Blink is the #1 Lunchbox Alternative

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Blink is the best alternative for Lunchbox

Move past the traditional, dated LunchBox. Go beyond the simple delivery service. 

With Blink, you get total control. You choose what you sell and when you sell it. You decide how your restaurant is represented and how it engages with customers. 

With our turn-key solution, we arm you with a suite of features for every aspect of your business: mobile app, branded website, merchant portal, fleet management system, and more. We give you powerful tools that enable you to open up new revenue channels and tap into greater customer loyalty across all channels.

We’ve helped thousands of restaurants boost online sales, increase profitability, and reduce costs

Accelerate your Business with Blink Today!

The order fulfillment and management market is growing fast! By 2025 a staggering 60% of restaurant orders will come through qCommerce. It’s essential to act now in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Our technology stack is designed to handle the complexities of online food delivery, which allows us to provide the most reliable and affordable solution in our space. We’ve partnered with some of the highly successful restaurants to help them grow.

Why Choose Blink over Lunchbox?

Blink’s unique, feature-rich technology stack makes it the top-rated Lunchbox alternative

Our Clients love Blink

Start Taking Orders in Just 7 Days!

Our all-in-one technology stack will deliver you with more customers served, more orders received, and spend less on overhead and labor costs. 

Blink helps you supercharge your business within 7 days, at an affordable price! No hassle, no hidden fees.

Get your restaurant online, on the map, and to the top of search results so you can reach a larger audience and grow your revenues. 

"Quick Commerce" is the easiest way to start your digital transformation today

Blink is the smart choice for businesses looking for the benefits of a quick commerce enablement solution with the latest technology. It offers a feature-rich technology stack including a branded, mobile-optimized website mobile app with a  comprehensive back-of-house merchant portal and fleet management system.

By leveraging the power of qcommerce, you will be able to reach your target audience and make the profits that you deserve. In an ever-changing marketplace, we will help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your customers coming back for more.

Blink is the best Lunchbox alternative. Here's Why:

Ease-of-use for both your vendors and your clients

Blink provides powerful qCommerce technology that integrates seamlessly with your existing website while giving you complete control over the UI and UX. Giving customers a seamless ordering experience. 

For vendors, Blink is designed to give businesses powerful features, complete customer control, and market-leading support. It’s a place where businesses shop for the solutions they need to compete and succeed in qCommerce.

Blink's Order Reviews are much better than Taker Apps Order Reviews

Blink enables business growth

We’re the go-to company for restaurants looking to improve their digital presence. We provide a range of tools and features that work together in order to help your business.

Blink helps you launch your online store quickly and easily

It’s time you got rid of complex, costly systems that make everything harder instead of easier.

When you partner with Blink, we do the heavy lifting, so you can get your whole team up and running in as little as 7 days.

Boost revenue, get more reviews, and keep customers happy with our all-in-one technology stack.

Frictionless online sales and delivery

Blink eliminates many of the burdens that restaurants have while growing their businesses.  We have an all-in-one technology stack that increases sales, improves restaurant cost management, and enhances customer experience.

Jumpstart your online ordering and delivery business

Quick Commerce is the easiest way to start your digital transformation today. With effortless setup and zero coding, you can start earning more money than ever before!

Obtain real-time growth and a better customer focus with features like branch management, data filters, loyalty programs, and more.

Be part of the growing network of restaurants who trust Blink to help them increase profits and get more customers, quickly

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