The 5 Best Online Ordering Systems For Restaurant Businesses in 2022

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best online ordering system

Online ordering systems allows customers to place an order through websites or app. The cloud-based software allows customers to choose the option of delivery or pick-up. Besides old ways of ordering food, online ordering systems are a big business driver for the restaurant industry globally. 

The convenience and ease let customers make informed decisions and order their favourite food with just one click. 

5 Best Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants



The best online ordering systems for restaurants allows flexibility, lets customers place orders easily, supports restaurants with customer data, and gives insights about a business that drives sales and loyalty from customers.

It’s time to say goodbye to longer deliveries and wait on call to get your order through. With online ordering systems, the waiting time has reduced, efficiency or restaurants has increased, and customer loyalty has grown over the last few years.

There are many options that restaurants and customers consider with online ordering systems, and a few online ordering systems cater to the needs of customers and the requirements of restaurant owners.

These are the five (5) best online ordering systems for restaurants in 2022.

This e-commerce software provider offers online ordering services and custom websites for restaurants that enable customers to order food digitally. They partner with restaurants in the USA to provide delivery capability and fulfil ordering needs.

Their interactive experience enables customers to place online orders, browse through food menus, and make online payments. The advanced technology allows them to customise the website layout for each restaurant according to their requirements and complexities. They are known to have increasing web-savvy customers.

The software is affordable, offers a low processing rate, has significant ease of use and custom web URL. They offer restaurant marketing support which includes tools and software required for digital and print. The users pay credit card processing fees like other online ordering software.

This online ordering system focuses more on functionality and less on designs. Menufy charges a 12% commission fee on delivery orders and an additional $99/month for email marketing services.

Menufy Key Features

  • Lower Processing Rate: 

Menufy has a processing rate of 2.5% ( plus 30 cents). It makes their processing rate the lowest among their competitors and is suitable for businesses operating at a small scale.

  • Marketing Support:

Their services also include marketing support for businesses. It allows restaurants to design marketing collaterals and send out up to 2 emails every month paying additional charges. Menufy also offers social media marketing, email marketing, social media designs, print copy and designs for a price range starting at $99 a month.

  • Multilingual Chat Support:

Are you a restaurant owner with a Spanish customer base? Don’t worry, Menufy has it sorted for you. With their multilingual chat support in Spanish, English, Mandarin. They offer great support to restaurant owners and their employees. 

  • Platform App:

Menufy offers an affiliative app so customers can order through an app, and introduces your restaurants to all new users.

  • Get Orders Without Stable Internet Connection: 

Menufy feature now provides services to restaurant owners where they can get orders without the internet. With SMS alerts, text messages, emails you can get orders from your customer without having to worry about a strong internet connection.

Doordash Storefront is an online ordering system built by Doordash. It allows restaurant owners to incorporate online ordering, delivery and pickup through websites. The software is free to use, charges zero commissions. They are known to enable restaurant businesses and owners digitally, and also shares insights on customer and order data.

The global health crisis due to Covid-19 has benefited online ordering systems and companies like DoorDash Storefront have seen a significant revenue gain. According to The Generalist, DoorDash revenue has increased 226% with $970 million in the fourth quarter of 2020.

No matter how active your digital channels are, online ordering systems like DoorDash makes online menu management convenient and easy. 

DoorDash Storefront Key Features

  1. Custom Branding

Unlike other online ordering software, DoorDash Storefront lets you brand your website, logo, branding and ensures ease in online orders.

2. Delivery Driver

In-house drivers cannot text customers like DoorDash drivers known as Dashers. With Doordash Storefront you choose delivery orders either to an in-house driver or DoorDash driver. It allows restaurants to set their delivery hours and routes that fall to Dashers’ route. 

3. Website Integration

DoorDash Storefront allows plugins to your existing restaurant website. Their integration is with GoDaddy, Shopify, Wix and WordPress.

4. Data Retention

DoorDash retains all information of customers and allows their restaurant partners to drive repetitive orders using that data.

Gloria food is the first online ordering system for restaurants to transform their website into a revenue stream. With Gloria Food, restaurant owners can take free unlimited orders at zero cost.

This Oracle acquired company, Gloria Food enables restaurants to take online orders in just a few clicks. It is the first free online ordering system that is designed to fulfil the needs of small and medium-sized restaurants.

Gloria Food Key Features

  • Increased Customer Retention Through See & Order

Increase your customer retention rate through our see and order feature on the website and app. Make reservations before your visit and optimise sales hassle-free.

  • Free Restaurant Taking App

Gloria Food’s key feature includes a free restaurant order-taking app that enables restaurant owners and employees to receive and confirm all online orders and confirm reservations using smartphones and tablets. The GloriaFood app creates ease for restaurants to accept food orders with just one tap.

