Which Restaurant Management System to opt-for in Saudi Arabia

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Restaurant Menu Management: How To Control Restaurant Costs

Restaurant management systems (RMS) have become increasingly important in Saudi Arabia as the country has seen a rise in casual dining, fast food outlets, and other types of eateries. 

This increased demand has led to an increase in the number of restaurant businesses across the kingdom.

However, not all restaurants are equipped to manage their operations using a restaurant management system. In fact, many operators continue to use manual processes and paper-based records. 

This can lead to inefficient service delivery, poor customer experience, and a lack of accuracy when it comes to tracking expenses and inventory levels. 

Fortunately, there is a solution to this. We’ve got all the details on the best restaurant management system to opt for in Saudi Arabia.

Keep reading to learn more!

Before we delve into the best restaurant management system in Saudi, it’s important to understand:

  • What a restaurant management system is?
  • How does a restaurant management system work?
  • Why do restaurants need a management system?
  • What features to look for in an RMS?

Let’s take each point one by one!

What is a Restaurant Management System?

A restaurant management system (RMS) is a computer software program that helps managers run their restaurants more efficiently. It can help with inventory management, kitchen scheduling, employee tracking, and financial reporting. 

An RMS typically includes features such as order entry, point-of-sale systems, customer management tools, and data analysis tools.

How does a Restaurant Management System work?

A restaurant management system can track inventory, sales, and financial data. 

An RMS is often used by chain restaurants and fast food chains because they provide a centralized control point for managing multiple locations simultaneously.

Why do restaurants need a management system?

  • Simplified ordering: 

A restaurant management system makes it easy for customers to order food from anywhere they are located.

  • Time-Saving

Having a restaurant management system will help you save time preparing reports related to data analytics.

  • Competitive advantage:

The ability of an RMS to provide a robust technology deck with analytics tools gives businesses a distinct edge.

  • Bid farewell to manual accounting work:

More accurate tracking of inventory levels and sales trends across all locations – reduces the need for manual accounting work

  • Improved communication:

Improved communication between management team members leads to faster decision-making on strategic matters.

  • Increased efficiency in day-to-day operations:

An RMS eliminates the need to keep track of multiple spreadsheets and reports

  • Better growth rates :

In terms of growth, insight-driven businesses are predicted to fare better than their less-informed rivals.

7 Features to look for in a Restaurant Management System

#1 Cloud-based:
A cloud-based restaurant management system would be the best option for a business that wants to take advantage of technology and stay up to date with changes in the industry. 

This type of system is readily accessible from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, allows restaurants to track data in real-time, and can be customized to meet specific needs. 

Cloud-based systems are also reliable and secure, making them ideal for busy establishments that need access to data at all times.

#2 Analytics and reporting:

When it comes to managing a restaurant, one of the key features that are necessary is effective analytics and reporting. 

A good management system should provide clear insights into what’s happening in your restaurant both on an individual level (such as how many customers are spending money) and on a departmental level (such as how much food is being ordered).

#3 Inventory and stock management
A good system should be able to keep track of inventory levels, order incoming supplies as needed, and send alerts when items run low or are about to expire. 

It should also allow managers to view detailed information on each item in stock, including prices and sales history.

#4 Marketing and CRM module

When it comes to managing a restaurant, you need a system that can help you track your progress and optimize your marketing efforts. 

A good restaurant management system should have a robust marketing & CRM module that lets you manage all of your customer data in one place. 

This will allow you to track how much revenue each dish or service generates, as well as identify any patterns or trends that may be helping or hurting your business

#5 Integrations

A good system will allow you to connect with other systems (such as accounting, POS, and kitchen) easily and seamlessly. This way, you can manage your operations from one central location.

#6 Centralisation

When it comes to managing a restaurant, centralisation is key. 

A system that is centrally located will allow you to manage everything from one location, which makes life easier for both you and your employees. 

Additionally, a centralized system will also be able to handle more complex orders quickly and efficiently.

#7 Scalability

A system that can handle a large number of transactions and employees at once will be much more efficient than one that struggles to keep up. 

Look for an RMS that has been designed with this in mind, and make sure the developers are experienced in scaling applications forward.

What makes Blink the best Restaurant Management System in Saudi Arabia?

Blink is the No.1 Online Ordering and Engagement Platform for Restaurants. It makes it easy for you to start selling your food online and provides all of the resources and support you need to succeed. 

What is Blink?

Blink is a cloud-based restaurant management system that gives you the ability to run your business more efficiently. 

With Blink, you can manage orders, menus, items, payments, and promotions all in one place. 

Plus, its CRM tools help you keep track of customer data so that you can better serve them.

How does it work?

The Blink mobile app lets customers order food from any restaurant that has partnered with Blink. 

The app also includes a built-in fleet management system so that you can easily keep track of your delivery times and routes. 

Blink provides restaurants in Saudi Arabia with a branded website that lets more customers find them online and place orders.
The website allows guests to browse menus and place orders without ever having to leave their computer or phone screen. 

Thanks to its business intelligence tools, you can learn about your customer’s behaviour and make changes accordingly – perfect for improving your sales figures!

What else do you get with Blink?

  • Engagement Tools

Blink is a powerful engagement tool that allows businesses to communicate with their customers in a variety of ways.
Promotional codes, WhatsApp integrations, and other tools allow you to directly message your customers about specials or new products.

  • Fleet Management & Tracking​

Blink offers Fleet Management & Tracking to help you dispatch, track and optimize your delivery operations. 

With our easy-to-use platform, you’ll be able to keep tabs on everything from trucks and drivers to deliveries and orders.

  • Security

Blink offers security for your data by encrypting it with our state-of-the-art security system. 

Your data is stored in encrypted form and only accessed by authorized personnel who have the necessary access credentials.

  • 24/7 Support

We know that when something goes wrong, you need help as soon as possible. That’s why our team is available 24/7 to answer any questions or provide support.

If this sounds like something that could be beneficial for your business – then we highly recommend checking out Blink!

Get the Blink advantage!

Blink is a restaurant management system that takes the guesswork out of running your business. It’s fast, easy to use, and doesn’t require a long waiting time for you to go online or high commissions

With Blink you get:

Customer Data Ownership

Blink gives you complete control over your customer data. You own your customer data stored in a secure and encrypted system. 

You can communicate directly with your customers without third-party masking, ensuring that your conversations are confidential and private.

Speed To Market

Blink is a revolutionary technology that allows businesses to go live with their online store in only 7 days. 

We have developed this tech specifically for the restaurant industry, and it has been proven to be successful time and time again. 

With Blink, you can easily create an online store, add products and menus, set up shipping and billing, and track your sales statistics in real time. 

No Heavy Commissions

Unlike third-party aggregators, we’ll never charge hefty commissions or hidden fees. With Blink, you own your revenue and only pay for what you use.


Restaurant management systems make it easier for restaurateurs to manage their businesses and keep track of sales trends. They also allow them to generate regular reports that can help identify areas where they need to improve their operation.

With Blink, there are no long wait times or complicated processes – everything is simple and straightforward. 

Plus, our customer service team is available 24/7 to help you with whatever questions or issues you may encounter along the way. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Start selling your food online today with Blink!

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