Release Notes

Blink 1.1.7 | August 2023

New Features


Pop-Up Image Banner

The Pop-Up Image Banner feature is now available, allowing your restaurant and supermarket to create eye-catching pop-up image banners to promote deals and offers on their website. This can be set up seamlessly through the merchant portal.

Enhanced User Experience

Enhance the user experience on your website by providing valuable information and incentives to your visitors, encouraging them to explore your offerings and engage more deeply with your restaurant.

Engaging Promotional Tool

Capture the attention of your visitors with visually appealing graphics and customizable offers. Effectively promote special offers, announcements, events, and more on your website.

šŸŒ Website view


UpSell Items

Strategically showcase your best-selling items and deals during the checkout process to your customers to enhance your chances of driving additional sales and increasing the average order value.

Ā Enhanced Customer Experience

By highlighting best-selling and popular items during checkout, restaurants offer customers a convenient and curated selection of products that have proven appeal. This enhances customer choices and encourages them to consider complementary or related items, enhancing their overall shopping experience.Ā Ā Ā Ā 

šŸ”¹Portal view


Merchant Portal User Login Logs with Report

Manage access to the merchant portal with comprehensive tracking and reporting of user login activities.

Enhanced Security

By monitoring user login activities, merchants can enhance the security of the portal. Unauthorized login attempts can be identified and addressed promptly, ensuring only authorized users access the portal.


Gain insights into user login trends and patterns. Customize and generate reports based on specific time frames, and user roles, enabling better-informed decision-making.

šŸ”¹Portal view

New UpdatesĀ 


Language Selector on Merchant Portal

In addition to the default language, merchants now have the option to choose Arabic as the preferred language for merchant portal, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for users who prefer to operate in Arabic.

User-Friendly Experience

By introducing Arabic language support, we prioritize providing a user-friendly and intuitive experience for merchants who are more comfortable with Arabic.

Global Reach

With the addition of Arabic language support, our platform extends its reach to Arabic-speaking regions and businesses. This expansion opens doors for restaurants & supermarkets in these regions to seamlessly integrate with our platform and access its robust features.

šŸ”¹Portal view


App Level Configuration

Gain control over the theme settings that define your restaurant/supermarketā€™s behavior through the app, ensuring a tailored and seamless experience for the customers.

šŸ“² App view

App Level Configuration empowers restaurants to drive user engagement. Customize push notifications, in-app messages, and interactive elements to captivate your audience and foster a deeper connection.


New IntegrationsĀ 

Sindh Revenue Board (SRB)Ā 

Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)Ā 

Paymob – Jazzcash Wallet Integration