Release Notes

Blink 1.0.8 | October 2022

New Features


User Management New Features & Updates

Blink has released 3 new features under the User Management section:


User Role Access of Branch Settings and App/Web Banner Configuration

Merchants can now give user role access to any employee at branch level. Admin access is no longer required to change branch settings. Managers can now delegate branch level configurations including In-App/Web Banners configuration, allowing efficient and timely changes to the website and app home page

How it works: 

Settings > User Management > Create/Edit User > Select Branch Settings & In-App/Web Banners


View Only Orders Role Feature

Merchants can now add a new user role for viewing orders only, where the operator will not be able to edit orders. This is a useful feature for call center support for when customers call to receive an update on their orders, and more

How it works:

Settings > User Management > Create New User > Click on Live Order & View Order


Sub Option Banner & Priority Setting Feature

On request from Blink support, merchants can now set images on variations of their products for their website only. This will allow merchants to entice their users by helping them visualize their various offerings on their website through images. Priority can also be set to show which sub option/variation option will be shown on top

How it works: 

Product Catalogue > Items Management > Click on Variation under Item

🌐Website View


Live Orders New Features

Blink has released 5 new features under the Live Orders section:


Add Items to Existing Order

Merchants can now add items to an existing order. This is helpful for when customers change their orders over the phone after the order has been placed on the website/app

How it works: 

Order Management > Live Orders > View Order > Edit Order > Add Items


Website Order Source Feature

Merchants can now track the source of all their live orders from different channels (Google Search, Facebook, Savyour, EasyPaisa, etc.). This feature will enable them to track the efficiency of their campaigns, and further optimize different channels to increase their orders

How it works: 

Order Management > Live Orders > View Order


Transfer Order to Another Branch Feature

Merchants can now transfer orders from one branch to another. In case of low inventory, rider fleet unavailability, store timings, etc., merchants can ensure they do not lose out on a customer by transferring an order to a branch that can fulfill their order. This feature is available for merchants who are not using Blink’s Stock Management module

How it works: 

Order Management > Live Orders > View Order > Transfer Order


Print Invoice on A4 Update

Merchants can now print their invoices on A4 size as well. This is a useful update for merchants, especially supermarkets that receive a large number of orders from one single customer

How it works: 

Order Management > Live Orders > View Order > Print drop down


Additional Tracking ID on Live Orders Feature

Merchants can now add an additional ID in their order details – Tracking ID. This is helpful for businesses that have a large number of orders that they deliver through logistics services that use specific tracking IDs

How it works: 

Order Management > Live Orders > View Order > Tracking ID (If any)


Other New Features


Order Summary Report

Blink has introduced an addition to its reporting channel. Merchants can now download an Order Summary report to gauge the success of their business. An Order Summary report can be generated for the duration of any time period, showing order count for the different ordering channels and other useful metrics, adding convenience and efficiency to their reporting system

How it works: 

Reporting > Reports > Order Summary Report


Category ID in Bulk Upload

In order to increase the convenience and user experience of merchants, Blink has introduced this feature to allow merchants to upload multiple products in the same sub-sub category ID column when uploading, instead of uploading each product one by one from the same sub-sub category

How it works: 

Product Catalogue > Items Management > Bulk Items Import


Bulk Assignment on Rider Portal

Merchants can now assign multiple orders to specific riders in one go, increasing the efficiency and speed of order delivery, and reducing time spent in assigning multiple orders to one rider manually

How it works: 

Task > Bulk Assignment


Additional Growth Metrics on Dashboard

Merchants can now view Order Frequency (average number of times a customer makes a purchase in a set time frame) and Repeat Purchase Rate (average number of customers that made more than one purchase in a set time frame) metrics on their dashboards. This will allow merchants to better assess the success of their business activities and achieve growth by introducing interventions


Brand Level Filter at Product Listing

This is a website and supermarket only new feature, where users can filter product listings in sub-sub categories by brand. This helps users in quickly finding the product they are looking for


New Updates


Remove OTP option for Guest Users

Merchants can request Blink support to disable OTP for guest users. This is useful for merchants in areas with network issues, or customers that place orders from outside the area. However, it should be noted that merchants may receive fake orders without OTP authentication on guest users


New Integrations


Meezan Bank Online Payment Gateway

Blink is now fully integrated with Meezan Bank Online Payment Gateway

Lyve Logistics and Technology Services

Blink is now fully integrated with Lyve

Alshrouq Express

Blink is now fully integrated with Alshrouq Express