Blink is the Best Way to Order Food Online

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What’s a better solution than ChowNow?

Introducing Blink, the #1 ChowNow Alternative!

The restaurant industry is growing and evolving, and with so many new ways to spend money online, it’s becoming more challenging than ever to capture a permanent customer base and have them return for another delicious meal.

Take your online presence to the next level with Blink’s all-in-one technology stack that allows users to build and manage online stores to sell and fulfill online orders, manage third party integrations seamlessly and customize reporting metrics.

We’ve helped thousands of restaurants boost online sales, increase profitability, and reduce costs

Reach out to even more customers through your very own website and app

The Blink is a quick commerce enablement platform that allows you to capture and convert your customers. We offer the most engaging and intuitive set of features in the market, specialized for Gen Z and Alpha customers, enabling you to focus on growing your bottom line!

Get your restaurants noticed online

Our q-commerce technology-stack helps enable a frictionless ordering experience that’s completely online, saving you significant time, costs, and resources. 

With a proven track record, Blink helps businesses launch in just 7 days, with a seamless ordering experience and quick success. 

Digitize your business today with the help of Blink!

Blink is better than ChowNow, here’s how

You need a platform that works for you, your growing business, and your customers. Blink’s feature-rich technology stack ensures that your restaurant has everything it needs.

Our Clients love Blink

Where customer experience comes first!

Looking for a way to enhance your customer’s experience? 

Blink brings technology and interactivity to the table. 

From our Quick Commerce platform to solutions like 30-second order placement, discounts & promo codes, loyalty programs, special deals, online payment methods, and e-wallets. We have created solutions to make your restaurant experience more convenient for your customers. All this and more, to help you build relationships with your customers so that they keep coming back for more.

Why Blink is the #1 Chownow Alternative

Blink is a next-generation quick commerce platform made for restaurant owners. With a customised mobile-friendly website, branded mobile app, order and fleet management system, customer analytics and much more.

It is the ideal ChowNow alternative for a reason. Here’s why:

Low commissions

The lower commission by Blink is their most alluring feature and it’s hard to deny its value. 

With this feature, Blink has effectively helped entrepreneurs free themselves from huge.

transaction fees and to focus on core business competence. Additionally, allowing you to save and re-invest profits to grow your business.

Blink's Order Reviews are much better than Taker Apps Order Reviews

Monthly payment model

Operators don’t have to worry about keeping up with high per order percentages applied to all kinds of incoming online food orders.

Increase brand value

Get a white-labeled food ordering app designed and customized for your brand. Increase brand value by rendering online food ordering services through your own custom website, and mobile phone application.

Dedicated dashboards

Forget about spreadsheets, clumsy to-do lists, and ad hoc software. Use Blink to manage your business, create menus, and monitor your fleet all in one place—at the tip of your fingers.

With our dedicated dashboards, you’re all set to create happy customers!

Hear what our loyal partners have to say about Blink

Blink is the quickest way to get your business up and running. It’s a solution that has been designed to fit seamlessly into your website and takes only minutes to implement.

Take it from those who are growing their business with Blink:

Burger King Logo

Taha Anis

Executive Director

” The unified aspect of Blink just made our lives easier. To know that we this one channel where we can control our app and website “

Boost your online sales with Blink

Join Baskin Robbins, Burger King, IHOP, and hundreds of restaurants on a journey to accelerate restaurant commerce with Blink.

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