4 Most Influential Food Delivery Services Like Doordash (2022 Guide)

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Before we explore the realm of ‘Food delivery services like Doordash’, we’d like to say that Doordash boasts a staggering customer base with over 310,000 restaurant enthusiasts to cater to. Unfortunately, despite a growing number of reviews, some areas are still inaccessible to Doordash.

As a result, those customers have to look elsewhere for timely food deliveries. After all, when it’s about satiating your appetite, one cannot compromise on relying on a single food delivery network.

That being said, we have no qualms or gripes with Doordash. It’s a remarkable restaurant food delivery service that works like a charm every time. Except that due to geographical restrictions, Doordash isn’t able to extend its services throughout different countries of the world.

Restaurant food delivery aside, Doordash is also known for its fleet network. Riders love the company due to fast payouts and there’s no reason for them to opt-in for other food delivery services jobs.

We could, however, elaborate on different prospects to help you make an extra dime, but that would dissuade us from the subject matter. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about food delivery services to work for in some other post.

For now, let’s see what Doordash is all about, and the best Food delivery services like Doordash when the former isn’t available.

What’s the Big Deal about Recommending Food Delivery Services Like Doordash?

DoorDash: The challenge is now to deliver profits | Blink

Also known as ‘DoorDash’, the food and general items delivery network reportedly maintains an active service across 4,000 worldwide cities. That’s a lot of hungry mouths to feed every single day when orders are swooping in from left, right, and center all the time.

The online food delivery network reportedly experienced a surge in demand side due to last year’s COVID situation. Unfortunately, COVID’s still here and most of the restaurants haven’t been allowed to resume their dine-in services. Those food operators that have been granted permission to open their local establishments for walk-in customers are still struggling to hire their regular staff.

Recently, ‘The Economist’ covered the aforementioned dilemma in ‘Why McDonald’s is Supersizing Its Wages’. The feature piece talked about the company’s new referendum to pay at least 10% more salary to all 35,000 of its in-house employees.

What’s the special reason for doing that? If you must know, COVID lockdown caused many of the restaurants and dine-in facilities to briefly shut down. As a result, the cutback in employees’ roster not only disrupted the restaurants’ ability to maintain a steady outreach but also caused panic among employees too.

In that sense, DoorDash isn’t an exception anymore. Despite a large consumer base, the company reportedly struggled to meet the demand side of the business. On top of that, when you consider the same dilemma as McDonald’s decision to supersize its staff payload, that’s a very valid reason for you to try out other food delivery services like Doordash.

Regardless, the process of actually selecting worthy food delivery services like Doordash was challenging. We didn’t want to recommend any other food network without doing due diligence. Also, the fact that Doordash has 46% of customers from the U.S., and the remainder of its userbase serviced via GrubHub, it was a bit of a pickle to make a list of food delivery services like Doordash.

Top it all off with the fact that when it comes to GrubHub offers free discounts to first-time customers upon sign-up and at the time of placing their very first order, we didn’t just want to make a comparison between two food delivery platforms. There is plenty of other fish in the sea and we’ll get to them in a bit.

DoorDash Fee:

Dashers, who use Doordash regularly, are in for a varying fee structure. The price includes the base cost of the meal and a separate delivery fee that’s payable as per the concerned restaurant’s policy and distance from the customer’s location.

However, to reduce the fee to a standard uniform rate, Doordash’s DashPass, a $10 per month subscription model for customers, eliminates extra charges that might incur due to different reasons. On top of that, DoorDash’s fee slashes down to $0 if the orders are above $12 and beyond.

4 Best Food Delivery Services Like Doordash for Food Lovers In 2022


Food delivery services like Doordash | Caviar

Geo Coverage: Multiple Cities – More Information Available at Caviar’s Official Website

Services Fee: Ranges from $2 – $8 per order

Oh boy, Caviar hits the top spot for being a highly recommended food delivery service like Doordash. Besides, it’s named after one of the most expensive delicacies that only a select few people from around the world are able to afford.

To that effect, Caviar has made sure that its menu items have a high taste factor. Think, eating at a suburban restaurant without having to drive all the way across town to reserve a seat at your favorite restaurant table. Caviar takes care of everything from taking your orders through the online food ordering app, to fulfilling them just in time when your intestines are quivering with excitement.

On that note, this company brags an upscale service with a staggering 3% hold across the food delivery industry. They have a special breed of delivery agents who are reportedly choosy when it comes to making any food deliveries to places that the Caviar network caters to.

