Mobile Food Business Daily Checklist For Every Startup Owner

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Often operating a successful business boils down to the small practical steps you take every day to ensure that everything is running smoothly. 

The following is a helpful daily checklist for your mobile food business to get you started.


Prevention is always better (and far less costly) than cure. A thorough daily maintenance schedule will prevent minor inconveniences from escalating into huge problems later down the lane. 

You must be mindful of both your vehicle and kitchen area. Make it a daily habit to inspect your truck’s engine, fluid levels, windscreen wipers, and tires. 

Pay attention to any dents on the exterior or cracks on windscreens. Having a well-maintained vehicle will save you from unexpected breakdowns.

The same care should be given to your kitchen. It is essential to see that all equipment and appliances are in working order.

Inspect freezers and other food storage facilities for any problems and ensure they are set at the right temperature. 


Take daily stock of your inventory to check you have menu ingredients required for the coming few days. Discard what may have spoilt. 

Prep each of your food’s components before you open up for business to prevent annoying delays during rush hours.

Also, go over the stock of non-food items such as cleaning supplies and complimentary items you need to serve your customers (such as napkins and paper cups).


As with any small space, ensuring hygiene and cleanliness is a constant battle. After rush hours (breakfast, lunch, and dinner times), ensure your work area is thoroughly scrubbed down and stripped of any leftover food. 

Clean the inside of microwaves, ovens, and grills daily. Make sure cooking utensils are washed, and appliances wiped down at the end of the day. 

Organize your work area by putting everything back in its place. Mop the floors, clean mats, and throw away trash and residue food. 

Make it a habit to sanitize whatever is necessary regularly to maintain proper hygiene.

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