4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Branded Online Ordering Platform

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4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Its Own Online Ordering Channel

Have you ever wondered what gives a business a name? It’s not a massive investment or a unique product. It’s something even more basic than that – the brand identity. Here’s some news for you – brand identity only comes with a business having its own online presence. In other words, a business needs a branded online ordering website and mobile app to be noticed in the digital world.

There are a few undeniable reasons why your business needs its own digital ordering channels. That’s what we’ll elaborate on in this blog post.

Let’s jump right in.

1. Aggregators are too expensive

Firstly, let’s talk about money. You might be selling online through aggregators for the convenience that they offer. They pay for advertising expenses, deliver orders, and collect payments from customers for you. However, it all comes at an extremely hefty cost – third-party commissions consume over 30% of your hard-earned revenue.

Whether you run a global food chain or a small diner, you’re left with little reinvestment if you rely on aggregators. That’s where having your own website or mobile app comes in, and that too, with an affordable price tag. There’s everything good about paying an economical monthly subscription for an all-in-one direct online ordering system like Blink. It’s all plug-and-play. Additionally, it comes with a host of useful features that no aggregator can offer you.

2. Third-parties own your customer data

Next is the issue surrounding customer data ownership. Because you’re selling on another entity’s platform, you don’t know who your customers are let alone their contact information. In this regard, your brand’s struggle to retain customers is a serious one.

There is immense value in having direct contact with your customers. You can call them for order confirmations, get their feedback, and pitch special offers to them among other things. However, all this is only possible when you have your own direct ordering platform.

3. Customers engagement runs low

Have you noticed how your order volume with aggregators increases but customer engagement on your socials doesn’t? The underlying reason is simple – third-parties will never direct their customers to you.

That’s not something to worry about though. To eliminate such third-party blockages, think about getting your business an independent online ordering system.

If you own an eatery that needs a food ordering app or website, check out our blog post ‘4 Best Food Ordering And Delivery Systems In 2021’ for suggestions.

4. Your brand is invisible

Hop over to an aggregator’s Facebook or Instagram page, and observe how they promote your products. Chances are that their brand completely overshadows yours, and with good reason – it’s their platform you’re selling on. As a result, your brand doesn’t have the visibility it needs to grow.

So, what should you do? Switch from third-party retail to a direct online ordering platform exclusively for your business. That’s what will not only give your brand its own identity but more importantly, a name that thousands of potential customers will recognize. Besides, which business doesn’t want that?

Wrapping it up

To conclude, it’s time to say goodbye to third-parties. You’re probably convinced by now that a direct online ordering platform is what your business needs.

Give Blink a try – book a free demo today.

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