Release Notes

Blink POS 1.1.6 | April/May 2024

New Features


Category-Wise KOT Printing

Allows users to assign printers for category-wise Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) printing. This feature enhances kitchen operations by ensuring that each category of items is sent to the appropriate printer, streamlining the preparation process and improving efficiency.

Improved Order Management: With category-wise KOT printing, kitchen staff can easily identify and prepare orders based on the assigned categories.


  • Streamlined Kitchen Operations
  • Improved Order Accuracy
  • Enhanced Customer Experience


How to access: Settings > Branch Devices > Add new Device > Save

Branch-Wise Credit

Users can create and assign credits based on branches, enabling more flexible payment options and enhanced financial management.

Branch-Specific Credits: Admins can create credits and allocate them to specific branches, such as those associated with different payment processors or financial institutions.

Flexible Payment Options: Branch-wise credit management provides customers with more payment flexibility, allowing them to use credits assigned to their branch for transactions.


  • Improved Payment Flexibility
  • Efficient Financial Management
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

How to access: Settings > Credit > + Credit > Select Branch > Save