Now, if, and only IF, you ache to consume relatively expensive food menu items delivered to your location in a pristine condition, Caviar will hit the spot whenever it comes to food delivery services like Doordash. In fact, they do better than Doordash because Caviar is known for only partnering with a select number of upscale restaurants that are perfect for people with slightly deep pockets.

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What’s In It for Restaurants Partnering with Caviar?

On top of that, restaurants in partnership with Caviar have to pay at least 25% commission per order to maintain their delivery services to different remote locations.

If you are a brand-new restaurant owner known for your chef’s specialty items that are slightly expensive as compared to regular food menus, then Caviar might not be the perfect match for you.

We recommend pairing up with Blink Co because they especially cater to restaurants and startups that aren’t looking to pay commission on every single order. Blink, on the contrary, charges an all-time low percentage (2% – 2.5%) to accommodate all sorts of operators.

You can find out more details at the Blink for Restaurants webpage right away. It’s worth a shot.

Moving on, if you are a budget-conscious customer who’d like to get a whiff of Caviar’s high-quality food menu, there’s good news is there for you. Caviar is affiliated with Square POS and other payment gateways that reduce the fee to midrange due to commissions being paired with different food menu items under different categories.

It’s a little hard to understand their fee model as a customer, but if you order a relatively cheaper item as compared to high-priced delicacies in a category, you will have to pay the lower cost because Caviar is going to be charging a reduced commission for that item’s order to the concerned restaurant.


Food delivery services like Doordash | Seamless

Geo Coverage: Over 50 U.S. States and Approx. 2,700 Cities

Services Fee: Mid-range and Dependent on the Restaurant You’re Ordering From

The next recommendation on our list of food delivery services like DoorDash is Seamless. The great news is that Seamless, Foodler, and OrderUp are the type of delivery services that are covered under Grubhub’s network. So, if you didn’t have a taste of Grubhub services, you might as well place your order via Seamless or any of the other food delivery services like DoorDash that we just mentioned here.

So, what’s the big deal about Seamless? For starters, it’s a Grubhub partner. That means more coverage area as compared to standalone name-brand restaurants. Seamless has a market share of 26% and approx. 14 million food lovers from all over the country.

In that order, Seamless not only caters to upscale customers through a select food menu, but also has oodles of options for people who want to order fast food, and combo deals. Regardless, if you still feel that whatever you’re ordering via Seamless is expensive, you can counter the deal’s price by using Seamless food vouchers, discounts, and promo codes.

Seamless also has a nifty little app laced with intuitive controls and a minimalistic design. First-time customers reportedly have no issues maneuvering across the food network’s menus and sub-menu items. In a way, placing an order is literally dubbed as a “seamless experience” for customers from all walks of life.

Go ahead and give it a shot and let us know what you thought of their food quality and order fulfillment timeline.


Food delivery services like Doordash | Postmates

Geo Coverage: Over 1,500 Cities across 50 U.S. States

Services Fee: Depends on Your Location and Distance from the Restaurant You’re Considering Ordering From

Nope, Postmates isn’t a package postal service or something that penpals would use from different remote locations to get connected.

Surprisingly, it’s a relatively small food delivery network that has a gigantic outreach spread across 1,500 cities in the U.S. The company has expanded its operations, significantly, since 2019 due to the COVID outbreak situation.

Apparently, when the lockdown ensued, more and more customers hopped on to Postmates due to its low prices on food menu items, bundle deals, discount offers, and efficient food delivery agents.

But here’s the best part about this company. There’s a dedicated section in Postmates’ mobile food ordering app that has a label called: Party on it. In the ‘Party’ section, users can not only place multiple food orders, but they can also share their driver with other people who have placed orders from within your local vicinity.

Doing so, not only helps that driver to make those deliveries in a row but also reduces overall online food order delivery times because the agent doesn’t have to go back and forth for pick and drops.

Fee-wise, customers may experience steeper prices for select menu items. But that’s only reserved for upscale clients who don’t normally dig fast food and regular meals. Nonetheless, there’s an unlimited Postmates delivery plan for $10 per month, per customer.

If you were to sign up for that plan, you can easily shave off extra delivery charges, and also avail limited-time discounts exclusive to your user account.


Food delivery services like Doordash | UberEats

Geo Coverage: Multiple Countries

Services Fee: Overall Relatively Low and Variable as Per Each Restaurant Policy

Of course, our list of alternate food delivery services like DoorDash wouldn’t have been complete without UberEats. It’s a massive food delivery network that’s known for its reliable services, low order fulfillment time, and plenty of discount deals.

