7 Best Online Order Management Software In 2023

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There is a sudden surge in orders placed online due to the pandemic. Businesses spend hours on their products, services, promotion, and marketing strategies, but they often miss out that order mismanagement can act as a deal-breaker.

Small businesses are entering the industry, and they cannot have an edge over their competitors without efficient order management apps.

Here is a list of five small business order management software solutions in 2023:

An Insight into Small Business Order Management Apps

We are here to give you an escape from the daily hassle of managing and updating your excel files day-to-day. Although businesses have been using spreadsheets for quite some time, the emergence of small business order management apps is surely a relief.

Having all the information under one roof is essential to increase productivity and lower the chances of errors. Would you want to leave customers disappointed as their ordered product is out of stock? No business would want to lose out on a customer due to a lack of management.

Small Business Order Management Apps ensure that all the information on order placement, tracking, and delivery is present in one place. 

Small Business Order Management Apps ensure that the inventory level is constantly updated to ensure that businesses do not run out of stock or overstock their products. Furthermore, it enables businesses to track their orders and forecast future orders.

Small Business Order Management Apps automate detailed order distribution.

Blink is one of the leading online ordering systems for small businesses and delivery processes. 

Online ordering systems for small businesses can save businesses time and money by keeping track of customer information, inventory levels, and shipping details.

By integrating with eCommerce platforms, online ordering systems for small businesses can also automate fulfilling orders. In addition, Order Management apps can provide insights into sales data and customer behavior.

For small businesses, managing orders can be a daunting task. There are a lot of different aspects to keep track of, such as inventory, customer information, and shipping details.

Thankfully, several small business order management apps can help make the process easier. They include but are not limited to;

Zoho Inventory is a comprehensive order management app that offers real-time tracking, automated shipping, and Integration with major eCommerce platforms. It also includes tools for accounting and invoice management. Zoho Inventory starts at $15 per month for up to 500 products.

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms and comes with its built-in order management system. Shopify includes automated shipping, inventory management, and customer profiles. It starts at $29 per month for the basic plan.

One of the most popular online ordering systems for small businesses is Shipstation. It offers real-time tracking, order automation, and Integration with over 100 eCommerce platforms. Shipstation starts at $25 per month for up to 500 orders.

Another great option is Orderbot. It offers inventory management, automated shipping, and Integration with QuickBooks. Orderbot starts at $49 per month for up to 1000 orders.

Finally, we have Skubana. Skubana is a comprehensive small business order management software that offers real-time tracking, automated shipping, inventory management, and Integration with over 100 eCommerce platforms. Skubana starts at $99 per month for up to 5000 orders.

Your specific needs will depend on which small business order management software is right for you.

Benefits of Small Business Order Management Software

  • Inventory Overview

Customers rarely return to businesses that run out of the ordered products. Small Business Order Management Software ensures that inventory updates with every order placed so businesses can keep track of their products. It streamlines the whole ordering process.

  • Lower Costs

Businesses often suffer due to a lack of management. Whenever a wrong product returns to a business, it imposes an additional cost. Firstly, it reduces the order accuracy. Later on, it can cost businesses by disappointing the customer, and reducing the number of loyal customers as time passes.

  • No Human Error

No business can afford its human resources to learn by experimenting with its valuable customers.  Order management software for small businesses automates the whole ordering process, which reduces the probability of human error and increases its efficiency.

When employees are not subjected to rigorous hours of order management, they can focus on other essential tasks to increase the productivity of a business.

  • Loyal Customer Base

When customers experience a smooth ordering process, the chances of their return increase. Order management software for small businesses facilitates customers by providing them with a real-time order tracking feature through which they can keep an eye out for their orders. Through these order management software for small businesses, customers can interact with customer care representatives to solve their queries and address any concerns. Automation lowers the chances of returning a customer empty-handed.

  • No Need for Paperwork with Order Management Software for Small Business

In the olden times, businesses were created, managed, and controlled on paper. However, with the advancement of technology, businesses are gradually progressing towards computerized systems. Order management applications ensure that the need for paperwork diminishes. Digitalization of business processes saves businesses from grueling hours of managing records. Due to the rise in order management applications, businesses do not require storage facilities to contain those huge folders containing business records. Retrieving business details through cloud-based order management applications is quicker than traditional record-keeping methods. Unlike the past, where people had to visit the on-site location to access records, it allows them to access information anytime. 

Order Tracking Software for Small Businesses

Many small businesses are delusional about the significance of order management apps for small businesses. Just as they enter the world of business, they believe that they can manage it all independently as they are not ready to bear any extra costs.

