Blink is a Great Restaurant Analytics Software

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Taking a food business to the next level takes a mix of high-quality food, exceptional customer experiences, and marketing activities. 

It’s all about managing your business with sophisticated data-driven metrics and Restaurant Analytics Software behind such advances.

Restaurant Analytics Software can help you make sense of all the data generated by your establishment and allow you to make smarter business decisions.

With so many changes influencing the food service industry, restaurant owners need to know how their businesses are functioning.

This knowledge enables them to make adjustments so that businesses can continue to serve customers and stay in business.

Using analytics services for restaurants with solutions like Blink’s quick commerce enablement platform can provide you with the data you need to enhance your business’s performance and a slew of additional benefits.

These enhancements may help you satisfy customer requests, keep ahead of the competition, and provide your customers with the greatest possible experience.

Let’s dive right in to see for yourself just how helpful Blink’s Restaurant Analytics Software can benefit your business. 

Blink’s Restaurant Analytics Software

Analytics and reporting are essential to stay up to par with other food businesses and ensure that your brand offers existing and potential customers a positive experience. 

There are many options available for restaurant analytics and reporting tools that can help you gain valuable insight into the running of your business. However, Blink’s quick commerce enablement platform is an excellent analytics service for restaurants. 



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Here is how the platform sets itself apart from the rest. 

Improve Order Experience with Customer Data

restaurant analytics software

Restaurant analytics may help you learn more about your consumers and assist you in various ways. 

You’ll be able to create complete consumer profiles based on demographic data. Once you’ve got this knowledge, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions about menus, inventory, and even prices.

In addition, analytics will provide you with customer preferences, allowing you to meet their unique needs better and improve customer experiences. 

Finally, you’ll be able to keep track of consumer feedback and make any modifications quickly. 

With Blink’s comprehensive merchant portal, you have total control and ownership of your client data. Third-party aggregators do not provide restaurants with this critical information, which is incredibly useful for their growth.

Blink provides information for guest users and those customers that have registered with the platform. This segmentation allows restaurants to filter essential information according to their needs quickly. 

Customer names’ contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, are stored in a safe, password-protected system for your business.

You may also get a breakdown of each customer’s ordering patterns and order history, including:

  • Total orders
  • The first order 
  • The most recent order 
  • Total revenue generated 
  • Earned loyalty points 

Business Analytics Help with Restaurant Growth 

Blink provides business intelligence software that includes vital system-generated business insights split by branch, product, and customer.

Restaurants like yours may use these analytics to make data-driven choices.  

A complete brand health analysis, branch analysis, individual product analysis, user retention statistics, and conversion analysis are just a few of the insights available.

These factors may be improved and changed to help your restaurant expand and fulfill consumer expectations while determining how to operate efficiently.

Fleet Management Portal Streamline Logistics 

Blink’s fleet management platform is complex, highlighting the following:

  • Rider performances 
  • Average delivery time 
  • The highest number of orders delivered 
  • And more

You can observe which locations work best and which areas require more delivery personnel.

The ‘Blink Rider Portal’ allows you to dig down into many other facets of food delivery operations.

The smart menu takes visitors to a specialized dashboard with several touchpoints such as meal delivery data, rider information, branch-by-branch reporting, etc.

Dynamic Dashboards to Help with Menu optimization 

You may use restaurant data to help you rethink your menu

A food cost report and a sales record for each menu item are the ideal places to start when it comes to examining statistics to find out how the items on your menu should be structured. This data will let you know which things are selling and which aren’t.

You may get an overall breakdown of total orders by timeframe, product, branch, and customer using Blink’s dynamic dashboard.

You learn which goods and product combinations people buy the most and which things sell quickly by looking at branch-level statistics.

Order trends, such as order heat maps, trending goods, and rejected order trends, are also available.

Furthermore, Blink’s dashboard teaches you how to make often purchased item combinations and which things sell well together and which do not convert into meals.

You may use this data to examine your menu, make modifications to increase sales, and provide customers with what they want.

You may choose unique things and promotions based on upcoming events or holidays. 

