The Best 10 Quick Commerce Grocery App Features To Use In 2022

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Since 2019, MENA’s online shopping landscape has been on the verge of a pivotal shift. If you have frequented Blink’s blogs over the last few months, you know for sure that we have talked a lot about how the pandemic outbreak situation rocked the world trade economy at first.

As time went by, businesses in different industry verticals, shifted to quick commerce and online operations, where they not only experienced increased sales but also a steady/ fast-growing consumer base.

Coming back to the Middle East, Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce reported that the retail and e-commerce sector in the UAE had grown by at least 53% during 2019 – 2020. That’s just 12 months, where the growth of online sales trend in the region has been nothing short of remarkable. Businesses owe it to quick-commerce and various other patterns that indicate promising prospects for new and existing company owners.

This brings us to another trend; the growth of e-groceries in the Middle East. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly enough, it is the fastest growing industry on the internet. Thanks to quick commerce enablement platforms, such as Blink, and many others, online grocery app deliveries are expected to grow by at least 30% in the year 2022.

According to Kearny Consultancy Co. analysis, the MENA region will experience a continuous growth spike for online grocery businesses in the coming 5 years.

Meanwhile, RedSeer experts believe that the massive online grocery business scalability is mostly owed to quick commerce grocery app features. These features are a powerful combination of technology and brand-new ideas to promote quick order fulfillment within a record time limit.

Also, due to the sheer number of competitors willing to offer unique quick commerce grocery app features through centralized mobile apps, we believe that the B2C grocery industry will continue to aggregate increased revenue in a year-over-year trend.

Having said that, this post highlights some of the best quick commerce grocery app features for you to consider. Whether you are a brand new business owner, or someone looking to scale his/her existing online grocery business, quick commerce grocery app features are the way forward.

These features lay an extra emphasis on quick order fulfillment, record delivery time, and an overall high customer satisfaction rate due to different technological in-app perks. We’ll get to those in a bit.

Let’s take a look at the quick commerce grocery app features below.

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

Quick Commerce Grocery App Features W.R.T Order Management

• Online Payments

Not only restaurant business owners, but customers also prefer a fast and reliable system for sending vendor payments. For this very reason, almost all of the quick commerce enablement platforms support online payment acceptance on vendors’ behalf.

Top it off with a stellar combination of flexible payment options for customers, and you’re looking at a win-win situation for both sides.

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

• Multi-Channel Login

Multichannel or omnichannel login is another remarkable option that works as a standalone perk to quick commerce grocery app features. It means that grocery store vendors or admins can easily log in to their back-end accounts through secure email, mobile, or social channels.

Although this feature isn’t part of every online direct ordering grocery platform, omnichannel login is a demanded option from the vendors’ side.

• E-Wallet

Also known as a simple “Wallet” system, it’s part of the quick commerce grocery app features these days. Your customers may not request this feature explicitly for any given reason, but you, as a grocery food vendor, need to make it available.

The need for e-wallets kicks in when vendors need to offer online refunds to customers for any reason. Fortunately, Blink offers this feature to its business partners on request. Any vendor can issue a refund to the customer’s E-wallet with an amount equivalent to the original order’s subtotal. This way, that customer can shop again with confidence, knowing that the next order’s amount will be directly deducted from his account’s virtual credit.

Quick Commerce Grocery App Features W.R.T Delivery Management

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

• Delivery Agent Location

Quick commerce enablement platforms believe in optimized delivery experience – both for the vendors and their respective customers. Optimized deliveries are a result of smartphone GPS technology and a dedicated fleet management portal that highlights auto-allocation algorithms to pinpoint grocery order delivery agents’ live locations.

That’s one part of the equation. Here’s what else makes deliveries a seamless experience for vendors and delivery agents.

Read on…

• Route Optimization

Of course, those speedy record-time deliveries are a result of optimized routes. For any quick commerce enablement platform, creating a fleet management portal that highlights the quickest route for delivery agents is what matters the most.

Meanwhile, such quick commerce grocery app features allude to a higher customer satisfaction rate where there are better chances of converting first-timers into repeat shoppers. Needless to say, speedy deliveries are definitely a vital element of the “optimized delivery system”, which serves as a backbone to any quick commerce enablement platform.

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

Quick Commerce Grocery App Features W.R.T Integrated Marketing

• Loyalty Program

For any q-comm grocery platform, hypergrowth is one of the main aspects of quick commerce grocery app features. In other words, growth is a result of active marketing solutions that are ideally accessible through the integrated back-end in-app interface.

This way, vendors do not have to switch to other marketing apps to seek out marketing services when the same is available through their quick commerce business partner.

Platforms, such as Blink, have integrated marketing solutions counter where vendors can execute loyalty program campaigns. Each campaign is customizable with respect to discount code vouchers that can be created and shared with the front-end business’s branded app users.

Furthermore, these discount code-based loyalty campaigns can be tracked to monitor conversions easily. This way, you can nitpick on pain points to make further adjustments to your future marketing goals.

• SMS Campaigns

Although there aren’t a lot of key players in the online direct ordering services industry that offer such quick commerce grocery app features, Blink is proud to announce that it does so without any hassle.

SMS campaigns are an integrated feature where Blink’s business partners can choose from multiple SMS marketing plans. The idea is to offer the vendors direct access to their respective customers through one-way SMS messages. These messages can be sent directly from the vendor account to update customers about the grocery business’s latest discount offers, loyalty program deals, any hot menu combos, and vice versa.

Furthermore, Blink’s SMS campaign plans are easily affordable. Avail up to 1,000 credit points for Rs. 300 to kickstart your SMS marketing goals right away!

Quick Commerce Grocery App Features W.R.T Back-End Vendor Portal

• Menu Optimizer

For any grocery app to flourish, an optimized front-end menu is what tantalizes customers to purchase something regularly. Sluggish menus are a big No when it comes to converting customers – and that too, on a repeat basis.

Speaking in terms of quick commerce grocery app features, Blink has a dedicated back-end menu optimizer where grocery business vendors can create and personalize their branded app menu. Furthermore, these menus can be customized by helping vendor-level users to upload their brand-specific grocery items’ images. These images are backed, saved, and instantly retrievable from Blink’s very own robust cloud servers.

• Vendor/ Admin Panel

An admin panel works as a hub or an ecosystem behind any thriving online grocery app. Fortunately, many quick commerce grocery app features offer such panels to help you manage your day-to-day business operations in a matter of minutes.

From within a single space, Blink helps you to oversee your discount program campaigns, go through your business intelligence reports, and do a lot more without having to switch to any other platform.

• User Level Privileges

With the passage of time, your grocery, retail, or online food order business will grow.

By then, you will need more human resources to help you run the business at optimal levels. At that point, your company will hire more people who’d have to be added to the app’s back-end environment.

This is where role-based user accounts kick in. It is one of the vital quick commerce grocery app feature (s) where each member of your business can log in to their respective account with limited access to your business’s confidential data.

This way, your data will not only remain secure but in safe hands. However, for such type of quick commerce grocery app features, it depends on the services provider that you are looking to partner with. Not all of them have such high levels of multi-user security available.

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform


As a business owner, we are sure that you are already interested in trying out the quick commerce grocery app features we mentioned in this post. Feel free to reach out to us through the following page, and book a free demo at the earliest.

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

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