5 Ways to Use Integrated SMS Text Marketing from Your Restaurant Manager

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In today’s society, dependency on smartphones, iPads, and tablets is the new norm.

Reliance on mobile phones and affiliations with local restaurants are mundane among just everyone.

Gelling them together can uplift the food business for those serving meals and makes life comfortable and amusing for those eating it.

From a restaurant’s point of view, receiving text alerts is mainly greeted with wide-open arms due to marketing emails sent to customers.

People enjoy the ease of ordering or cancelling reservations from their phones and redeeming coupons or discounts via SMS messaging –boosting brand recognition. 

Opportunities lurk around every nook and cranny for food businesses that opt for SMS integration into marketing campaigns to drive the business forward. 

Below are some ways to use integrated SMS text marketing for your restaurant business.

  • Discounts: Food business owners can advertise discounts coupons via SMS messaging to encourage prospects and customers to visit. Most importantly, restricting these offers for a limited time to project FOMO and prop-up redemption sooner than later.
  • Item Introduction: Now and then, sending out newly launched items or bringing a riffled glance into upcoming specials via integrated SMS messaging is a glistening opportunity. This creates an effect of being kept in the loop for recipients, who are more likely to recall that business whenever dining out.
  • Entertainment Updates: Another way to use integrated SMS texting is to annunciate future entertainment events or offers linked to a restaurant. This often serves as a tip in choosing where to dine out.
  • Suggestions and Polls: Using SMS messaging to establish a to-and-fro communication medium to gather feedback and polls help restaurants provide food that matters the most –recognition and promotion.
  • Membership Programs: Think of restaurant text clubs as a valuable accessory to a loyalty program. Food businesses can cultivate a sense of loyalty and exclusiveness by serving every customer as a VIP. Blemishing VIPs with special offers and discounts promotes brand recognition and broadens participation.

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