You can also see which add-ons may not be working, allowing you to offer different options to your customers that may fare over better and boost your sales. 

Analytics to Create Effective Marketing Campaigns 

You may create marketing initiatives using critical customer data. With your customers’ contact information, you may send targeted marketing campaigns to them directly, increasing the likelihood of returning to your online ordering platform.

You have a comprehensive picture of your consumer base and can take advantage of the information from all of your data sources. This information may impact how you market to them to fill in low sales times and make the busy seasons even more efficient.

Focus your marketing efforts on the customers you want to see more of.

You may not only leverage the customer data you collect with Blink to develop the most effective marketing campaigns, but you can also use in-built marketing tools to help you create and send out the campaigns themselves.

Blink offers the ability to initiate SMS marketing campaigns. You may also see if your sales grew due to an SMS campaign and determine its efficacy.

Blink offers integrated Facebook, Google, and Instagram statistics to restaurant operators who join up for an account. These statistics may be accessible through a dedicated dashboard, which reduces the need for business owners to navigate between their social network profiles.

Over a centralized virtual location, you may receive a concise overview of sales trends, post interaction, customer buying behaviors, customer segmentation over demographics, and more. 

Inventory Management 

Restaurants Inventory Management

Depending on your sales category, some products on your online menu will sell quicker than others.

As a result, your restaurant may deplete stockpiles. Similarly, there’s a reasonable probability that theft, spillage, waste, and expiration may consume your supplies when you least expect it.

In that way, restaurant analytics is more than just keeping an eye on the bottom line. You’ll have complete control over your inventory status using a robust analytics solution.

A high number of sales can also reflect how certain popular foods are.

In this manner, you may experiment with revenues by raising the price of your most popular menu items. Pay attention to how the customer’s sales trend responds to the price increase and make necessary adjustments.

Why are Analytics Services for Restaurants Important?

Businesses that employ analytics can increase their profitability by 8% to 10%. Despite this, just 12% of businesses use data effectively.

It’s a great pity. Especially when restaurants’ quantity and quality of data grows in tandem with technological advancements, indeed, with the correct tools, you can keep track of every transaction and piece of data linked to your business without ever having to raise a finger.

One of the numerous benefits of restaurant analytics is increased profitability. According to studies, businesses that employ analytics have enhanced their production by 17% and improved their goods or services by 12%.

And it’s not hard to see why. Restaurant analytics compile all available data into a single, logical narrative. 

Preferential payment methods, favorite meals, wait times, reservations, ordering patterns, customer reviews, takeout, home delivery, and a slew of other information are gathered, analyzed, and turned into concrete and actionable insights.

The nice aspect is that restaurant analytics can show you where you have blind spots. Analytics can highlight issues you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise by merging diverse data sources. 

You may also notice developing trends and capitalize on them with restaurant analytics.

Restaurant analytics can show you where you have blind spots. Analytics can highlight issues you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise by merging diverse data sources. You may also see developing trends and capitalize on them with restaurant analytics.

In Conclusion 

Food analytics can help you make better decisions. You don’t need to be a data scientist to evaluate your restaurant’s sales records and operate them at maximum capacity. All you require is the appropriate technology.

These analytics mix basic math and forecasts based on actual outcomes from your prior Blink company experience.

And the most significant part is that Blink’s sophisticated software technology is used by default to accomplish a lot of the work.

All you have to do now is keep track of the findings and modifications. With restaurant earnings as slim as possible, employing all available statistics can help you raise total income and become more efficient.

Businesses have seen exponential revenue growth with Blink’s platform, with two times the order increase in the first three months.

Businesses may use Blink to create a 30-second frictionless order placing process. 

Blink’s platform has increased user retention, with 50% of initial orders turning into repeat orders and 60% of new consumers placing orders.

Finally, restaurant analytics software will guide your company along the proper route by allowing it to make educated decisions, grow and succeed, and Blink can assist you in doing so.

Book a demo today and see just how the platform can help your brand grow.

Blink is your #1 Quick Commerce Enablement Platform

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