The Best Food Delivery Services for Restaurants in 2021

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Food delivery services for restaurants are a dime a dozen these days.

Obviously, not all of them are super cool from a restaurant’s perspective, or for any given number of customers for that matter.

That’s why we incorporated a handful of food delivery services for restaurants in this write-up. More importantly, we focused on some of the intrinsic benefits that such services have for customers, and as well as restaurants operating in the F&B industry.

How Food Delivery Services for Restaurants Benefit Customers?

For customers, there are benefits sprawling over convenience, quick food delivery modes, flexible payment options, and an overall delightful online food ordering experience. The main takeaway for customers to prefer one app over another is extra features bundled in a food delivery app with low food order menu cost.

But then again, generalizing is easier than mentioning specifics. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the benefits of using a food delivery services app from customers’ point of view.

  1. Convenience Like Never Before!

As stated earlier, one of the core reasons for preferring food delivery services platform over conventional dine-in experience is the overall sense of convenience. Speaking of “convenience”, it is a combination of different things that make up for something that keeps customers coming back for me.

It could be the speed of food delivery service, it could be summed up as flexible payment options, it could be a responsive support system from restaurants end – so on and so forth. Generally, when a food business succeeds in combining all of these factors, customers find it hard to resist the services. In that sense, the food delivery aspect is just one part of the equation. There’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye.

cheapest food delivery services for restaurants, best food delivery services for restaurants, low comission percentage food delivery services for restaurants

  1. Flexible In-House and Online Payment Options:

Flexible in-house payment options regarding food delivery services for restaurants and customers can be highlighted as flexible payment modes.

For instance, in-house food business operators are now transitioning to self-service kiosks with a large touch screen panel. The powerful food visuals combined with a self-checkout system that operates through POS works like a charm for customers.

Likewise, when we look at it from the context of online payments, customers love it when they have a variety of options to choose from. Customers reportedly prefer cashless payment and contactless food delivery services for restaurants, as it offers added convenience in view of recent healthcare policies.

  1. Promotions and Loyalty Programs:

cheapest food delivery services for restaurants, best food delivery services for restaurants, low comission percentage food delivery services for restaurants

Of course, when we talk about reasons associated with preferring one food delivery service over another, it’s the promotions and rewards programs that are a big part of the equation.

In one of our previous posts, we elaborated the rewards system from the customers’ point of view – as in how it affects consumer psychology by incentivizing the entire process, and how restaurants benefit from it.

For Starbucks, it’s more of a show and tells system because technically, the customers are still paying for their “rewards” most of the time. However, the process is implemented in a manner that gives brand customers to look forward to something. Each time, a Star is earned, that’s one step closer to your favorite blend of Frappuccino, while Starbucks’ notification system constantly keeps you on top of your game.

How Food Delivery Services for Restaurants Benefit the Said Food Business?

Here’s how the same platforms work to benefit food business operators from all over the world.

  1. Increased Customer Outreach:

Since restaurants aren’t primarily relying on increasing their customer base through dine-in services, they have potentially been able to reach customers through dedicated food ordering apps.

This effect can be multiplied, given on the perks offered by the food aggregator platform. Studies reveal that those restaurants that signed up with DoorDash, have the option of including the ‘DashPash’ feature in their online food order deliveries.

What ‘DashPass’ does is that it offers a subscription payment system to restaurant customers, where they don’t have to pay delivery charges if their order hits a bare minimum amount range. Likewise, some food delivery apps allow restaurant owners to include a ‘Tips’ system that helps customers to give tips to food delivery agents.

Such features are not only enticing but attract customers at a higher rate as opposed to brick-and-mortar restaurant operations.

  1. Better Online Visibility for Restaurants:

By operating through food delivery services for restaurants, operators have a higher chance of increasing their online visibility.

This is done through different modes, such as marketing campaigns, social media profile page updates, and food aggregator promo campaigns. The latter is done when the food services aggregator pushes a said restaurant’s name in the top fold section of a mobile food ordering app so that all the customers can browse through the highlighted campaign details.

In other words, food delivery apps not only have offered convenience to businesses, but they brace effective marketing solutions that don’t cost a dime.

  1. Higher Customer Retention:

For any restaurant, customer retention is a real issue when something goes wrong. Under conventional settings, dine-in establishments divert the majority of their focus on servicing customers who are already dining in.

Due to a high volume of incoming customers, such businesses don’t get a lot of time to focus on potential customers that may have converted if they were reached out to later through a contacts database.

Fortunately, when we look at the same scenario from an online restaurant’s perspective, every bit of customer information is stored in a manageable database.

