Release Notes

Blink 1.2.0| November 2023

New Features


Visibility Toggle for %off Ribbon

Merchants now have the power to decide whether to display a ‘Percent off’ ribbon on items or keep it discreet. 

Flexible Marketing

Toggle the visibility based on your restaurant’s marketing goals. Highlight discounts during specific campaigns for cleaner presentations during regular periods. This flexibility empowers users to adapt to changing marketing strategies.

Enhanced User Experience

Create a more customized and user-centric experience by controlling the visual cues associated with discounts. Some customers may respond better to a more pronounced promotional approach, while others may prefer a subtler shopping experience. The toggle accommodates diverse customer preferences.

Analytics-Driven Decision-Making

Leverage analytics by toggling visibility and measuring the impact on customer engagement and conversion rates. Make data-driven decisions on when and where to emphasize discounts for optimal results.

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How it works:
  Settings > Master Settings > Toggle Discount Ribbon> Enable

Note: This feature is available for the Web only.

New Updates 


Flutter App Grocery UI Enhancements

UI enhancements elevate the user experience and provide a seamless intuitive platform. Also, streamlined menus and categories enhance the overall shopping experience.

Enhanced Product Discovery

Improved product categorization ensures that users can quickly locate what they want.

Visual Product Showcase

This update offers a visually appealing product showcase, allowing merchants to highlight featured or new items. Enhances product visibility and encourages users to explore a wider range of offerings.

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New Integrations 


Paymob Integration for Oman


Neoleap Payment Integration



Feedus Integration


Shopsmart Loyalty Engine Integration

This integration not only allows for the calculation and synchronization of loyalty points but also introduces the exciting capability for customers to redeem their points. 

Foodics Integration for Grocery UI 

This integration brings several features and improvements to streamline workflows and elevate overall grocery management capabilities.