Here’s How You Can Boost Your Restaurant Sales in Ramadan

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Ramadan can be a slow month for restaurant businesses. With consumers choosing to divert time towards prayers and spending time at home, it can be difficult to surge demand for your restaurant. If you’re struggling with a decline in sales and finding it challenging to manoeuvre through Ramadan, here are some innovative ideas to help you boost sales, increase visibility and streamline your operations using Blink’s features!

Ramadan Special Menus 

Create unique menus and Ramadan deals specifically to set your eatery apart from the competition. Offer inventive combinations of your best-selling products and include a free beverage or dessert. Getting your menu right is the key to catching your customer’s eye.

With Blink, offering curated menus is easy and efficient.

Here’s how:
In the Blink Portal, go to Product Catalogue and select Sections Management. Create a new Ramadan Deals section and proceed to Items Management to create carefully curated Ramadan Deals to delight your customers.

Enable Pre-Ordering

Pre-ordering will allow your customers to place an order in advance to when they plan to pick it up or have it delivered. With the rush of Suhoor and Iftar, Blink’s pre-ordering is a great feature to maximise orders whilst managing time efficiently by reducing waiting times.


Here’s how:
Settings > Master Settings > Edit Branch Settings > Step 2 Branch Settings > Delivery Settings > Enable ‘Pre Order only’ or ‘Same Day Pre Order’

Online-Only Ramadan Promos and Loyalty Points

Offering online-only Ramadan promos for new customers and loyalty discounts for loyal patrons is a great way to not only acquire new customers but also retain old ones! It also aids in increasing sales by luring more traffic to your online platforms and encouraging consumers to purchase more.

With Blink, you can run promo codes for online-only channels.

Discounts > Promo Codes > Edit or Create Promo Code > Select Valid Source

Leverage Social Media

In Ramadan, customers tend to spend the first two weeks eating at home which makes now the perfect time to up your social media game! Diners always like to look at the restaurant menu online before deciding to visit. It’s best practise to keep online menus and social media updated with attractive, high-quality food pictures through close-ups and boomerang shots to lure more customers. A great way to encourage user-generated content is to introduce a unique Ramadan hashtag and incentivize customers to post through loyalty offerings!


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