Release Notes

Blink 1.1.1 | January 2023

Ordering System Release 1.1.1

New Features


Scan QR to Order

Are your customers tired of standing in long pick-up lines? Blink’s latest feature will help our customers transform their traditional dining experience, and bring ease and convenience for the end customer. 

The Scan QR to Order feature gives your dine-in customers the option to scan a QR code to place an order.

This feature has various benefits for our customers, including:
1. Reduction in long queues in order placement, helping customers in a rush save time
2. Reduction in manual labour costs through the use of technology
3. Data collection of dine-in customers, a difficult feat in standard dine-in ordering, allowing Restaurant Operators to run retargeting campaigns to grow orders in the future and increase retention through loyalty points
Note: Blink’s customers need to ensure Loyalty feature is active to make the most use out of this feature.

How it works:
In-Store QR Codes > + New QR Code > Generate Now

Increasing Guest User Retention

The Loyalty pop-up has been enabled for all guest-users either scanning QR code or ordering online. Once a guest-user places an order, the loyalty pop-up will appear, prompting them to register with the merchant in order to earn loyalty points. This feature will aid data collection of users who shy away from registering, and encourage the user to re-order to gain more loyalty points.

Source-wise Promo Codes

Merchants can now run promo code campaigns for specific channels (e.g., Facebook, Google, Easypaisa, Savyour, etc.), and create applicable promo codes that will only be valid on orders placed through that specific channel.

How it works:

Discounts > Promo Codes > Edit or Create Promo Code > Select Valid Source


New Updates


Pre-Order Improvements

Customers turning away because your restaurant or supermarket is closed?
Your customers can now place and schedule orders outside your operational hours. In this case, pre-order due notifications have been enabled so that restaurant and supermarket operators are notified about pending pre-orders they need to fulfill once the restaurant is operational.

Note: Pre-orders are set in default, to disable pre-orders go to:

Branch Settings > Edit > Branch Address > Branch Settings > ASAP Only > Click No

Default Call Rider-Order Status

Merchants can now change their default Call Rider-Order Status to Accept, previously the default status was Dispatch. This allows the merchant to prepare the order after accepting, and then only dispatch to the relevant rider portal once the rider arrives. This helps merchants utilize the time between acceptance and dispatch, helping them reduce delivery time at the customer’s end.

The second part of this feature allows merchants to automatically push orders to the Rider Portal or Third-party Logistic’s Rider Portal, instead of manually dispatching. Once the toggle is enabled, the order will be automatically sent to the default rider portal configured at the order status.

How it works: 

Settings > Master Settings > Send Order Directly to Delivery Portal

Item Images on Order Detail Screen

To ensure faster and easier order fulfilment, item images have been added to the Order Detail screen.


Promo Codes for Sub-Sub Category

Merchants can now create promo codes for sub-sub categories. This is a useful feature for both Supermarkets and Cloud Kitchens.
Cloud Kitchens can now run promo code campaigns on specific categories of their brands, e.g., you can now have promo codes for Brand XYZ’s Fried Chicken category.
For Supermarkets, they can run promo code campaigns on sub-sub categories, e.g., under the Snacks & Confectionary category, promo code campaigns can be run on Popcorn, which is a sub-sub category under Chips & Snacks.

How it works: 

Discounts > Promo Codes > Edit or Create Promo Code > Applicable of Sub-sub-category(s)


Automated Workflows: Category Filter Addition for Promo Codes

Merchants can now add category-wise promo codes for specific cohorts in the Automated Workflows section under the Grow Your Orders module. This allows our customers to create tailored retargeting campaigns to acquire, retain and grow their customer base.

How it works:

Grow Your Orders > Automated Workflows > Start > Create Promo > Applicable on Category(s)


New Integrations



Blink is now fully integrated with JazzCash payment gateway

Intellexual Solutions

Blink is now fully integrated with Intellexual Solutions, an SMS Service Provider

Food Warmer Locker / Parcel Hive

Blink is now fully integrated with Parcel Hive’s Food Warmer Locker, a food storage facility


Major Bug Fixes


App Crash Issues

To cater to user reports stating app crashes on small RAM/memory devices when uploading images of larger sizes, Blink has minimized crash reports by compressing the images at the backend.

UI Fix for Android

Add to cart button has been added to the product listing page to further improve UI. Now, when android users click on a product to add it to cart, it will appear in the add to cart button below.

Bulk Discount on Entire Sub-Category

Now, bulk discounts are applicable on the entire sub-category, and not just the first sub-sub category.