Select Blink over GrubTech and elevate your business

Select Blink over GrubTech and elevate your business

Are you looking for a GrubTech Alternative for your restaurant that is simpler, faster, and more user-friendly for your restaurant? Just like 100+ household brand name restaurants including Nando’s, Burger King, IHOP, Applebee’s, and others across the MENAP region, create a seamless on-demand ordering experience for your food business with Blink.  

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Leave GrubTech and Increase your Growth Trajectory

At Blink, we understand the restaurant industry across major countries and have put together a unified ordering platform that enables quick commerce like none other. 

At Blink, we strive to make your business succeed – all along your digital journey from ordering to delivery, marketing to business analytics! And loyalty programs enablements and analytics!

  • Blink provides Quick Menu Set Up – Two Days: that is all that it takes to set up your branded restaurant website and app. 
  • In-Built Customer EngagementMarketing Tools: Turn your customers into loyal fans of your brand with intelligent and cost-effective in-built customer engagement marketing tools. 
  • Real-Time Order Notifications: Get order alerts, manage your customers’ orders & make changes to your menus in real-time. Best of all, if your restaurant operates in multiple locations, you can easily showcase to your customers the menus available at their nearest branches. In addition, if you have multiple restaurant locations, you can easily showcase different menus at each restaurant location.
  • Powerful Business Analytics: Unlike food aggregators who don’t provide YOU your customer data and charge you as high as 40% on commissions, – with Blink, you OWN your customer data. What’s more, you& have advanced analytics and dynamic dashboards at your disposal, which sets Blink apart as the #1 Alternative to GrubTech. 
  • Dedicated 7 Days a Week Support: Blink has had an immaculate service track record with 99.99% uptime over the last calendar year.

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Why Blink is the best choice for restaurants transitioning to Quick Commerce

With the Q-Commerce market expected to rise to $20 billion by 2024, restaurant businesses need to transition towards Quick Commerce. Blink is a Quick Commerce Enablement Platform that is far more advanced than players like GrubTech.


Why Choose Blink over GrubTech

Blink wants to empower your restaurant business to have more control over your digital ecosystem through branded websites and apps. 

Over 1 million transactions have been processed through Blink’s platform across six different MENAP regions.

Blink is the Best Online Ordering System for Restaurants

With the rapid growth of qCommerce, the competitive advantage goes to those companies that have a first-mover advantage. 

 The good news is that, unlike other restaurant ordering platforms operating in Saudi Arabia, with Blink, you get a Quick Commerce Enablement Platform that provides speed-to-ROI and best practices in use by hundreds of restaurants in the MENAP region. 

Join Blink’s Quick Commerce Enablement Platform, and scale your restaurant business online.

Go Live in 3 days & Less

Wouldn’t it be perfect if your restaurant could go online in the next three days or even less? As unbelievable it may sound, it’s what Blink does for ALL our clients!

  • With Blink’s Online ordering platform solution for restaurants, you can go online with a branded website and app for your business.
  • More sales and marketing means more revenue and more avenues to reach your target audience. 
  • With Blink, you own your customer data to retarget your customers and quickly return them for repeat purchases.

Sounds Great? We believe you’ll love the Blink experience!

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