The 8 Best Chownow Alternatives for Restaurants (New Guide)

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chownow for restaurants

For a lot of people, direct online ordering is one of the vital aspects of getting food delivered to their doorstep. Chownow, in that order, is a well-known platform where restaurants can operate with a lot of wiggle room for scalability.

Since the scope of this post is to feature Chownow alternatives for restaurants, we’ll talk about the best food delivery service providers. On the other hand, if you are a regular digital food ordering app user, we’d love for you to scroll through other sections of our blog for such recommendations.

Moving on, Chownow has an estimated worth of $153.43 billion by 2023. According to recent statistics, Chownow is the perfect business partner for operators who are looking to scale through their own platforms. Established in 2011, Chownow has catered to thousands of entrepreneurs, food startups, and popular restaurants.

Here are some of the key highlights of using Chownow as your business partner:

  • Start your virtual restaurant journey through a hassle-free toolset and robust customer support.
  • All of the Chownow services for restaurants are offered in a secure environment, covering flexible payment options from online food order customers, Pos integration, order management, and customer analytics, etc.
  • In the event, if any fraudulent activity occurs, Chownow will work with you to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Chownow gives full control to restaurant business owners and also helps them to customize their food ordering website.
  • You can get in touch with Chownow customer support through text chat within a matter of few minutes.

The 8 Best Chownow Alternatives for Restaurant Owners In 2021:

Since the Covid-19 pandemic situation, the wide majority of restaurants have shifted to all kinds of online food ordering portals. Aggregators, such as UberEats, Zomato, and FoodPanda have decreased their fee percentage significantly to accommodate food operators’ requirements.

We have compared some of the major players in the online food services industry to help you settle for reliable Chownow alternatives. Despite, being one of the coolest platforms for name-brand food businesses, Chownow is not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you are a brand new food startup owner, you may as well look for reliable Chownow alternatives, such as the ones listed below:

1. Blink Co.:

chownow alternatives, best chownow alternatives for restaurants

Blink comes as an ideal Chownow alternative for restaurants that are in the early business stages. The main reason for signing up with Blink for a vendor account is the company’s low fee structure. Also, they charge operators by a monthly subscription plan. This feature, alone, is more than enough to help such businesses focus on their marketing and scalability operations.

Some of the main highlights of working with Blink are stated below:

  • Monthly payment model. Operators don’t have to worry about keeping up with high per order percentages applied to all kinds of incoming online food orders.
  • Get a white-labeled food ordering app designed and customized for your brand.
  • Increase brand value by rendering online food ordering services through your own custom website, and mobile phone application.
  • Hyperactive customer support.
  • Blink Co. has a dedicated dashboard for menu creation, customer data analytics, and fleet management.
  • Rider app with GPS monitoring to help you and your customers keep tabs on order delivery status.

Signing up with Blink is easy. Just head over to Blink for Restaurants page to book a demo.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

2. Bento Ordering:

chownow alternatives, best chownow alternatives for restaurants

As one of the most reliable Chownow alternatives to date, Bento Ordering is a name less heard of.

Don’t worry. It’s an up-and-coming online marketing and eCommerce services platform for restaurants.

Just like Blink Co., Bento ordering also has a commission-free payment system for restaurants. This company also has a no-contract policy for operators looking to sign up for a partner account. However, without any contract, there could be repercussions for running your food business online.

Moving on, Bento Ordering caters to restaurant requirements through the following key features:

  • Pay a low monthly fee for operating as an online food business owner.
  • Contains advanced features, such as Dine-In ordering and on-premise digital food ordering.
  • Run all sorts of automated marketing campaigns through Bento partner account.
  • Create loyalty program campaigns from the back-end dashboard.
  • Caters to food & beverage business owners from different market sectors (Cloud kitchens, Coffee shops, fast-casual food portals, mobile food businesses, etc.)

3. Toast:

Also known as Toast Pos, it is a heavily recommended option for anyone looking for Chownow alternatives.

You can take complete ownership of your food business through a multitude of features that Toast Pos offers to its partners. The digital ordering experience for operators and their respective clients gets better through a responsive food ordering app interface, commission-free transactions, email marketing, and vice versa.

Here are some of the main features of Toast Pos for restaurants:

  • If you don’t have a POS, printer, or online ordering system in place, Toast will take care of your business requirements through its own portal.
  • Digitize your marketing campaigns through your customer data available from Toast Pos.
  • You can sign up for a monthly payment plan, or different packages as per your feasibility.
  • Get robust customer support on technical issues regarding your online food portal operations.

As compared to Blink Co. and BentoBox, Toast Pos is not very design or brand forward. While Toast does offer customization options, such as your own banner and logo placement in Toast Pos restaurant mobile app, you are better off with Blink Co for that matter.

