5 Best Taker Alternatives to Use In 2022

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Like many popular food ordering platforms in Saudi Arabia, Taker has been a go-to application for users from all over. Also, from a restaurant owner’s perspective, it is about not only engaging more users through a reliable platform but also growing the consumer base itself.

To that effect, since its inception, Taker has worked remarkably well in favor of different food businesses. This post highlights some of the best Taker alternatives to use in 2022 & beyond from the restaurant owner’s point of view.

Despite having an amazing feature set, the Taker restaurant food ordering app is not everyone’s cup of tea. Many food businesses are not comfortable with either using the specific subset features that Taker has to offer or switching to Taker from another food ordering system. The reason associated with the latter predicament is the fact that Taker is not ideal for large-scale, multi-branch food businesses. 

Meanwhile, consumers only see the front-end vendors hosted on the Taker platform. They do not have visibility of the platform’s back-end operations since Taker enables online restaurants to work through the front-end of the company’s platform – a branded version of the restaurant app interface. 

Other reasons associated with using Taker hosted platforms, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, from users’ ends are:

  • Quick food delivery services because no one wants to risk driving to shared physical spaces
  • Contactless delivery options from the restaurants’ ends.
  • Different payment modes allow customers to make payments through credit cards and debit cards. 

Then again, the overall trust factor is there because being an SMB favored platform, Taker comes with a sense of trust and a high order fulfillment rate. However, if we were to shift the perspective to online food restaurant owners who have multi-location branches and tons of orders on the line – that too on a daily basis – Taker might not have it all to cater to them. 

Let’s take a closer look at what Taker.io brings to the table for food and beverage online business owners right now.

Taker.io | What Do You Need To Know About It?

According to Taker.io founders, it was a two-pronged approach when it came to founding the platform. The company not only wanted to offer a seamless food delivery process for customers but was also concerned about helping restaurants to fulfill orders through a reliable platform.

On the latter note, Taker aims to accommodate the end user’s operability requirements with the features and benefits listed below:

  • Offering low commissions platform. 

Since aggregators take most of the profit cut, Taker wanted to step in and play the role of a direct online ordering platform.

  • Enabling fast delivery with low order fulfillment times.
  • A menu management system that can be accessed by vendors through the back-end portal.
  • Professional and minimalistic app UI.
  • Select multiple currencies to accommodate customers from different countries 

So on and so forth…

Keeping in mind that Taker is a startup-friendly platform, here are some of the Best Taker Alternatives for you to consider using for your restaurant business in 2022 and beyond. 

1. Our No. 1 Choice| Blink – The Hyper-Growth Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

Since its inception, Blink has transitioned from a mere direct food ordering platform to a hyper-growth quick commerce company with clients from all over the world. As of right now, Blink Co. is recognized as a key player among businesses segregated across MENAP. 

For restaurants, the company offers a one-off technology-powered platform where businesses can not only operate with confidence but also scale with the passage of time. 

Some of the key features of Blink are stated below:

  • A branded customer-facing mobile app and website for your restaurant
  • Full ownership and control of your customer data to know who your customers are, run integrated marketing campaigns, get customer feedback and gain customer insights.
  • A dynamic dashboard that provides you with a one-window view of your restaurant’s online performance in real-time for defined timeframes
  • A customizable food menu capability is enabled through a dedicated item and menu management feature.
  • Offers system-generated business analytics generated by a built-in business intelligence tool to enable data-driven decision making and, as a result, also faster business growth.
  • Multiple payment options for your online food ordering system’s customers are supported by Stripe, Mada, Checkout, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • Discount codes for customers are generated through the merchant portal within a few clicks.  
  • An in-built loyalty program capability is used to increase customer retention by topping up their e-wallets with currency as a percentage of order value.
  • A geo-fenced fleet management system that comes with a GPS-enabled delivery portal and rider-facing mobile app available as a value-added component

In addition to the aforementioned perks, Blink is also known for offering robust customer support available through email and live-chat channels. 