This online record highlights customers buying preferences, their order history, spending habits across different time slots, and vice versa. Above all, restaurants have contact information which serves as a pivot point for retaining customers through limited-time offers, special discount deals, and much more.

3 Best Food Delivery Services Platforms for Restaurants In 2021:

  1. Blink Co. – Best Overall Food Services Portal for Restaurants In 2021:

cheapest food delivery services for restaurants, best food delivery services for restaurants, low comission percentage food delivery services for restaurants

Blink Co. is a restaurant management system for name-brand food businesses and startups.

The intent behind launching Blink Co. was to offer some kind of techscape that caters to seasoned food brand requirements, and as well as upcoming businesses that don’t have a lot to show for. The company offers a game-changer payment system that highlights nominal monthly subscription charges, instead of imposing a pre-defined flat percentage on each incoming order.

Other advantages for partnering up with Blink Co. are appended below.

  • A dedicated POS system for managing Billing, pushing orders, stock and inventory management, and more.
  • Your very own white-labeled interface with intuitive restaurant branding and identity management tools for both backend and front end users.
  • SaaS-based payment model where restaurant owners like, you, pay an all-time low percentage (2% – 2.5%) to accommodate all sorts of operators.

This type of agreement will help you to double down on your hard-earned pennies without leaking cash on fulfillment to high commission-based order percentages.

  • Robust reporting system to highlight real-time restaurant customer activities ranging from rush hour ordering times to marketing tools for maintaining a higher business presence in the Dubai restaurant industry.
  • Fleet management apps and rider-specific app interface with GPS tracking to effectively manage your order delivery system.
  • Lightning-Fast Menu Creation system for setting up your very first food menu without having to be tech-savvy for that matter.

Check out more details at ‘Blink for Restaurants Page’ today.

  1. DoorDash:

cheapest food delivery services for restaurants, best food delivery services for restaurants, low comission percentage food delivery services for restaurants

If we had to make a choice between recommending DoorDash or UberEats to restaurants as a food delivery portal, we’d go for DoorDash.

That doesn’t mean that UberEats is not a good choice for restaurants. But, if you were to calculate their astronomical fee, you’d know the reason behind UberEats pulling the plug in different international markets.

A while ago, they backed up their operations in the Middle East because of the high percentage fee model imposed on a per order basis. This is the kind of system that dissed off many up-and-coming Middle Eastern restaurants – so much so that they all joined hands to resent the company’s services.

Also, Read UberEats No Longer Operational In the UAE.

Coming back to DoorDash, here’s how it breaks down for restaurants:

  1. Special Orders and Catering Services: Got a big food order to fulfill? You can use DoorDash’s special delivery feature to provide freshly cooked food without any hassle. Especially, if your restaurants’ staff is unable to handle the order, DoorDash will send its own drivers, for a fee, of course, to help out with the situation.
  2. Robust Technology: DoorDash offers flexible technology solutions to restaurant business owners. Since everyone isn’t tech-savvy, you have the choice of receiving DoorDash tablets, phones, fax machines, or vice versa at your own peril.
  3. Where to Sign Up? Restaurants interested in DoorDash partnership can check out further details at the company’s website.
  1. GrubHub:

cheapest food delivery services for restaurants, best food delivery services for restaurants, low comission percentage food delivery services for restaurants

Up next, we have got GrubHub, as part of the best food delivery services for restaurants on this list. The best thing is that GrubHub acquired OrderUp, Seamless, Foodler, and Eat24 to scale business operations over the last few years.

Right now, for restaurants looking to service customers in the U.S., GrubHub offers the following perks:

  1. Powerful Technology: After acquiring ‘Seamless Co’., GrubHub introduced an interactive food ordering menu that is also equally responsive in terms of user experience. This feature enabled restaurant owners and customers to navigate through app menus without any issues. There are plenty of other examples available on GrubHub partners page.
  2. Intuitive Customer Feedback System: GrubHub is keen on helping you to scale your food business by reaching out to customers. The platform embeds a feedback system that works on the basis of user suggestions. If some part of your menu is especially popular, the system highlights it as a special recommendation to other customers too.
  3. Online Marketing: GrubHub sends free advertising emails to restaurant customers who haven’t tried your brand before. From time to time, the company adds its own voucher codes to shave off a little extra fee that isn’t adjusted in your payments.
  4. Where to Sign Up? If you are looking to become a GrubHub partner restaurant, you can check out their details on their official webpage.

At The End of the Day:

Depending on the country you are operating from, it might be possible that you won’t find your food delivery services platform for restaurants here. For instance, Blink Co. is extremely popular in the MENAP region, but people in the U.S. use alternate food aggregator services portals.

If you need further assistance with region-specific recommendations, just send us an email and we’ll get back to you with more details.

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