Optimize Your Ad Spend For Online Restaurant Marketing Campaigns With These Tips

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Word of Mouth Marketing

Running a successful restaurant is not an easy ball game. But with a smart marketing strategy, you can make the most of it by optimising your ad spend and attracting the right audience at the right time.

Being a new restaurant owner or an existing one, having an effective geo-targeted marketing strategy is how you reach local customers to visit your restaurant and grab their attention for their next dine-in or takeout.

Here’s how you can optimise your ad spent:

  1. Target people closer to your restaurant location by focusing your ad spend on a smaller geographic radius
  2. Place your bids on the most profitable and relevant keywords with higher search intent
  3. Create a modification on how and when these ads show up. This way you can know when, where and how people are finding out about your restaurant
  4. Run paid marketing campaigns on social media and google about your brand and focus on your unique selling proposition in all your communication
  5. Allow customers to order online, reserve online bookings, and reach out to you through your app and website to drive local traffic
  6. Highlight and promote special discounts on upcoming days like (teachers’ day, women’s day, flat 20% on desserts during Eid, Christmas) to attract local visitors
  7. Build a remarketing campaign and increase your brand presence and create awareness
  8. Add a call extension on your google ads and social media ads to get more calls and allow potential customers to speak with your staff

Restaurant marketing highly depends on customers’ willingness to search for them and their location to enjoy a quick meal. You can use creative ways to communicate about your restaurant through these above-mentioned tips.

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