Advanced Restaurant Analytics in Qatar

Become a truly data-driven restaurant and make use of the data in the most efficient way. Onboard Blink’s superior analytics system for your restaurant in Qatar and gain competitive advantage. 

With Blink’s advanced analytics for your restaurant, you can make the most of the plethora of data coming in from all sources. 


Actionable Insights for your Restaurant in Qatar


With the right data and analytics, you can overhaul your entire restaurant’s performance, digging deep into each function and finding gaps and opportunities! Generate actionable insights using Blink’s Restaurant Analytics and improve key performance metrics.

Manage Inventory Better

With the right information, you can assess your restaurant’s inventory management by tracking
  • Product Demand
  • Order Trend

Market your Restaurant Better

Stay ahead of your competitors with the right marketing analytics about your marketing strategies, campaigns, and return on investment. Analyze data to improve the success rate of campaigns and find pain-points of previous attempts.

Optimize your Menu & Pricing

Analyze data regarding sales, customer feedback, channels, and competitors to see what product mix works best for your customers in Qatar. Use data coming in from your POS, CRM, and ERP systems and drive the numbers accordingly.
  • See which items sell the most
  • Assess average order amount of customers
  • Track high cost items and their sales
  • Identify order combinations

Optimize your Menu & Pricing

With Blink, you get access to a complete suite of Restaurant Analytics allowing you to play around with data and generate actionable insights. Blink’s functionality helps you to have advanced visibility of your data. With Blink’s analytics platform, you can:
  • Make customized dashboards
  • View key analytics by hour, day, week, month, quarter, or yearly
  • Generate reports and automate sharing
  • Create custom charts and view data any way you want
  • Collect data from different sources and in different formats
  • Provide controlled visibility of key information to different stakeholders

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