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Taker Alternative that will enable quick commerce for your restaurant

Simplify and streamline your restaurant marketing, sales, and operations further with Blink’s feature-rich online ordering platform for restaurants in Saudi Arabia. Blink’s all-in-one technology stack is guaranteed to enable and increase restaurant sales through a branded, mobile-optimized website mobile app with a  comprehensive back-of-house merchant portal and fleet management system. It’s time to shift to a Taker alternative that is a simple, yet powerful alternative like Blink!

Join hundreds of highly successful restaurants in the MENAP region

Why Choose Blink over

With the qCommerce market expected to rise to $20 billion by 2024, it’s essential for restaurant businesses to transition towards Quick Commerce. Blink is a Quick Commerce Enablement Platform that is far more advanced than players like

Meet Customer Expectations

Generation Alpha and Z are major contributors of online ordering. An increasing number of them demand that their orders should be delivered the way they want them.

With Blink’s Quick Commerce platform, you can offer your valued customers the capability of getting their orders delivered to their doorsteps or chosen locations. Unlike other players such as Taker, we at Blink understand that restaurants have worked hard to build relationships with their customers, and they need to make their customers feel valued. That’s why, with Blink, you can offer your customers 30-second order placement, discounts & promo codes, loyalty programs, special deals, online payment methods, an e-wallet, and more for a quick and convenient ordering experience with value for money.

Blink's Order Reviews are much better than Taker Apps Order Reviews

Partner Expectations In QCommerce:

Blink provides a toolkit that enables and facilitates entering the Quick Commerce ecosystem at a bare minimum cost. We equip brands with their branded websites and mobile apps that enable quick, seamless online ordering and instant deliveries. Blink is the Top Rated Taker Alternative for a reason!

Our Clients love Blink

Blink is the Best Online Ordering System for Restaurants

With the rapid growth of qCommerce, the competitive advantage goes to those companies that have a first-mover advantage.

The good news is that, unlike other restaurant ordering platforms operating in Saudi Arabia, with Blink, you get a Quick Commerce Enablement Platform that provides speed-to-ROI and best practices in use by hundreds of restaurants in the MENAP region.

Join Blink’s Quick Commerce Enablement Platform, and scale your restaurant business online.

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