Restaurant Website Ordering in the UAE

With a significant expected rise in the online food deliveries industry, your restaurant needs maximum online visibility online. Blink’s complete website ordering platform provides you with a branded ordering website, allowing you to:
  • Attract more customers
  • Be visible online
  • Promote your business online

Do not miss out on a huge segment that is browsing for restaurants in the UAE.

$2.2 Billion

projected revenue via online food deliveries in 2022

Create a Distinct Brand Image

Differentiate your restaurant from others in the UAE with a unique brand image which you can create via your online presence. Having a website for your restaurant allows you to:

Create Loyal Customers in the UAE


A branded website for your restaurant gives you the opportunity to showcase your business to existing and potential customers. Our data shows that Blink powered websites have allowed restaurants and businesses to grow their online presence and boost sales 12x within a year!

Allow your business to reach people who are:
  • Searching for the cuisine you offer
  • Searching for your restaurant’s location
  • Trying to find a good restaurant nearby
  • Looking for budget-friendly, high-end, or fast-food options
  • Searching for deals or discounts

With a branded website, you allow customers to research about your restaurant and see what other guests thought of the food and service you offer.


Build Credibility

Having your own branded website creates an omnichannel approach that translates into high brand cerdiblity and authority

Offer Discounts & Promos

Surprise guests visiting your website with promo codes and discounts without spending hefty amounts on billboard advertisements.

Offer Convenience

It is much easier for customers to browse your menu, or book an order online!

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