Release Notes

Blink 1.1.0 | December 2022

New Features


Live Ops/Real-time Dashboard

This new premium feature has been added for Supermarket Portal users with Picking & Packing modules, and Rider Portal, upon request. This is a useful feature for large grocery stores and supermarkets for real-time visibility on picking, packing and rider functions. Users now have the ability to track orders from different departments to improve efficiency and reduce errors by looking at the current status of Total Orders, Pending Orders, Picking, Packing, Orders On-Route, and Delivered Orders.

How it works: 

Dashboard > Real-time


Filters on Grocery Websites

New filters have been added to supermarket and grocery store websites to sort products, brands, sections and price (minimum & maximum price), to provide greater ease for customers to find the products they are looking for.

🌐Website View: 

How it works: 

Home Page > Category > Sub Category > Product Listing


Category-wise & Brand-wise Sales Report

Now users can track sales of different brands and categories, as opposed to manually compiling reports. This is a useful feature for large supermarkets and cloud kitchens to track their performance.

Cloud kitchens can contact the Blink customer support or commercial growth manager to gain access to this new feature.

How it works: 

Reporting > Reports > Category Order Report


Item Description in Print Invoice Toggle

Users can now disable item descriptions on their print invoices to reduce the amount of text for a clutter-free appearance and reduce wastage.

How it works: 

Settings > Master Settings > Show Items Description Toggle


New Updates


Theme Revamp

One of Blink’s core themes, “Amide”, has been revamped for a fresher look. The header, navigation bar and boxes have been changed for improved UI and UX.

🌐Website View: 

Check out the rest of Blink’s website and app themes!


Transfer Order Rights to Branch User

Previously, only Admin users were able to transfer orders to another branch. With this update, branch managers no longer need to contact the Head Office to transfer orders to another branch in case of low staff or inventory, any user with Edit Order access can now transfer orders as well.

How it works: 

Orders > Live Orders > View Order > Order Details > Transfer Order > Select Branch


Rider Performance Excel Report

Building on the previous Rider Portal Dashboard update, users can now access compiled reports of their riders performance, as opposed to tracking individual rider performance. Tracking rider performance just became even more efficient. Users can now track riders’ Total Rides, Accepted Rides, Rejected Rides, Completed Rides, Average Trip Time, and Total Duty Time, all from one compiled excel worksheet.

How it works: 

Rider Portal > Reports > Rider Performance Report


New Integrations



Blink is now fully integrated with Telr, a payment gateway in KSA