Being a part of Blink means caring about the greater good of society at large. Our mission is to help businesses transform and grow, and with them, all our stakeholders, too. We’re a great place for people who are eager to drive transformational change and enjoy the process of it.

Our People Management Credo

At Blink, we look for driven, progressive-minded, and outcome-oriented people who love to act fast, learn and try out new ways of doing things. That’s why we give our teammates opportunities to discover and use new skills within and outside their roles. Most of our teammates have acquired at least one new skill after joining us.

Our Culture

Say it how it is

Transparency is a winner in our linkages. Our customers know what’s on offer for them. Our teammates know where what’s in store for them and our business. Our investors know the directions we take.

Grow bigger & better

We foster growth in everything we do. We enable our customers to scale, invest in learning and development for our people, and strive to benefit our investors. For our teammates, if ‘growth’ means taking a day off, we’ll encourage them to do so.

Good will for all

We have the best intentions for everyone we are connected with and everything we do. We wish well and do good for our customers, people, investors, partners, end-users, and even the wider communities we impact.

Data is our best friend

You can only do what you can prove. Our decisions and actions, whether big or small, are informed by data. The advice we give our customers is informed by their business analytics. We conduct thorough research in new markets before entering them. We’ll even announce a work-from-home day when the weather gets too tough..

It’s all about the customer

We are what and where we are because of our customers. Blink is a product for our customers, and so, all our efforts are made to benefit them. We make customer-centered decisions, act on customer feedback, support customers who need a hand and check in with customers often to see how they’re doing.


Why join Blink?

Blink is everything that most corporate enterprises are not – in good ways, of course.

Global Exposure

Joining Blink opens doors to international travel and diverse social interactions. At Blink, our teammates attend international events and connect with people around the world.

Value for Wellbeing

At Blink, everyone takes time out for leisure in order to perform their best. Our teammates like to discuss strategy during strolls outside, take ‘bean bag breaks’ and play video games from time to time.

Distributed Leadership

At Blink, you’re the captain of your ship – you lead the way. It’s your place to give advice, make decisions, suggest ideas, test new waters, and crack codes among other things. Do all of that, and we’ll follow.

Learning from Industry Experts

The best talent emerges from learning. Many teammates at Blink come with an immense depth of industry knowledge, and they’re always happy to share it.

Open Roles

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How to Apply

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