They often forget that having order-tracking software for small businesses would lower their costs in the long run. As small businesses do not have the budget to incur extra costs, they should opt for order management apps. 

Order management apps enable small businesses to keep track of their inventory to avoid wasting extra money on inventory or running out of stock. By deploying an order management application, your business can have the right amount of inventory at hand. Small business owners cannot afford to make mistakes in their initial stages, so an order management application would ensure that the business process is efficient. Automation decreases the need for manual labor, decreasing the risk of error and saving the employees’ time. The swiftness of these systems speeds up the dispatch of products and eliminates the need to visit the warehouse and inspect inventory in person. Businesses would not have to face access or shortfall of inventory by bringing order management applications into work.

Businesses that operate swiftly in their initial phase can attract a wider segment of customers and retain them through automated and error-free processes, as customers do not have the time to invest in a business that is still in its infancy.

Join Blink to avail yourself of its affordable small business order management software for your business. Your business size does not matter to us; your growth does.

5 Best Small Business Order Management Software


NetSuite Order Tracking Software for Small Businesses

NetSuite order tracking software for small businesses management is an idea order management app that enables businesses to simplify their order processing. The app manages everything from order placement to receiving the invoice and settling financial statements.

It is a cloud-based system that automates inventory management. It updates the business owners in time, saving businesses from over-stocking or under-stocking products in their early stages.

Small businesses often mistake storing extra inventory to meet customers’ needs promptly. This overstocking of products exhausts their capital in the long run.

Some businesses can also not track their inventory and update records efficiently and have to say goodbye to potential customers due to product shortages. 

Now, NetSuite tracking software for small business management supports such businesses by keeping track of inventory and updating all warehouses about inventory status.

Eliminate human error from your small business, and you can grow your customer base efficiently. It has a single data source to resolve queries without the hassle of managing multiple channels. Let us disclose the pricing structure now. Businesses have to pay a one-time implementation fee and yearly subscription depending on the number of employees. The license comprises the core platform, the number of users, and the optional modules.


Founded in 2007, BrightPearl has efficiently managed businesses for more than a decade. It enables businesses to have greater control over their business processes.

By utilizing the BrightPearl order management system’s services, businesses can take up more orders without employing extra staff for order fulfillment. BrightPearl automates order fulfillment, inventory allocation, delivery process, and accounting.

Sales forecasting is another crucial feature of BrightPearl. Businesses can predict demand for the upcoming season and plan their operations accordingly by forecasting sales.

BrightPearl offers customized packages for every customer through its plug-and-play integrations. To get BrightPearl’s price quotation, enter all the required details, and you will receive the subscription charges.

The price starts at $99 per month, making it an affordable option for small to medium-sized businesses.

Blink – The Best Order Management Software for Small Businesses

mobile app ordering system 2021

Blink is an all-in-one order management software for small businesses that enables quick commerce for restaurants and supermarkets alike.

Blink provides white labeled websites and apps for SMBs and large chains alike across the MENA and Pakistan regions.

Blink’s platform provides an order management software for small businesses which includes extras such as loyalty program enablement, in-app SMS and email reach-out options, customer data management is also just a click away. Blink’s core product offering covers the following:

Blink’s direct ordering system automates the order management process by enabling customers to place direct orders of up to 100,000 products.

Businesses get ownership access to customer data which can be utilized for targeted marketing. The geofenced order process ensures that the orders are delivered quickly as Blink has multiple warehouses.

Blink ensures to equip its customers with data-based decisions by conducting in-depth market research. You can never go wrong when the decisions are based on facts rather than subjective judgment.

Your business type and the number of outlets define the pricing structure. The team will contact you with the personalized quotation and you’ll get a detailed walkthrough and understand why Blink is the Best Order Management Software for Small Businesses. Click here for a free demo.

If you’re a restaurant or supermarket looking to scale in Saudi Arabia, UAE and the overall MENA region you need to go through our detailed resource explaining how Blink is the Best Taker Alternative in KSA.


Being one of the first market entrants, Megaventory holds a strong strategic position in the world of order management apps. It provides its clients with inventory management, order fulfillment, tracking, report creation, data administration, and software customization. You can opt for 

Megaventory if you are a part of a franchise network, retail or wholesale, and manufacturing industry. Do not lose heart if your business does not fall in the above categories; you can still contact the team and get a customized software solution

Megaventory offers two pricing structures. You can choose between monthly pricing and annual pricing. 

The annual pricing has the edge over monthly pricing as it offers a 10% discount to the customers, but if you cannot afford to pay in a lump sum, go with monthly payments. Avail offor the free trial option before signing up.