The interesting thing is that UberEats isn’t restricted to U.S. only. People from Australia, and many other countries prefer using UberEats over conventional food delivery services because of the company’s massive outreach. In a way, if you think that you are living under a rock, there’s a high chance the Uber guys will still be able to deliver your food to your doorstep without any last-minute surprises.

Usage-wise, UberEats native app for Android and iOS is very easy to use.

First time customers are met with a simple interactive interface that touts out multiple restaurants within the customer’s location radius. Behind the scenes, UberEats partners with multiple restaurants to ensure faster delivery times and increased services area so that more and more people can get their food on time.

The only setback to using UberEats as part of the food delivery services like DoorDash is a lack of drivers’ training. They are not trained like other name-brand restaurant delivery agents. It is common for a new UberEats driver to confuse your address with someone else’s. Sometimes customers are unable to contact the driver, which causes additional hassle on the driver’s part.

Regardless, UberEats is a fantastic alternative to DoorDash, and new drivers’ inexperience to deliver orders a little late doesn’t have to scare you off. There are plenty of seasoned drivers out there who are on UberEats favorite list for making lightning-fast deliveries.

UberEats also has special discount deals for regulars. In a way, you could literally be paying $0 for multiple food items if your discount code or reward points qualify for that. Go ahead and give it a try and let us know how it went for you.

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What Other Doordash Alternatives Are Available In The Market?

As the world progresses, our daily lives become more and more fast-paced. We are always on the lookout for ways to make our lives more efficient and convenient. One way that has gained popularity in recent years is food delivery services. These services allow us to order food from our favourite restaurants without leaving our homes or offices. Instead of waiting in line or fighting traffic, we can relax and wait for food delivery to our doorsteps. Doordash is one of the very popular food delivery services out there. However, it is not the only option. Many other excellent food delivery services like Doordash are worth considering.

Following are a few of Doordash’s alternatives;

  • Grubhub
  • Postmates
  • Instacart
  • Dasher
  • Caviar food delivery
  • eat24

Food Delivery Services Compared

Here we will compare and contrast four different food delivery services like Doordash. We will discuss their similarities and differences, as well as their pros and cons. It would give you a fair idea of which food delivery service is right for you.

There are many Doordash alternatives available to choose from depending on your needs and preferences:

Grubhub – One of the most popular Doordash alternatives. It offers a wide selection of restaurants and is available in many cities across the US.

Postmates – Another great Doordash alternative. It offers food delivery from various restaurants, grocery stores, and other retailers.

Instacart – A Doordash alternative that specializes in grocery delivery. It is available in many major US cities.

Dasher – A Doordash alternative that is similar to Uber or Lyft. You can use it to order food from local restaurants and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Food Delivery Services Reviews

Doordash Reviews

Doordash generally has positive reviews. Customers appreciate the wide selection of restaurants, fast delivery times, and easy-to-use app interface. However, some customers have complained about high prices, surge pricing during busy times, and poor customer service.

Grubhub Reviews

Grubhub also has primarily positive reviews. Customers like the wide selection of restaurants, reasonable prices, and fast delivery. However, some customers have complained about hidden fees, poor customer service, and late deliveries.

Postmates Reviews

Postmates has a mix of positive and negative reviews. Customers who like it appreciate the wide selection of restaurants and retailers and the flexible delivery options. However, customers who don’t like it have complained about high prices, long delivery times, and poor customer service.

Instacart Reviews

Instacart has primarily positive reviews. Customers appreciate the convenience of grocery delivery, as well as the fast delivery times. However, some customers have complained about high prices, poor customer service, and unavailable items.

Dasher Reviews

Dasher has mostly positive reviews. Customers like the convenience of food delivery, as well as the fast delivery times. However, some customers have complained about high prices, surge pricing during busy times, and poor customer service.

What Food Delivery Service Is Best?

Your best food delivery service depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you are looking for a wide selection of restaurants, then Grubhub or Postmates might be a good option. If you are looking for grocery delivery, then Instacart might be a good choice. And if you are looking for a rideshare service that also delivers food, then Dasher might be a good option. Ultimately, the best way to decide is to try each service and see which one you like best.

Bunching It All Up:

In the end, whichever restaurant you choose to go for, make sure that they have raving reviews. Sometimes a restaurant’s services are not as advertised and often overshadow its reputation when it comes to placing orders from alternate food delivery services like DoorDash and vice versa.

We’re also very curious to know about your very first online food order. How did it go? Make sure to fill us in on your unique experience through the comments section below.

Stay safe out there, n’ keep fillin’ those bellies to the brim!

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