Online Ordering System for Restaurants in Kuwait


Allow customers to reach you with a few clicks! Onboard Blink’s complete restaurant website ordering software and serve more customers than ever! Beef up your online presence and ease of ordering with Blink’s complete solution for your restaurant, cafe, or fast-food chain.


Now your restaurant can

  • Accept orders instantly
  • Categorize orders
  • Cater to multiple clients at once
  • Share menu with customers
  • Manage items on your Menu

Increase Your Online Footprint in Kuwait

Create digital visibility of your restaurant and allow customers to reach you from anywhere!
  • Deliver superior customer experience with a smooth and user friendly website
  • Offer great convenience to your customers in Kuwait
  • Save on hefty commissions to aggregators and third-party delivery providers
  • Control your entire supply chain
  • Receive and track orders instantly from the restaurant portal
  • Save on precious resources such as call center agent costs and let customers order online

Tap the Unserved Market in Kuwait

Allow customers to find you online easily without having to spend hefty amounts on website, app, or online platform development. Create an edge in the market by offering a superior experience and multi-channel services.

Use Blink’s Online Ordering Website solution to:

Appear first in search engine results

With a website, customers are more likely to find you online and view your menu before attempting to order or visit your restaurant. Attract customers with a simple online ordering website!

Optimize your website for more traffic

Blink offers its customers the option to optimize their SEO Settings from which vendors can now add Meta Title, description, keywords, H1 heading, and text from their portal. Grow your customer base with an SEO optimized website.

Attract relevant customers

Let people interested in your cuisine find you online and visit!

Share customer reviews and food stories

Testimonials, reviews, moments, and stories help create positive brand rapport, attracting more customers and increasing brand loyalty.

Keep customers up-to-date with restaurant information

Remove the element of surprise by keeping your customers informed about changes to the restaurant timings, location, menu items, and addition of new discounts or offers.

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