrderEm Alternative

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The best OrderEm Alternative for Restaurants

Do you need to quickly get your restaurant’s marketing and online-ordering platform up and running on a tight budget? Blink’s Quick Commerce solution enables restaurants to go digital with a minimum initial investment.

Meet Blink, the all-in-one quick commerce enablement platform for a seamless experience from discovery and ordering to delivery.

Blink delivers Quick Commerce to help businesses launch in just seven days!

With a seamless ordering experience, Blink is your quick, foolproof ticket to profit. Launch your business today and be on your way to success.

Our all-in-one technology stack (mobile app, websites, fleet management system, and analytics dashboard) allows users to build and manage online stores to sell and fulfill online orders, manage third-party integrations seamlessly, customize reporting metrics, and more.

Quickify your Restaurant Business with Blink Today!

Did you know that by 2025, 60% of restaurant orders are projected to come through q-commerce? Capitalize on these predicted trends with our Quick Commerce Enablement Platform that provides speedy ROI and best practices used by hundreds of restaurants in the MENAP region.

Blink’s unique technology stack and specialization in the online food delivery space have enabled us to partner with some of the finest brands and help them grow.

Join hundreds of highly successful restaurants in the MENAP region

Why Choose Blink over OrderEm?

Blink’s feature-rich technology stack makes it the best quick commerce enablement platform to scale your restaurant business. See why Blink’s feature-rich technology stack makes it the #1 OrderEm alternative.

Our Clients love Blink

"Quick Commerce" is the easiest way to start your digital transformation today

With effortless set up and zero coding, you can start earning more revenue than ever before!

It’s time you got rid of multiple, hard-to-use systems for managing your restaurant business. 

Let our team of experts handle your marketing and sales automation so you can get back to work, while our tream helps your restaurant gain a foothold in the MENAP region’s quickly-growing Quick Commerce market. 

Blink is the best OrderEm alternative. Here's Why

Blink is far more advanced than players like OrderEm

Blink offers a feature-rich online ordering platform for restaurants. Our technology stack includes a branded, mobile-optimized website and mobile app with a comprehensive back-end merchant portal and fleet management system. We’ve got all your needs covered!

Blink's Order Reviews are much better than Taker Apps Order Reviews

Blink offers a Quick Commerce Enablement Platform that can deploy rapidly, be adopted quickly, and be stripped down to any functionality level. We can help you jumpstart your online ordering and delivery business in a matter of days.

Launch your online store in just seven days!

Blink is a Quick Commerce Enabling Platform that enables and facilitates brands to enter the world of quick commerce with a minimum initial investment. 

Ditch the restaurant management software that takes weeks to set up and months to learn. Blink is so easy to use that you’ll be up and running in minutes. It’s also a much better value than players like OrderEm.

Best-in-class shopping experience for your customers

Give your customers the freedom to choose from more than one delivery service provider, so you can make sure your deliveries arrive on time, every time. Keep your valued customers engaged with in-app features like discounts & promo codes, loyalty programs, and special deals to build a long-term relationship based on trust.

Frictionless online sales and delivery

Business doesn’t have to be complicated. Blink provides an all-in-one platform that delivers a seamless online sales and delivery experience. 

With customizable digital menu boards, clients can remotely update pricing, products, and menu items at any time – from any location. We are committed to providing you with a quick and convenient sales and delivery experience with value for money.

Jumpstart your online ordering and delivery business

You’re one step away from launching your restaurant in the digital age with Blink’s Quick Commerce Enablement Platform.

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