The 7 Best Gloriafood Alternatives for Restaurant Businesses

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Like any popular platform, Gloriafood has amassed thousands of active restaurant businesses from all over. Likewise, the company caters to a gigantic active userbase that loves to place online food orders through Gloriafood mobile app platforms.

The focus of this post, however, is on Gloriafood alternatives from food business operators’ point of view. Despite amazing prospects, Gloriafood is not everyone’s cup of tea. Especially, when we talk about up-and-coming online food businesses, there are many variables that cause the business to seek Gloriafood alternatives.

The reasons could be anything associated with Gloriafood payment plans, marketing constraints, access to customer analytics data, and scalability.

Why Online Food Ordering Systems are Important?

Call it a twist of fate, or advancement in technology, online food ordering portals became a big deal during the last few years. If we talk about COVID-19’s impact on the food industry, despite causing a panic situation, many businesses moved to online operations.

In the aforementioned sense, customers use online food ordering systems because of the following reasons:

  • The convenience factor is there because no one wants to drive all the way to the restaurant anymore.
  • Ability to get food directly delivered to your doorstep through Contactless delivery options.
  • Multiple payment modes.
  • The overall trust factor: Knowing that a customer can always rely on his favorite mobile food ordering app to order food online without any delays etc.

Speaking of benefits, the pandemic situation caused an increase in online food ordering trends by 60%.

Seeing the change in how the game plan has changed over the last couple of months, restaurant business owners know that internet platforms can bring in more customers. That’s all the more reason to sign up for an account with a digitized food service provider that can grow operators’ business by a decent percentage.

From a business point of view, signing up for a partner account with Gloriafood, or with any other popular Gloriafood alternatives is beneficial because:

  • You can increase your business profit margin by at least 35% – 40%.
  • Grow your customer base through advanced automated restaurant marketing solutions.

Let’s take a look at what GloriaFood, as a vendor, is all about. After that, we’ll highlight some of the best Gloriafood alternatives for your online food business.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants


Gloriafood took off as a “freemium” portal for restaurant business owners. The system is designed to cater to the needs of small to medium-level businesses. You can take free, unlimited orders, fulfill customer inquiries and manage your day-to-day operations with ease.

Overall, it is a centralized system with a very innovative back end. Food business operators can log in to their accounts to monitor customer engagement trends, manage fleet operations, and do all kinds of stuff to scale business.

Some of the main highlights of Gloriafood are:

  • Free business plan available to food startups
  • No setup fee
  • You can cater to customer requirements based on unlimited location perks
  • Easy menu creator and editor

Seeing to the aforementioned benefits, Gloriafood is suitable for

  1. Restaurants that are small and need to integrate a flexible payment processor for online orders.
  2. Online and real-life food establishments that need to manage their reservation system
  3. Mobile food businesses that could certainly use the low-cost payment model

At the same time, if you have signed up for a free business account with Gloriafood, there will be certain restrictions.

Gloriafood is not suitable, or recommended to the following category of food business owners:

  1. If you have a high-volume restaurant business, then you will need robust Pos software for payment processing. 
  2. If you have a restaurant with multiple branches over different locations. The reporting function will not work in a centralized manner.
  3. If your restaurant applies a reservation cancellation fee, then Gloriafood alternatives are a better option. The latter provides the ability to accept or cancel reservation fees through online payment processors.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

The 7 Best Gloriafood Alternatives for Restaurant Businesses In 2022

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1. Blink for Restaurants – The Lowest Commissions’ Online Food Ordering System:

Blink is a business partner that equips your restaurant with a white-labeled branded system. The “system” helps to service your online food order customers like any other popular food ordering app.

Some of the key highlights of Blink are:

  • A white-labeled back and front end with tools specific to your restaurant’s operational agenda.
  • Customized menu system to help create multiple menus within 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Flexible payment options for your online restaurant customers.
  • Marketing campaigns, discount deals, and other perks to kick your name-brand presence in no time.
  • Customizable menu items.
  • The dedicated mobile experience for your restaurant customers and food delivery agents.
  • Exclusive insight on powerful marketing data, customer analytics, buying trends, and user reports for laser-sharp target-oriented results.

The future of food service is now at your fingertips with Blink! Stop paying heavy commissions and start growing a business that will be more successful than ever. Get everything from an online restaurant ordering system to CRM tools for managing orders, menus items & promotions all in one place-including built in fleet management technology so you can focus less on tedious tasks like tracking inventory levels or making sure dishes always run smoothly out doors without any hassle whatsoever.

With the Blink Restaurant App & Online Ordering System, you get a cloud-based online ordering system with branded mobile apps and built in fleet management technology. Stop paying commissions to other companies while still enjoying all of their features!

In short, it’s an ideal solution for food businesses that are looking for tech-driven online ordering systems for restaurants sans the high-ticket price. You can be sure that Blink is the #1 GloriaFood Alternative. 

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

2. Square Pos (*Also Known as Square Point of Sale)

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Square Pos is one of the most reliable Gloriafood alternatives to date.

