Front Line Heroes: How Our Riders Help Grow the Restaurant Industry

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We explore heroes operating at the backend of the business: Riders in the restaurant industry.

In the last five years or so, the growth rate for online food ordering and restaurant food delivery has been more than 20%. With an estimation that food delivery sales will grow by 2025 to be about 40% of the total restaurant sales.

With such numbers, you definitely want to hop on the trend that is taking the food and beverage industry by storm.

Especially when you consider that during the Covid-19 Pandemic the only means for many restaurants to stay afloat was to offer their food on a delivery basis. In these times, the food delivery riders in the restaurant industry were the main line of defense to fight against businesses closing down.

Let’s look at how riders in the restaurant industry affect your business and help grow the restaurant industry as well as why you need to consider offering delivery options if you haven’t already.

Rise of the Food Delivery Business and Riders in the Restaurant Industry

Rise of the Food Delivery Business and Riders in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurants and other food delivery businesses are choosing to provide food delivery options to their customers to keep up with demands and changing trends.

The way restaurants choose to provide this service differs. Some restaurants choose to do it themselves with online ordering systems or independent platforms, some are going another route and looking to partner with third-party aggregators such as Deliveroo and DoorDash.

With different delivery platforms cropping up from hybrid delivery platforms, aggregator sites, and independent restaurant delivery the market for how ordered food is delivered is transforming rapidly.

In fact, it would be accurate to say that food delivery has become a business of its own. Giving way to different models of restaurants such as Cloud kitchens or Dark kitchens which move away from traditional restaurant dine-in and cater to those customers that want to order their food from the comfort of their own homes.

The rise of digital technology also has a hand to play in the rise of the food delivery business. With the option for customers to now easily place orders via the restaurant’s app or on their website.

Another reason for this growth is the change in consumer preferences. People are becoming more and more accustomed to doing everything online and this includes ordering food. Since the way to manage a successful restaurant business is to retain customers and entice potential customers restaurants are doing what they can to cater to these changing preferences and the needs of their consumers.

With the continued growth of such trends and food delivery and online ordering becoming more and more common, this means improves service for your customers. But for you as a business, this means changes need to be made and there is increased competition. You need to be more creative in your service and what you can offer your customer to grab their business.

This also means more opportunities for food delivery riders in the restaurant industry. What was once perhaps not even a concept has become a growing field. Even riders for platforms such as Uber can now see themselves as riders for the restaurant industry with platforms like UberEats.


Why You Need to Implement Food Delivery for Your Restaurant if You Haven’t Already

Research has estimated that by 2023 restaurant delivery will grow at three times the rate of on-premise sales. Therefore, if you haven’t already implemented food delivery in your restaurant it is about time you catch up on this trend and hop on the bandwagon.

If the growing trend isn’t enough to convince you, here are some other good reasons why your restaurant should embrace food delivery.

1.     Increased Sales

Why You Need to Implement Food Delivery for Your Restaurant if You Haven’t Already

When you include online sales or food delivery to the services your restaurant offers you are able to create a new line of sales that can help maximize your return on investment.

Not only will you be earning income from the traditional route of your restaurant sales but you will also be selling food to customers that aren’t coming to your restaurant but are ordering online or for delivery. This increases the total revenue of your business.

2.     Your Restaurant is Able to Reach More Customers

Your Restaurant is Able to Reach More Customers

When you start offering the possibility for customers to order online or get delivery this has the ability to expand your pool of potential customers.

When you offer your restaurant’s food up for delivery, you allow customers who either don’t live in the proximity of your restaurant or don’t have the time to come by to try your restaurant.

You also have the ability to become noticed by even those customers who did not know of your restaurant to order online thus potentially gaining new customers.

3.     Ability to Enhance Your Online Visibility

Ability to Enhance Your Online Visibility

When you offer delivery, you can choose to partner with delivery platforms or use your own online ordering system. Both these routes provide you with the ability to enhance your online presence and thus increase the visibility of your restaurant and brand.

Having either or of the delivery options mentioned above gives your customers a chance to familiarize themselves with your brand apart from what they get visiting you live and in person.

Having your restaurant be available on different platforms and channels is further an opportunity for your restaurant to grow. By increasing online visibility you will be able to reach out to even more customers.

Increased visibility in this sense both online and offline creates overall brand awareness and recall. This means that since people recognize and associate with your brand, they will be more likely to order from you whether that be online or at the restaurant in person.

4.     Expand Your Restaurant and Brand

Expand Your Restaurant and Brand

Online food delivery services allow you to create online menus. These online menus are easy to manage and thus provide the option of flexibility.

Having this newfound flexibility can be used in different ways one of which is to expand into new territory. You can easily test out new dishes and meal options and see how they are received by your customers.

Moreover, if you are considering journeying into a new territory completely such as new cuisine, you can even test out this new brand online.

With this flexibility, you can explore new territories and judge whether your customers are also receptive to these experiments and are reacting positively.

These are just four of the benefits that can be gained by embracing food delivery for your restaurant. The bottom line is that you will be able to lead revenue growth and make your business more successful.

How Riders in the Restaurant Industry Effect Food Delivery and Your Restaurant

When you decide to start food delivery for your restaurant, arguably one of the major elements to consider is the riders that will be delivering your food.

You can use aggregator sites that provide their own fleet of riders to deliver your orders to customers, in-house riders if you choose to do so, or even choose a delivery service.

Whichever you choose what you need to consider is that the rider will be the face of the delivery service your restaurant provides and possibly the only human interaction with your customer.

Therefore, who you choose and how you manage your riders are important.

Riders in the restaurant industry have a number of ways they affect the food delivery and your restaurant.

The first and foremost is the way such riders handle the food in an order they are delivering. You need to ensure that the riders that are employed have adequate training to allow them to minimize if not completely avoid mishandling of food. Hygiene and careful handling ensure food reaches your customers in a satisfactory condition. This will optimize the food delivery experience for your customers as well as give you control over delivery management.

While not the sole responsibility of the delivery rider, maintaining customer relationships and satisfaction also falls partially on their shoulders. Being delivered food by someone who is rude or unconcerned can put customers off your restaurant as well. Moreover, since they are the point of interaction and sometimes the sole point of interaction customers may mistake them as having the means to address concerns. While riders may not be able to do anything about a customer’s concern themselves, they should be considerate and ensure that the customer feels their feedback was heard and will be passed on to those responsible.

Riders also need to be adhering to food quality standards when they are transporting food. This is the responsibility of the delivery service or your restaurant to take the steps to make sure riders have the proper tools to deliver food that is kept safe and hygienic through the process.

Another thing to consider is the time the delivery takes. You want to make sure that there are enough riders that food is sent out as soon as the order is prepared and also that riders take the most efficient ways to deliver food timely so that it is fresh and hot/cold. Being delivered food that is not up to mark reflects badly on the restaurant.

Blink provides restaurants with delivery management by having the option to track all your delivery orders from your stores to customers. The service also provides a Driver app in which your delivery drivers can get all the delivery details as well as be guided through the most optimal route to a customer. This way your drivers can do the most to provide your customers with their orders the best way possible and maintain customer satisfaction.

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