Restaurant Website Ordering in Bahrain

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Equip your restaurant with an all-in-one platform to expand your business in Bahrain. Manage your entire business with a super-friendly and highly customizable interface. The sleek & easy-to-use platform by Blink is your one-stop solution for:
  • A branded restaurant ordering website
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Restaurant performance insights
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Restaurant Mobile Ordering App in Bahrain

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Blink also offers a user-friendly mobile app for Restaurants which allows them to manage customers, orders, and deliveries. Using a single platform, you can easily grow your business exponentially with feature-packed native Android, iOS & Huawei versions of the application.

Create an edge in the market with a dedicated ordering app for your restaurant, providing ease and superior experience to your customers in Bahrain!

Restaurant Analytics Software in Bahrain

With Blink, you not only get a branded ordering website & mobile app, you also get a feature-packed analytics suite that generates indepth and comprehensive insights for you. With Blink’s back-end portal, you can access customer data and information regarding your restaurant in seconds with all the right features built-in:
  • Visualizations: View all important KPIs and integral information in real-time.
  • Real-time order management: Gain control over your orders with the option of manually or automatically accepting and rejecting orders in real-time
  • Online Payments: Fully integrated with global payment gateways for seamless online ordering experience
  • Catalog Management: Add, edit, or remove items & product assortment from your menu/catalog and integrate your POS/ERP easily.
  • Business Intelligence: View powerful analytics, tailor-made for your business needs and segmented according to branch, category, customer, and many more variables.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Filter your customers by city, branch, product, section, time of ordering, and more for hyperfocused targeting through the use of promo codes, loyalty points, and more.

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