Release Notes

Blink POS 1.1.4| February 2024

New Features 


Menu Push from Blink POS to Blink Console

With this new feature, merchants can now upload their restaurant’s menu, complete with pictures, variations, and prices, directly from Blink POS to Blink Console with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to manual menu updates and hello to instant menu availability.

Effortless Menu Management
With this feature, merchants can ensure consistency and accuracy in menu presentation across all platforms with automated synchronization.


  • Merchants can save time and effort by automating the menu upload process.
  • Merchants are now able to provide customers with up-to-date menu information on Blink console, improving their overall experience.


Blink Rider Portal Integration

Merchants can now route their orders directly from Blink POS to the Rider, streamlining the order fulfillment process and enhancing efficiency.

Unified Order Management
Seamlessly route orders from Blink POS to the rider portal with the click of a button, creating a unified order management system.

Enhanced Operational Control
Ensure seamless communication and coordination between the front-end POS system and the back-end delivery management plat





  • Merchants can reduce processing time and improve their order fulfillment speed with efficient order routing and dispatch functionality.
  • Merchants can gain greater control and visibility over order management and delivery logistics.


New Updates


Order Summary Report Available

In this update, merchants can access additional key metrics. Such as the opening cash amount for each shift, and the total number of orders processed. These enhancements aim to offer merchants a more detailed overview of their restaurant’s performance and improve their decision-making process.

Opening Cash Amount (Shift-Wise)The enhanced report now includes the opening cash amount for each shift, providing visibility into the starting cash balance at the beginning of each shift.

Number of Orders Processed:
This new metric will help merchants gain insights into the order volume and trends.


  • By including opening cash amounts for each shift, merchants have a clearer picture of cash flow and transactions throughout the day improving financial transparency.
  • With more comprehensive data, merchants are better equipped to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.