A direct quick commerce enablement & engagement platform

An all-in-one quick commerce platform that enables brick-and-mortar retailers for direct-to-customer online ordering and instant deliveries with their own branded mobile apps and websites.

The Avenue to growth is quick commerce

The internet age has shifted consumer preferences towards quick and reliable online ordering experiences that fulfill customers’ needs with the click of a button.

  • Businesses that acquire swift modules of service gain customer loyalty and retention online.
  • Omnichannel brands need to accelerate their order fulfillment processes to provide customers with instant gratification.
  • E-commerce is not efficient enough to offer same-day deliveries profitably.
Our Clients Love Blink!
Our Clients Love Blink!

Let Blink supercharge your business with quick commerce

Blink allows you to scale your business with a revolutionary quick commerce enablement and engagement platform designed to digitize order processes and optimize order fulfillment time for your business.

Blink Cross Platform Branded Apps

تحكم في علامتك التجارية بنفسك!

تلقى الطلبات عبر الإنترنت مباشرة من تطبيق هاتفك والموقع الإلكتروني المصمم خصيصًا لعلامتك التجارية - كل ذلك دون دفع عمولات كثيرة لمنصات الطرف الثالث!

Blink Analytics For Online Ordering System

امتلك بيانات عميلك

تمنحك Blink، الولوج وملكية بيانات العملاء الكاملة مع تحليلها.

Blink Management Tools For Online Ordering System

ركز على النمو، أترك الجانب التكنولوجي لنا

لا تقلق بخصوص التكنولوجيا بعد الآن. مع برنامج Blink القوي، كل ما عليك هو التركيز فقط على العمليات والنمو.

لماذا Blink؟

We’ve got you covered!

Blink - في لمح البصر!

Blink gives you actionable intelligence

بيانات و تحليلات العميل

Get complete access to and ownership of your customer data with analytics that’s easy to assimilate and base decisions on.

وأكثر بكثير...

بوابة إدارتنا الخلفية

بيانات و تحليلات العميل

Get access to and ownership of your complete customer data with analytics in a way that’s easy to assimilate and make decisions from.

Blink’s Quick Commerce Platform has the SuperPowers Your Brand Needs

A ‘new normal’ has emerged for the delivery speeds that customers expect when they order online. Blink’s Quick Commerce Platform equips brands for this by providing them with:

  • Instant Deliveries: Our Quick Commerce platform provides an end-to-end technology stack built for highly optimized transactional and fulfillment speed.

  • Location-Based Ordering:  With our Q-Commerce enablement system, you can dispatch deliveries from your customers’ nearest outlets to minimize delivery times and costs.
  • Multi-Location Fulfilment Model: Leverage location-specific product availability, delivery zones, pricing, promotions, and analytics is now possible with Blink.

  • Time Optimized Processes: Efficient order fulfillment processes are backed by smart automation, geo-fencing and synchronized sub-systems.

Blink is fully integrated with the best tools for a seamless quick commerce platform

Some of our (but not limited to) payment, logistics and communication channels integration partners

Integration Partners

Don't Experiment When You Have Blink!



ساعة من المطورين ذوي الخبرة



المعاملات المعالجة




تقييمات التطبيق




1.5 Million+​


Don't Experiment When
You Have Blink!

Potential for brands to move to quick commerce is waiting to be tapped - Are you ready to capitalize?

Blink’s Quick Commerce platform enables all consumer retail businesses to multiply their business growth. Here’s what we’ve found:

Website Order icon

Increased User Retentention

50% of our end-users placed repeat orders.

Online payments icon

Fast Order Speed

Order placement on our platform takes only 30 seconds.

ما الذي ستحصل عليه بفضل Blink؟

Customer Data icon

Greater Signup Conversion

60% of end-customers who signed up placed an order.


Exponential Sales Growth

Orders scaled 2X in 3 months.

ما الذي ستحصل عليه بفضل Blink؟

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