4 Best Food Ordering and Delivery Systems In 2021

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food ordering and delivery system

Over the last two years, the online food ordering delivery system platforms have undergone tremendous changes. Part of the reason is associated with the Covid-19 pandemic situation. With the global lockdown policy ensuing, many businesses either shut down or completely transitioned to online platforms.

As a result, conventional dine-in options went out of the equation, meanwhile, also impacting the curbside and takeaway modes for customers. Top it all off with the fact that most of the restaurant customers are from the Gen Z and millennial cluster, the average person wants to place his order through a reliable food ordering and delivery system.

Speaking of a modern intake on food deliveries, we have curated a list of different platforms that will help you to scale your food ordering business rapidly. The sooner you do it, the better it will be to adapt to the current modus operandi that most of the restaurant owners have already taken into account as the “new normal.”

What Is An Online Food Ordering And Delivery System?

For restaurants, an online food ordering and delivery system is a simple portal where regular customers can place their orders, and get them delivered to their desired destination.

On the notion of placing orders online, customers desire a seamless delivery experience that doesn’t impact the quality of services on restaurants’ end. These people are well aware of the competitive rates that different name-brand food apps are offering. Therefore, restaurant operators are in dire need of partnering with vendors who do not have high percentages, hidden costs, and other charges. All of such factors affect the ticket price of the food order menu that is eventually displayed to front-end app side customers.

Bearing these factors in mind, the following list recommends a handful of food ordering and delivery systems that are not only low on rates, but also help restaurants owners to serve their customers at an escalated rate.

1. Blink Co: Direct Online Ordering and Fleet Management Platform for Restaurants

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Right off the bat, we’ve got Blink.Co; an ideal direct online ordering and fleet management platform for all sorts of restaurant businesses. For food business operators, one of the main reasons for signing up with Blink for a vendor account is the company’s low fee structure.

Also, Blink charges operators by a monthly subscription plan. This feature, alone, is more than enough to help such food business operators to focus on their marketing and scalability strategies.

Some of the main highlights of working with Blink, as a restaurant, are stated below:

  • Monthly payment model. Operators don’t have to worry about keeping up with high per order percentages applied to all kinds of incoming online food orders.
  • Get a white-labeled food ordering app designed and customized for your brand.
  • Increase brand value by rendering online food ordering services through your own custom website, and mobile phone application.
  • Hyperactive customer support.
  • Blink Co. has a dedicated dashboard for menu creation, customer data analytics, and fleet management.
  • Rider app with GPS monitoring to help you and your customers keep tabs on order delivery status.

Signing up with Blink is easy. Just head over to the Blink for Restaurants page to book a demo.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

2. GloriaFood

food ordering and delivery system

Next up on our food ordering and delivery system recommendations is Gloriafood. It is a cloud-based online solution that handles POS operations for restaurants. Everything is centralized; operators can view their sales reports, order volume, and customer details easily through a dedicated dashboard.

Just like Blink Co., you can also create a digital menu for your restaurant. There are food categories that can be defined, with their relevant details appended in them. Overall, it’s a decent solution for small to medium-scale restaurants that are looking to increase brand visibility through a bunch of marketing integrations on the side.

Gloriafood charges a flat $59 percent for the premium plan. If you are strapped for cash, your best option is to give their trial version a shot and see how things pan out. In case, you are looking for optional paid services, Gloriafood can hook you up with a bunch of solutions at the cost of $9 per feature, per month.

3. Orders2Me

As a restaurant business owner operating in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, if you haven’t tried Orders2Me before, you should go ahead and try it.

It’s a popular food ordering and delivery system for up-and-coming restaurant owners who wish to transition their workflow online. Compared to Gloriafood, Orders2Me promises lower fees and just about the same number of features that the former platform has.

Orders2Me is a fully-fledged online ordering solution that operates at lower margins and solves multiple solutions. For instance, you pay a flat monthly fee to get benefited from the following highlights:

No Order Commissions: There are no hidden fees, percentages, outrageous charges, and anything like that whenever customers place a direct online food order on your Orders2Me white-labeled restaurant portal. You can take complete credit for your online ordering system without any hassle.

Versatile Menu Options:

  • Create menus for your restaurant’s online ordering system within minutes.
  • Add items’ images to boost visibility
  • Add calorie counter and nutritional value to your menu items.
  • Supports multiple food order bundle choices *(half pizza with toppings etc.)
  • Add seasonal items
  • Add allergen info for people with specific allergies

Intuitive Dashboard: Orders2Me’s intuitive dashboard allows you to view online food orders history, create marketing campaigns and view past reports. The platform is user-friendly with a minimalistic clean interface that makes it easier for restaurant owners to navigate across.

Overall, it is a combination of many powerful features and sub-level functions that makes Orders2Me a better and feasible alternative to Gloriafood at the moment.

4. Shift4Shop

food ordering and delivery system

Next up, we’ve got Shift4Shop, a name less heard off, but it’s beginning to gain popularity due to its robust cloud-based solutions for food businesses. With Shift4Shop, you can easily build an online store or a virtual food ordering platform for your restaurant.

They have the basic functionalities, such as setting up inventory, food order menu, and flexible payment options available on the get-go. The admins can also create a custom website for your restaurant, either from scratch or help you to choose a pre-built white-labeled theme. Either way, you can add a certain degree of customizations to align the food ordering portal to your own requirements.

The company’s paid plans start at $29 per month. They also provide customer support through live chat channels, phone calls, and emails. Overall, we think that it’s a decent online food ordering and delivery system scaled to small restaurants that aren’t leaning too much on hyper-active operations.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

How to Get Started With a Food Ordering and Delivery System The Right Way?

Considering that you just set up shop and don’t know much about setting up your own food order delivery app, we recommend consulting BlinkCo. Alternatively, if you are looking to shift your sophisticated food business setup to a vendor that understands your requirements and doesn’t charge you hefty commissions as service charges, we’ve got you covered.

You can schedule a free demo with Blink.Co reps to walk you through the full breadth of features that we have in store. We take pride in help food startups, online stores, and other companies to scale at an accelerated pace that blows the competition out of the water.

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