4. Bbot:

chownow alternatives, best chownow alternatives for restaurants

Bbot is the next recommended vendor on our Chownow alternatives list.

It’s ideal for food business operators who are looking for reliable payment software. Hotels, breweries, and storefronts are among Bbot regulars. It is trusted by many restaurants as a trusted payment gateway with strong anti-fraud policies.

Unfortunately, Bbot is not very brand-centric. They do have digital ordering capabilities, but the company does not offer a lot to host your customer loyalty paradigm. Likewise, there’s a lack of dedicated marketing tools. We strongly recommend Bbot to ghost kitchen owners, hotels, bars, and physical establishments that already have an existing customer base.

5. Menufy:

chownow alternatives, best chownow alternatives for restaurants

Up next, we have Menufy on our Chownow alternatives list.

This one is a robust company that may have a dated design interface. However, it makes up for the lack of visuals through robust functionality. Restaurants, especially food business startups looking for Chownow alternatives, should know that Menufy has a cohesive branding experience.

They charge a 12% commission fee on incoming food orders, alongside a $99 email marketing fee if you are looking to use your customer data through the Menufy portal. On that note, Menufy does not share your restaurant customer details with you directly.

However, as far as the commission fee is concerned, 12% is definitely a low cost to pay when compared with UberEats. The latter has an exorbitant rate of 35% for food businesses. It leaves little to no room for breaking even or making a profit easily.

6. HungerRush

Also known as HungerRush 360, this one is a POS solution that strives to eliminate 3rd party food delivery fees for your front-end customers. As a result, you can count on this Chownow alternative to help you increase customer loyalty factor, reduce your labor cost, and vice versa.

People who have multiple restaurants can simplify their compliance and operations by integrating HungerRush 360 across all platforms. As a result, you can look forward to optimized logistics, overall quick servicing, and unified ordering channels.

Price-wise, HungerRush 360 starts at $90 per restaurant. Unfortunately, the app does not offer a free or trial version. In case you are skeptical, you can look for HungerRush 360 reviews on Google before paying upfront to sign up for a restaurant vendor account with them.

Some of the key features of HungerRush 360 as a Chownow alternative, are:

  • Find and download your customer account history information for better marketing campaigns.
  • Ideal for multi-chain stores and restaurants with 20 to 25 branches.
  • Smooth learning curve. You can teach your staff, or employees to use HungerRush 360 towards a delightful customer experience eventually.

7. Cuboh

Cuboh is a strange name when it comes to conventional Chownow alternative apps.

However, Cuboh might be the ultimate restaurant services solution that you have been looking for on the internet. The application consolidates your ordering tablets, refunds, prep times, order trackers, and upcharges all in one place.

According to the Cuboh restaurant food ordering app team, all of the aforementioned data points are inserted automatically to your POS – and that too, in real-time. Your POS analytics display true sales amount and accurate information on how well, or low you are performing on any given day.

Now, as we move on to the pricing section, Cuboh also does not have a free or trial account offer. However, compared to HungerRush, this application charges $80 for anyone looking to sign up for a restaurant vendor account.

As one of the best Chownow alternatives online, you can use Cuboh against following key features:

  • An intuitive user interface, comparison tables, and reports.
  • Fantastic and hyper-active customer service.
  • In-built mapping feature.
  • Multiple filter options in reports to see the most relevant data.

8. Sapaad

Lastly, we have got Sapaad, a decent ordering solution for mid-sized restaurants looking to scale in near future.

What makes Sapaad a substitute for Chownow is the pay-as-you-go pricing model. It just fits every restaurant owner’s budget, especially the ones who have just started doing business in the online stratosphere.

Sapaad claims no IT headaches; the program’s user interface is intuitive and yet simple enough to not require any tech-savviness. And yes, you can also sign up for a FREE Sapaad account to get an overview of Live business dashboard, kitchen display system, back-end menu engineering, and cross-platform integrations.

This application is perfect for cafes, pizzerias, small-scale fast-food chains, and food startups. Paid plans start at $53 per month. Try Sapaad and let us know what you think through the comments section below.

If that wasn’t enough information, Crazy Egg has put together a neat infographic below to tell you what you need to know about Sapaad.

Sapaad Infographic

That being said, starting an online food business is the easy part. We know that it sounds a bit of an overstatement. However, when you think about scalability, adversity, and many issues associated with marketing your business, you need to be careful about who you partner with.

If you are a food startup business owner who has recently settled for a partner account with a food aggregator, we would love to hear from you. Go ahead and share your experience of running an online food business with the rest of the readers through the comments section below.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

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