On the payments side, the company charges a nominal monthly subscription fee depending on the number of branches your restaurant has. Aside from monthly charges, there’s a transactional fee that accounts for a very small percentage between 2% – 2.5% of incoming orders from your customers.

For more details, visit the Blink for Restaurants page today.

2. Square Pos

Square is a Point of Sale system platform with its main focus on enabling POS transactions for restaurants. To that end, the company has scaled its operations as one of the reliable partners that excel in POS terminal services, online ordering solutions, etc. 

Square POS is suitable for your business if you have a real-life establishment, alongside an online presence maintained through a dedicated food ordering app. Here are some of the main reasons to prefer Square as one of the more reliable Taker alternatives in 2022:

  • Multiple payment plans to go for. The free plan comes with a fuss-free limited operability environment. Square charges an additional 2.65% service charge to accommodate credit card payments from customers’ end. This fee is applied per transaction.
  • Caters to food businesses with multiple real-life branches with incoming takeout and online delivery order requests. 
  • Centralized sales monitoring and tracking hub for restaurant owners.

3. OrderEm’

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Next up on our best Taker alternatives list, we’ve got OrderEm’. It is a spinoff of Square POS and the Gloriafood app. As a restaurant owner, if you want a blended experience that offers a little bit of both sides, OrderEm’ might be the perfect fit for your business. 

However, the company’s services are best suited to large-scale restaurants. If you are a food startup owner, you may need to reconsider using OrderEm’ from a long-term perspective. The reason behind this recommendation is OrderEm’s high service charges, first-time setup fees, and the usual monthly payments. 

The first-time service installation and setup fee rounds up to $260. Meanwhile, OrderEm’ also charges a hefty $25 fee against per branch setup. Depending on your food business requirements, OrderEm’ might charge you extra for monthly software maintenance, food ordering app customization fee, and vice versa.

Menu Drive

Menu Drive is a fast-paced platform that’s emerging as a reliable Taker alternative for restaurants to consider in 2022. They are known for offering a branded mobile food ordering app to restaurant owners who wish to digitize their online business in terms of long-term scalability. 

Menu Drive’s USP is one standalone feature – i.e., your food ordering app users have the ability to create their own combo deals and merge them into one order at the time of checkout. 

With respect to payments, Menu Drive has a monthly fee of $39 per month. They have a relatively higher commission in some instances. Therefore, if you are considering using this company’s services, please consult their customer support team before signing the contract.

4. Cloud Waitress

the best taker alternatives, taker alternatives, taker alternatives 2022

The next one on our best Taker Alternatives recommendations list is Cloud Waitress. It is a feasible solution for mid to large-scale food business operators with an emphasis on restaurant data security. 

All business-related data is backed up in cloud servers with a guaranteed 24/7 uptime. 

For your restaurant food app users, this vendor has an integrated contacts form to maintain 2-way collaboration. 

As far as monthly payments are concerned, Cloud Waitress has set up a free plan and a $39 per month plan. On a free plan, you can only take up to 100 orders. This is a viable option for online food businesses that are considering using Cloud Waitress on an evaluation basis. 

5. Orders2Me

the best taker alternatives, taker alternatives, taker alternatives 2022

Orders2Me is another Taker food ordering platform alternative that combines feasibility with plenty of solutions to restaurant business owners.

Since it is an up and coming platform, Orders2Me has a current ongoing offer of ‘No Order Commissions’. There are no hidden fees or any unexpected service charges, other than whatever’s mentioned on your contract at the time of signing up as a food business owner on the company’s platform. 

Orders2Me is known for being a versatile back-end menu manager with the ability to add nutritional and allergen information for each food item. This information is important for those customers who have a history of allergens and certain ingredients with extra calories. 

Lastly, Orders2Me has an intuitive dashboard with a minimalistic interface. The sleek clean combination of a brilliant UI and UX enables a smooth learning curve for non-tech savvy online food business owners.

We hope that you liked our Taker alternatives recommendations post. If you don’t see your favorite restaurant management services provider on the list, feel free to talk about it in the comments section below. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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