  • Visible Menu Promotions

Check out visible menu promotions on the website that allows your restaurants to take multiple orders from customers. Their feature also offers a responsive website and Facebook page as Point of Sale P-O-S. 

  • Zero Commission

No matter how much your business revenue grows, Gloria Food allows unlimited free orders at zero commissions and cost. This is suitable for small and medium-sized restaurants.

  • Unlimited Access to Customer Data

Data is the primary driver for any business to scale up. GloriaFoods key feature gives unlimited access to business and restaurant owners. They can track the data history of their customers where they can offer loyalty discounts and vouchers.

If your restaurant aims for simplicity, feasibility and speed, then Oracle GloriaFood is your partner.

Online ordering systems have their own cost. Some SAAS service providers charge an upfront fee or a flat monthly fee, while some charge on each transaction. Blink is a cloud-based quick-commerce online system provider for takeaway businesses, small scale restaurants and international food chains.

Known for its low charges and convenience, they offer branded website to restaurants, a detail-oriented merchant portal, a customised mobile app and a fleet management system. 

Technology has played an important role in how businesses transformed during Covid-19. With restrictions on the dine-in facilities, lockdowns and health concerns, Blink emerged as a leading SAAS platform that helped restaurants owners with ordering systems and fleet management facilities.

Blink offers quick access to restaurants with order type, quantity delivery location and they can delegate tasks to their teams which leads to improved performance and reduced delivery time on all online orders.

Blink Key Features

  • Increased Restaurant Reach and Brand Awareness

Blink offers increased reach for restaurants and creates brand awareness. They help restaurants with marketing support and increase web traffic leading to more orders.

  • Increase Revenue with Promotions, Discounts, and Loyalty Rewards

Blink’s online ordering system support restaurants with increased revenue. Using their platform, restaurant owners can share promotions, discounts and loyalty rewards with their customers.

  • Access to Customer Data

Blink gives restaurant owners access to their customer data. They provide customers with relevant data crucial in order to process and manage loyalty rewards and programs for loyal customers.

  • Well-Designed Ordering System

Blink gives food startups and restaurant owners a solution for an ordering system where they can interact and engage with their customers.

  1. Improved Order Efficiency

Blink has helped restaurants with order efficiency and enabled them to attract more customers through timely delivery, reduced delivery time which has led to greater sales growth.

  • Efficient Fleet Management

Blink offers an efficient fleet management portal for delivery agents and riders with a GPS tracking module. This leads to reduced costs, improved customer service and improves productivity by saving time. They also support advanced route information and traffic alerts for riders to deliver food timely.

“Blink isn’t a go-to tech stack for restaurants. Instead. it is built for food business brands to increase their ROI & profit.” CEO, Blink Co.

Want to know why Blink offers the best online ordering systems for your restaurant.  Click here

Upserve is a cloud-based restaurant management tool that integrates an online ordering system with its POS, payments, website and mobile app. Known as user-friendly and convenient to use it allows restaurants that include, fine dining, bars, cafes and coffee shop that benefits customers to place an order easily.

They focus on customer engagement, features like rewards, and is ideal for restaurants with a limited budget.

Upserve Key Features

  • Unique Reporting Capabilities

Most POS systems provide extensive data on sales, customer insights, emails and online reviews of customers. Upserve offers email and reputation management for restaurant owners.

They also restaurant owners to get insights and take immediate action.

  • Employee Training

Upserve offers employee training features giving new workers and employees to understand workflow and processes and keep up with the pace without any disruption in business operations. This leads to a speed-up process for restaurants and improves employee performance.

  • Affordable Price

Upserve offers their basic plan for $59 a month and charges additional for additional features. Their paid features also include inventory management, online ordering, customer insights and data.

  • Prompt Customer Support

Upserve is known for its prompt customer support. They provide 365 days of customer support to their USA based customers. From their service during breakfast or dinners, they provide round the clock support to customers and restaurant owners. This leads restaurants with increased customer retention rates, more loyal customers and improves the brand image of restaurants among the community.

Why Blink has the best Online Ordering Systems for Restaurant Businesses?

Blink is a cloud-based online ordering system providing services to restaurants in Pakistan, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. 

Are you a restaurant owner? Or do you run a food business and want to scale up your business. Blink is your answer to quick and convenient ordering systems. With our centralised order fulfilment and fleet management process, we let you take full control of your business? We know that nobody takes care of your business as you do. Find out how Blink can help you scale up your restaurant. Let us transform the way you interact with your customers. 

Our ordering systems can improve your customer experience, increase revenue for your business, provide analytics reports to understand the changing dynamics of your restaurant and customer needs. We are here to fulfil your restaurant requirements. 

Let us be your cloud-service partner and transform the way your restaurant works.

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform


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