We have talked about it in our previous food services blogs. Compared to Toast Pos, Square delivers more or less the same services. Restaurants of all sizes are good to go with this company when it comes to the two-in-one ordering solution.

The 2-in-1 ordering solution enables restaurants to meet the demands of personal pickup orders, and the ones that are delivered through the usual delivery modes. If you are in a business that has a real-life food establishment alongside an online food ordering portal, Square Pos will sit just right in.

Some of the main advantages of using Square Pos are:

  • Free Plan: Use flexible integrated payment modes. However, there is a 2.65% transaction fee percentage applied on incoming card-based payments.
  • Ability to entertain takeout and delivery order requests
  • Centralized sales tracking and monitoring hub for food business owners

3. OrderEm’

gloriafood alternatives, blink co gloriafood alternative, best gloriafood alternatvies for startups

Next up is OrderEm, another remarkable Gloriafood alternative that can help you to get online delivery orders and takeout order requests easily. They also offer a custom website and mobile app that you can integrate with your verified Facebook page profile.

OrderEm is not ideal for small-scale restaurants. Large-scale food businesses, on the other hand, might find it a better option on the get-go.

If you are a startup food business owner, you may as well pass up on OrderEm business solutions. Case in point is their monthly payment fee, i.e. $25 per month, per brand. There is an additional $259 fee for first-time software services setup.

4. Menu Drive:

Also known as MenuDrive, the company’s solutions are capable of turning your restaurant menu into an interactive white-labeled website. More so, your customers can personalize their orders by adding combo deals, menu specials, and discount codes.

MenuDrive also offers restaurant owners a handful of marketing tools. For instance, you can execute your loyalty program campaigns by integrating discount code options, coupons, and other stuff.

For starters, MenuDrive’s monthly fee is $39 per month. They also charge a high 3rd party delivery fee (*up to 40%), depending on the online food orders’ nature.

5. Cloud Waitress

Finally, we have got Cloud Waitress, as one of the best Gloriafood alternatives right now. They will set you up with a white-labeled restaurant website, and a mobile app. The solutions are cloud-based, which means that there’s a 100% data safety and security policy in place.

Your restaurant customers can directly send you emails through Cloud Waitress’s in-built contact form. Other than that, it’s a solid service provider with plenty of perks for medium to large-scale food business operators.

Lastly, there’s a $39 per month payment plan that you will eventually need to sign up for. Cloud Waitress’s free plan limits the number of orders to 100 per month. If your business is scaling at an accelerated rate, we suggest trying out Blink Co.’s restaurant account as a much better alternative.

6. Ontabee

Since the restaurant space is fast-paced, with tons of competitors vying for customer loyalty, restaurant owners are always on the lookout for the best digital solutions for their businesses. 

Having said that, if you have tried Gloriafood before and weren’t satisfied with their business model, Ontabee might be what you need. For instance, Gloriafood charges a flat $59 for their premium plan with additional charges for extra features, whereas Ontabee charges $59 for everything that Gloriafood offers – it’s evidently greater value for money.

Here’s the elaborated version:

  • Sign up for a free Ontabee trial plan and use all of the features similar to Gloriafood’s.
  • Paid plan bundles of multiple Gloriafood-like features for a nominal fee. 
  • Single outlet pricing plans
  • Unlimited orders
  • Integrated customer support system
  • Mobile responsive white-labeled interface
  • Order for later
  • Pictures in menu options

… and much more!

Moving on, as one of the best Gloriafood alternatives for single-outlet restaurants, Ontabee aims to provide you with a competitive online ordering solution. As a result, you earn a healthy ROI on multiple marketing campaigns, and other growth activities. 

7. Orders2Me

If you haven’t tried Orders2Me before, you should give it a shot as a solid Gloriafood alternative. 

It’s a popular business platform for up-and-coming restaurant owners who wish to move their workflow online. Compared to Gloriafood, Orders2Me promises lower fees and just about the same number of features that the former platform has. 

Orders2Me is a fully-fledged online ordering solution that operates at relatively lower margins and solves multiple solutions for restaurants. For instance, you pay a flat monthly fee to leverage the following benefits:

No Order Commissions: There are no hidden fees, outrageous charges, or anything like that whenever customers place a direct online food order on your Orders2Me white-labeled restaurant portal. You can take complete credit for your online ordering system without hassle.

Versatile Menu Options: 

  • Create menus for your restaurant’s online ordering system within minutes.
  • Add items’ images to boost visibility
  • Add calorie counts and nutritional values to your menu items.
  • Create multiple food order bundles *(half pizza with toppings, etc.)
  • Add seasonal items to the menu
  • Mention allergen information for people with specific allergies

Intuitive Dashboard: Orders2Me’s intuitive dashboard allows you to view online order history, create marketing campaigns and view past performance reports. The platform is user-friendly with a minimalistic, clean interface that makes it easy for restaurant owners to navigate across it. 

Overall, it Order2Me is a combination of several useful features and sub-level functions, making it a better alternative to Gloriafood at the moment. 

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

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