Release Notes

Blink POS 1.1.3| January 2024

New Features 


Sub Recipe Management Module

Merchants can seamlessly manage sub-ingredients, create and produce ingredients, and track consumption, all reflected in comprehensive reports to streamline inventory management.

Access comprehensive reports that provide insights into consumption patterns, aiding in informed inventory management decisions.

Efficient Production
Streamline the production process by leveraging the Sub-Recipe Management Module to create ingredients seamlessly.

Inventory compliance
Increases the compliance and security of your inventory to decrease the leakages of your inventory.

Data-Driven Inventory Management
Access detailed reports on consumption, enabling better control over inventory levels and reducing the risk of shortages or excess stock.

How it works: Inventory Management > Sub Recipe > Add Recipe


Tax Report Reconciliation

Users can now access a dedicated Tax Report that provides a detailed breakdown of all taxes collected during a specified period. Streamline reconciliation efforts with a comprehensive view of taxes, including details on order details, tax paid against orders, and invoice numbers received from the tax authorities i.e. FBR, SRB, PRA, BRA, KPRA.

Accurate Financial Reporting
The Tax Report Reconciliation feature ensures accuracy in financial reporting by offering a detailed breakdown of taxes collected.

Efficient Reconciliation
Easily reconcile taxes with a clear overview of transactions, tax rates, and any adjustments, simplifying the reconciliation process.

Comprehensive Tax Insights
Gain insights into tax-related data, empowering users to make informed decisions and address any discrepancies promptly.

How it Works: Analytics & Report > System Report > Tax Wise Report > Download


BI Reporting

Users now have access to an advanced BI reporting module. This feature is designed to provide merchants with advanced analytics, interactive visualizations, and in-depth insights into their business operations.

Data-Driven Decision Making
BI Reporting empowers users to make strategic decisions based on real-time and historical data.

Enhanced Visibility
Gain a holistic view of your restaurant operations with interactive visualizations for better insights and analytics.

How it Works: Analytics & Report > BI Reporting


Daily Day-End Email

Respected merchants will now receive a comprehensive email daily containing essential financial insights from the day-end reconciliation process. The email will include key metrics, sales summaries, and other critical information.

Efficient Communication
Streamline communication by delivering key financial information directly to the inbox of the designated decision-maker.


New Updates 


Enhanced Item Linking with Multi-Select

Customers can now link multiple items to ingredients in one go, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.

Time-Saving Efficiency
The multi-select feature accelerates the process of linking items to ingredients, reducing the time spent on manual associations.

Simplified Workflow
Enjoy a more streamlined and user-friendly workflow, making it easier to manage and maintain accurate ingredient-item relationships.

Enhanced User Experience
This enhancement improves the overall user experience, providing a more intuitive and efficient journey within the POS system.

How it Works: Inventory Management> Ingredients> Link Items


Order Tracking with Token Number Stamping

Auto-generated token numbers will be stamped with the sequence based on USERID + TOKEN NUMBER, ensuring a more organized and traceable order management system.

Improved Traceability
Thesequence-wise token number stamping provides a clear and organized way to trace orders, even when processed simultaneously from different systems.

Efficient Issue Resolution
In the event of issues or complaints, the stamped token numbers facilitate quick and accurate investigation, enabling restaurants to address concerns promptly.

Enhanced Order Management
This feature contributes to a more transparent and streamlined order management process, improving overall operational efficiency.


Quick View for Enhanced System Reports

This enhancement is designed to streamline the merchant experience by providing a quick and convenient way to access key insights directly from the reporting section.

Time-Saving Convenience
Quick View streamlines the process of accessing critical information, saving users valuable time.

Effortless Insights
Easily preview essential data directly from the reporting section, eliminating the need for multiple clicks and navigation.

How it Works: Analytics & Report > System Report > Quick View