3 Best Restaurant Delivery Order Software In 2021

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restaurant delivery order software

It is a known fact that, for any restaurant delivery order software, the overall order and delivery process is exponentially expedited. The fact that these programs come equipped with many features, such as a POS system, unified ordering portal, and centralized dashboard reports, the entire work process is lightning fast. 

However, not all types of restaurant delivery order software are made the same way. Some of them are developed for small-scale name-brand food businesses, while others cater to thriving multi-million dollar businesses. 

In this post, we highlight different restaurant delivery order software to help you choose a solution that meets your business requirements. So, let’s get to it. 

How Did We Select the Restaurant Delivery Order Software In This List?

We compared a bunch of different restaurant delivery order programs and matched them against each other in terms of pricing, integrations, general features such as delivery portal and CRM systems. Based on this criterion, Blink Co. emerged as the best overall recommendation for anyone looking to use a reliable restaurant delivery order software. 

Other than that, the rest of the tools are appended below later down in this post.

1. Best Overall Restaurant Delivery Order Software In 2021 – Blink Co.

mobile app ordering system 2021

Blink Co. is not only the most affordable direct food ordering and fleet management system but also a feasible solution for small-scale restaurant business operators. 

From a cursory point of view, Blink offers the following key features to all sorts of restaurant owners out there.

  • A branded webstore and mobile food ordering app made for direct online ordering and customer engagement 
  • A comprehensive merchant portal with pre-ordering, takeaway, and delivery points of sale
  • Robust and competitive customer support through in-product live chat
  • Unified ordering solutions with integrated customer sales, purchase, and buying behavior dashboard
  • Microsoft BI reporting system to provide you with useful performance analytics such as sales over time, customer ratings, branch performance, product sell-out, and more. 
  • A dedicated fleet management portal to assign rides to delivery agents, track delivery activity, monitor logistical movements in real-time and lookup rider attendance
  • A built-in SMS marketing tool with low-tier pricing packages purchased from the back-end and audience attribute filters. Send targeted SMS messages directly to your customers without any third-party blockages.
  • Integrated coupon codes, loyalty programs, and bulk discount features to run different marketing campaigns through one all-inclusive merchant portal.

Blink Co. also received an overall high score of 4.5 out of 5 stars (according to our internal app rating and review system) and comes off as a personal recommendation from our side.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

2. Shipday

Up next on our restaurant delivery order software list, we’ve got Shipday. It is a free-to-use online food delivery system that also offers proof of delivery with photo and customer signature support. You can also use plenty of Toast integrations and access open API for embedding custom solutions depending on your restaurant’s requirements. 

However, Shipday also has a few setbacks that you need to know before signing up for a vendor account. Unlike Blink Co. Shipday lacks in reporting dashboard section. Since Shipday doesn’t have Microsoft Power Bi integration, going through customer and sales reports is a big hassle. 

Regardless of the aforementioned negatives, here’s where Shipday shines the most.

  • Real-time rider tracking through the dedicated dashboard. Also, your food order customers can see rider movement in real-time to estimate order delivery.
  • When toggled on, the proof of delivery option allows/ forces your delivery agents to ask customers for their signature upon receiving the order.
  • Shipday integrations include Toast Now and other online ordering platforms. These integrations can be easily set up through a dedicated dashboard at the back end. 
  • The program’s open API access enables admins to build their POS integrations. However, this process does not work 100% of the time. 
  • To new restaurant owners, this platform offers a pay-as-you-go plan. If you only cater to less than 300 orders, you don’t have to pay additional service charges. 

3. ZippyKind – Online Food Ordering Made Simple

restaurant delivery order software

ZippyKind can allow your regular customers to schedule their deliveries up to one month in advance.

This is the perfect option for office-goers and professionals who have a busy schedule to keep up with.

The area where this restaurant delivery order software lacks is customer support. It is not available 24/7. Should you run into any technical difficulties, the wait time can impact your workflow at the front-facing mobile app’s end. Also, there are is no support for 3rd party app integrations to simplify your restaurant business processes. 

This leaves us with a handful of other options that make ZippyKind an ideal restaurant delivery order software for small businesses. 

Take a look at the following key features.

  • Avail pay-as-you-go pricing plan to streamline restaurant operations according to day-to-day activities. Business owners can fund their accounts through ZippyKind credit points in advance to facilitate sending SMS messages concerning food order status, or promos directly to customers.

You also get instant notifications; in case your account credit limit is about to exceed.

  • Get a complete overview of your busiest delivery days based on the dedicated ZippyKind heatmap function. It highlights results by delivery agents’ performance, combined orders delivered in a specific time slot – so on and so forth.
  • ZippyKind also has a few automated solutions, such as the ability to create custom delivery zones with specific delivery fees assigned to those orders.

Sometimes, based on consumers’ location, the distance is greater than the average 1.5-mile radius in which restaurants usually operate. Under such circumstances, ZippyKind toolset enables you to create your own delivery zones for those customers. The charges are calculated as per the distance between your restaurant and the customer-side drop-off point.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

Here’s Our Best Advice Though…

Regardless of whether you go for an online restaurant delivery order software on this list or something you’ve stumbled across on the internet, make sure that your business requirements meet the feature set of the said software.

Since many such programs come with a sizeable monthly payment plan, it is not easy to switch to other platforms once you have your business up and running after signing up with a vendor. Therefore, make sure that you have done due diligence to ensure that the program that you’re considering using for your restaurant is well worth the effort.

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