Release Notes

Blink 1.2.4| March 2024

New Features


Rider Portal



The dashboard now provides real-time insights into rider task assignments, attendance, and current status. This dashboard is designed to help merchants manage rider operations more effectively, providing valuable information at a glance to streamline their delivery operations. 

Real-Time Tracking
Easily track the progress of each task and make informed decisions to optimize delivery routes and schedules.


  • Improved task management
  • Enhanced operational visibility
  • Streamlined decision making



Rider Attendance Logs

This report allows merchants to track and monitor rider attendance, enabling them to manage the rider workforce more effectively and ensuring optimal staffing levels for their operations.


  • Efficient attendance tracking
  • Improved workforce management 
  • Enhanced accountability


Merchant Console:


App and Web Reorder Feature

Customers can now place an old order again with just a tap in their apps and web browsers, saving time and effort. 


  • Effortless ordering
  • Convenient access
  • Personalized experience

Card Payment Option for Call-in Orders

Merchants can now record card payments for call-in orders directly within the console, providing greater flexibility and convenience for managing payments.


  • Streamlined payment processing
  • Improved accuracy
  • Enhanced payment tracking


New Updates


Merchant Console:


Enhanced Order Transfer Access

With this update, only users with specific roles assigned will have the ability to transfer orders. This change ensures that order transfer capabilities are restricted to authorized users, enhancing security and accountability within the system.


  • Enhanced security
  • Improved accountability 
  • Streamlined operations


Foodpanda Channel Menu User Role

Allow specific users to access and manage menu items and settings for Foodpanda, providing greater control and flexibility.


    • Specialized access
    • Improved efficiency
    • Enhanced Control

Flexible Promo Codes or  Wallet Top-Ups in GYO 

This update allows merchants to customize their GYO workflows better to suit their promotional strategies and customer engagement goals. It allows them to choose between providing promo codes or topping up wallets in GYO workflows. 


  • Customizable promotional strategies
  • Enhanced customer engagement
  • Improved ROI :
    Maximize the return on promotional efforts by tailoring workflows to drive sales and customer loyalty. 

Bulk Branch Mapping IDs Edit

With this update, merchants can edit branch mapping IDs for multiple branches simultaneously, reducing the need for manual updates.


  • Time-saving
  • Improved accuracy
  • Enhanced efficiency


City Wise Filtering in GYO Filtering

With this update, merchants gain greater control over their promotional campaigns, with specific city targets tailored offers to local audiences.


  • Increased relevance
  • Better campaign performance
  • Targeted promotional campaigns


Rider Portal:

Rider Auto Assignment 

With this revamp, tasks will now be assigned based on a combination of riders’ distance from the pickup location and their task completion count. This new approach ensures that new tasks are assigned to the nearest rider with the lowest task completion count, effectively distributing tasks among all riders and optimizing the assignment process. 


  • Efficient task distribution
  • Optimized rider utilization
  • Improved customer experience

Bulk Upload for New Riders and Schedules

Upload multiple new riders and their schedules to Blink’s Merchant console in one go. This enhancement streamlines adding multiple riders and their schedules, saving time and effort in managing restaurant rider operations. 


  • Time-saving
  • Improved accuracy
  • Efficient operations


Flutter App Updates:

Add to Cart from Main Page

Non-variation items can now be added to the cart directly from the main page, simply by tapping on the + button.



Home Feature Banner Linkage with Categories

Tapping on a linked home feature banner will now open the respective category, allowing users to quickly and easily explore products within that category. 


Real-Time Order Tracking Widget

Order Status will be updated in real-time within the Footer Order Tracker Widget, providing users with up-to-date information on their orders.