Tradegecko offers a complete business solution in one place. Let us take you on Treadegecko’s product tour. It provides businesses with remarkable services that track inventory and control orders and warehouses. 

You can buy and sell in multiple currencies through Tradegecko’s multi-currency support. It has blurred borders to simplify business processes. 

This all-in-one order management system has partners in the health, fashion, sports, food, electronics, and many more successful industries. 

Through successful integrations with big names, including Amazon, Shopify, Woocommerce, and eBay, Tradegecko has made a mark in the order management industry. It has five pricing components.

  • Founder- $39
  • Lite- $79
  • Small Business- $199
  • Business- $599
  • Premium- $799

All these packages are per-month charges, billed annually. Opt for the small business package for your infant business. The order management app facilitates its customers with a full-featured trial before choosing their desired plan.

Order management solutions for small businesses have streamlined business operations. Small businesses are free from the shackles of managing and updating inventory manually as order management apps automate the whole process. 

Always opt for a free trial to gain insight into the app’s services and save yourself from regrets later on. 

Blink has revolutionized the ordering process with its all-in-one quick commerce stack. Join Blink today and let us manage your customer interaction, order processes, and business analytics. Request a demo by visiting our website.


Most spreadsheets and office productivity suites for restaurants that come these days are not free.

But, here’s a million-dollar question: what do Spreadsheets have to do with delivery software for small businesses in 2023?

Well, as free programs go, and given the magnitude of delivery software for small business owners, Spreadsheets work to fill in the gaps between an ad-hoc ordering system. 

In the event, that business owners do not have enough budget to port their entire food ordering system to an online order management software, they have to do everything or most of the stuff, manually. 

Spreadsheets aren’t labor intensive; it doesn’t have a difficult learning curve, and even the less tech-savvy users can get the hang of it in no time.


  • Highly customizable
  • Powerful


  • Difficult to learn and use for beginners


mobile order management

Castiron is one of the best delivery software for small businesses. 

This app showcases the best of both systems – i.e. overall user experience as far as the mobile order management system is concerned, and also a minimalistic user interface. 

The UI is backed up with an intuitive architecture, where it’s easy for first-time mobile order management app users to get the hang of all the buttons and icons. As a small business management app, Castiron comes with a decent degree of customization.


  • Dedicated online order management software for food business owners
  • Offers a decent level of CRM features to run different marketing campaigns on the side
  • Made as a hyper-local and mobile order management app focused on the delivery aspect of the business
  • Powerful online order management software with a fast response time
  • Free option available for trial purposes

Square POS

small business management app

Square is designed to be a highly effective small business management app. 

As a small business management platform, Square accommodates food business owners with the help of an intuitive UI and an overlay of UX. 

While this small business management app ticks all the boxes toward a delightful customer experience, it isn’t free. On top of that, if you have a mobile order management workflow that has an unusual business model, Square might not be the right fit due to flexibility issues.


  • Easy-to-use small business management app for restaurants and solopreneurs
  • Allows fast payment processing for incoming orders
  • Comes with an intuitive UI and UX combination for efficient workflow
  • Access a comprehensive analytics dashboard to optimize future marketing strategies, especially redirecting to the online order management software aspect of the business 

How to Manage Orders Online?

The following are a few orders management tips that help one to manage orders online;

Apply The First-In, First-Out Rule

It is a no-brainer, but when you have a lot of orders, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and overlook your oldest ones.

Be sure to fulfill your oldest orders first to avoid any customer complaints.

Go For Order Automation

Automating your order management process can save you time and headaches. Several different small business order management software are available, so be sure to find one that fits your needs

Track Your Inventory Levels

It’s essential to keep track of your inventory levels to avoid oversells. You can do this manually or set up an automated online ordering system for small business that will send you alerts when inventory is low.

Try Integration with an eCommerce platform

Most order management apps offer Integration with popular eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce. It will allow you to automate the process of fulfilling orders and keep track of customers and sales data in one place.

Go For Order Tracking Tools

Use order tracking tools, such as Shipstation to help you keep track of your orders and ensure they deliver on time. You can also use shipping automation apps to automate the process of fulfilling orders.

Filter Your Orders

When you have a lot of orders, it can be helpful to filter them by order status, such as “awaiting fulfillment” or “shipped.” It will help you keep track of which orders need your attention and make it easier to find specific orders.

Attach A Tracking Number to Every Order

Make sure you attach a tracking number to every order to keep track of it and ensure it delivers on time.

Blink is your #1 Online Ordering Platform for Restaurants

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